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Yamaha MOXF6 61-key Synthesizer Workstation Reviews

4.5 stars based on 28 customer reviews
Questions about the Yamaha MOXF6 61-key Synthesizer Workstation?

Questions about the Yamaha MOXF6 61-key Synthesizer Workstation?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Half Moon Bay, CA May 28, 2017

    Looks worse, but sounds better than FA

    In addition to this MOXF6, I own both the Roland FA-06 and the Motif XF8. I recently sold the FA-06 because the MOXF6 is better. It's not as flashy as the Roland (Roland has a color screen, nice industrial deisgn) but the sound selection and quality on the MOXF6 is just better.

    Plus, you can expand the instrument adding (your own!) waveforms via the flash board so it's never obsolete. While you can also update instruments on the FA (Axial), it's only programmable by Roland, and at some point they'll stop pushing content out.

    However, I think the biggest decision to make between this and the FA06 is your style of music. If you are more into acoustic/real instruments, the Yamaha is the only choice. Look, the FA sounds fine, but Yamaha's acoustic "real" instruments are just better than the Roland. Listen for yourself to make your final decision!

    - the keyboard is non-weighted but still feels pretty good, and the keys are not 100% shiny; the black keys are slightly textured which is nice
    - boots in a few seconds (Motif XF takes 1m)
    - incredible integration with a DAWs -- like, astonishingly great.
    - same sound engine + ROM as the Motif XF
    - a button for everything (GREAT!!!)

    - Screen is tiny and black and white.... but ... I never found it too difficult to navigate
    - the voice save *files* aren't 100% compatible with the XF which is a HUGE pain, Google for this one.
    - too light weight, moves around sometimes while you're playing it
    - rotary knobs have detents

  • from New York February 28, 2017Music Background:
    38 Yrs as a musician

    Amazing Power and Price!

    I have this for almost a week now, and must say I never had so much fun playing any instrument like this one
    So many sounds to choose from and a couple hundred performances to get you started on being creative.

    I already composed 2 songs with this machine and will continue to for years to come! Very easy to use and I love the keybed. I really love the ambient sounds on this machine and the editing is pretty easy too!

    Creating my own performance took me only a few minutes ( There is Youtube videos and lessons also)

    I love that it's lightweight, makes it easy to set up in 3-5 minutes and get going recording.

    I highly Recommend this if your a person like me who does a lot of home studio recording ( I Use Garageband mostly ) and like I said I just scratched the surface..

  • from January 24, 2017

    Extraordinary instrument!!

    For the price it is truly a remarkable instrument. The sounds are incredible and it has really good Computer integration that goes along way. This keyboard is only 15 pounds and if you hate moving around big heavy keyboards this is a keyboard for you it has plenty of features that will keep you completely occupied.

  • from Indiana November 3, 2016

    Superb Instrument

    This guy has just joined my other studio equipment and I couldn't be happier. The tremendous amount of sounds packed into it will keep you busy for hours on end just exploring them. I've only had it for around a month and still have only scratched the surface. The 61 semi-weighted keys are smooth and easy to play. I've gotten used to the micro sized keys with my other keyboards but I have no problem at all switching back and forth. There's really not a lot to add since a lot of other reviewers have summed it up accurately. I recommend this little beast. It will blow you away! By the way,, Sweetwater is the way to go when purchasing your musical equipment. They're truly honest,,,,truly awesome!!

  • from Dallas, Texas March 28, 2016Music Background:

    Absolutely LOVE the MOXF6!

    Can't be more satisfied with the Yamaha MOXF6! I especially love the "dry level" option in the Mixing section (which professionally and superbly puts any effected instrument into the back of the mix). Many, many great and useful sounds! The drum sounds aren't just good, they're GREAT! I previously owned a Motif XF, but I actually love the MOXF better (I actually prefer the MOXF's display over the large LCD display of the XF.

  • from Southern Illinois February 28, 2016Music Background:
    45 years of playing keys

    Amazing Value!

    I've had this keyboard for about three months but was waiting until the "honeymoon" period ended before writing a review. Well, we are still very much in love; so here goes: if you want to spend three thousand dollars and pack a forty pound beast, don't buy this keyboard. Buy a Juno, or Kronos, or Forte, or Motif or Montage. But don't compare the MOXF to them- it costs and weighs less than half of these flagship models. For the money it is unsurpassed in sound quality and portability. I have the flash expansion loaded with Chick's Mark V and it is the best Rhodes I have ever heard (including the 1976 Suitcase I owned for thirty-six years). The Rhodes and the CFIII alone make this thing worth the price of admission (layered together they are my go-to sound). The seamless DAW integration and interface make it great for studio and the variety of quality sounds and light weight make it great for stage. Yes, I would prefer a weighted 88 note keyboard, but not at the cost of doubling the weight. The MOXF6 and the Spacestation V3 will fill a room with beautiful music for just a bit over two grand and fifty pounds total! Now that's value.

  • from Polson, Montana March 20, 2015Music Background:
    musician for 35 years

    Great Product, Incredible Service

    I did a lot of research before buying this keyboard, and it paid off. This thing does everything and then some. Yamaha is the industry standard for a reason, they build quality stuff, and this unit is no exception. The main reason for writing this review is the service I received from Sweetwater, and especially, my service GURU, Joe James. I can not say enough about this guy. It all started when I bought a three pack of strings on line. After receiving them I got a call from Joe asking if I received my order and if I was satisfied. I couldn't believe it, over strings. I am in the customer service business myself, and I recognize top service when I see it, and Joe delivers. He would call me occasionally asking if there was anything I needed, and I talked to him when I decided to buy my new keyboard. He guided me through it and gave me recommendations based on his knowledge, and the fact that he is a working musician. I respect the advice I was given. He also helped me when it came time to pick out a good set of studio monitors to put the whole thing together. Add free, and very quick shipping, and an extended warranty, and I will not shop anywhere else.
    Thanks Joe,

  • from Morriston Florida February 18, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Musician and home studio recording

    One for all uses

    I did a lot of research on all brands of keyboards and workstations and each has its differences before i decided on this MOXF it has all the sounds and capabilities anyone would ever need for live play and studio recording . Easy to get the creative juices flowing with this plus the added bonus of a editor that works with a PC and a DAW like Cubase its the deal of the century . The price is what sold me that and my Sales engineer Wayne Davis whose the best always helping me decide what will work with my gear setup . I highly recommend this product .

  • from July 3, 2014Music Background:
    Pianist & Keyboarist

    Still the Winner

    I could live with the Mox series
    but i got the Moxf,the hve improve the 61 key touch,the polyphony,and the memory card,under the keyboard
    other than that........they sound the same
    but they are still way ahead from Roland,and Korg

  • from Gillette, Wyoming May 13, 2014Music Background:
    Recording & Mastering Engineer, Multi Instrument Musician, Pro Sound Tech, Mac guru.

    Beyond Amazing Sound!

    I purchased the moXF6 for use as both a workstation and synthesizer. I can't express in words, the incredible voices on board the moXF6. The pianos alone are worth every cent of the price, but literally all of the awe-inspiring voices are simply breathtaking. Yamaha has done its customers a great favor in offering the motif XF voices in a "half-the -price" unit. Despite it's polycarbonate shell, the unit has a good and solid about it. Yamaha has retained a bit of its stubbornness in the ease of use department, but once you acclimate yourself to how Yamaha does things, it becomes a breeze. (Delving into the moXF6's manual will really help you with set up of this incredible instrument). The stereo audio sounds onboard the moXF6 produce amazing results in both direct-to-DAW recording as well as stage performance, and use as a MIDI & DAW controller produces great results. I personally like the feel of the semi-weighted keyboard. It feels a bit different that most "synth" keys. Difficult to describe, but the keys have a good, fast, and solid response allowing for great expression. The flash memory storage capability on this unit is a great asset to the moXF6; allowing for onboard storage of an incredible array of sounds and sequences. An extra worth considering. The arpeggiator is the best I've heard and I assuredly appreciate the "beyond amazing sound" of the voices you will truly never find need to tweak. It definitely has the "magic" and almost becomes a part of you when it comes to expressiveness and feel.

  • from Watsonville CA March 19, 2014Music Background:

    Why Pay More When You Pay Less And Recieve More?

    If you plan in getting big brother XF6 Think Twice And Double Check The moXF6, affordable Price, Pure Motif XF Engine And Overall 15 Pounds, Can't Wait To Play This At My Church For Live Performance, Thanks SweetWater Like Always A Wonderfull Service

  • from Houston, TX February 25, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician/Producer

    Loving It!

    The Yamaha MOXF is the best combination of a workstation money can buy. The simple fact that it has a built in audio interface out the box is AMAZING. Everything that you get in this price range is simply unfair when looking back at the previous generations of workstations. I have to give a shout out to Matt McKible, an awesome rep with the Sweetwater family.

  • from January 29, 2014Music Background:
    Club Bar Live Concert, Studio

    Yamaha MoxF6 is a great tool for all your requirements

    I have being waited for long to experience a great keyboard like this since Korg M1 appeared.
    There are only two hoping for a professional musican: Great sounds, and fast set-up.

    MoxF meets those two reasons. Thus thousand of Apr, patterns, it's great for us, borrowing rythum must be easier for ever.

    One more important the price is so adaptable.

  • from Myrtle Beach South Carolina November 26, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician 45 Years Love the Hammond B3


    This Keyboard is a lot better than a Mox. I almost bought a Mox and I am glad that I waited for the Moxf6 to come out. I retired my 1991 Kawai K1 Series Two for the Grand Kids. I am so Blown away at the Sounds with the Keyboard and the Many Sounds that you can buy.. I am a big fan of the Vintage sounds as I am a Hammond B3 Player for 45 Years. If you the Player out there want a Great Keyboard at a Great Price Either the Moxf6 or 8 is the best deal and Product out there. I would also like to thank the People at Sweetwater for their Kind and Professional Support. I will always buy from Sweetwater. Thanks so Much Chuck Whitlock.

  • from Meridian, ID October 26, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Brief Thoughts of the MOXF6

    After having picked up a Nord Electro 4 HP from my Sweetwater rep, Mike Arrango, I was looking to replace both my Motif 7 and Triton Pro (both 10+ years old) with a cutting edge keyboard. I perform (keys & guitar) - simplicity is important for quick load-in and breakdown. Not only is the MOXF6 incredibly light, but wonderfully playable - yes, the sounds are pure Motif! BTW - nothing wrong with getting into a synth/workstation where virtually ALL presets are actually worth noting as applicable, high-quality sounds - without the itching urge to tweak - although, you can.

    Yep, I considered Korg's various offerings (I'm a Korg guy - having started with the DW8000), but when it comes to performance, quality sounds and portability, my Nord Electro 4 HP along with the newly acquired Yamaha MOXF6 meets and exceeds on all three levels. I recommend the MOXF6 - especially if you want the Motif sounds without the Motif price!

  • from Cape Girardeau, Mo. November 14, 2016Music Background:
    Pro keyboardist 25 years/ radio show producer


    I am very pleased of the tones and action of the MOXF6. After reviewing on line for 30 days I found that the pro's exhibiting the demos were able to be duplicated on the LIVE set. I have had many keyboards in my music days but this unit will keep me light on the road and very strong in the studio. I still desire the 88 key digital piano sound when soloing so I use two. I see the Yamaha as an item I will not need to upgrade. Great B-3 tones with rotary action that when be learn how to use it you will not the heavy B-3. I received it Dec 31, 2015 to play in a Branson show and have not been disappointed. Run it via stereo speakers and it's even sweeter. I use two 550 watt, slant back monitors on either side. Sweet sound. Lastly, there is more to this machine than I will ever figure out,

  • from Ohio July 24, 2016

    Love It

    Everything about this board is A1 mainly the quality of the sounds. The only thing that I found slightly frustrating is in performance mode the effects are limited to 4 parts. The rest come through dry. *Forgive me if I'm wrong maybe there is a way to do it and I'm lost? But yeah I love this board!

  • from November 15, 2014

    Yamaha MOXF6

    Thank you, Yamaha for the MOXF6! Very usable, contemporary sounds with great presence in the MID's, excellent set of futures, great for studio and life, not heavy, nice look. One thing needs to be better - the keys. Yamaha should rise the price by $100 and install better quality keys. Otherwise, cool workstation, recommend.

  • from Iowa August 13, 2014Music Background:
    30 years playing and recording.

    Some much in there

    Awesome sounding and feature packed. Still exploring it after a month! I prefer Yamaha pianos over Roland's, thats why i selected this over the fa06.

  • from NJ April 14, 2014Music Background:
    Keybaords, Classic Rock, Country

    MoxF6 My findings

    This is a nice light keyboard. Any sound you can imagine from, classical to modern trance to any drums needed, are all there in extreme clarity and accuracy. Stacking, making and and finding your own favorites are a breeze and hold tons of on the fly/live sounds that are needed in seconds.
    My only complaints were, there is no aftertouch, which I have found very helpful on other keyboards I have for helping with Leslie rotation, Vibrato etc. The sustain and foot controllers have to be separate from each other as there is no common ground between them and you need two separate controllers where as I like to use one dual controller as my other keyboards are able to use. For instance, you cannot use the dual controller Boss, FS-6. The standard should be, you make contact, you make the effect! My preference, it may not be yours.

  • from Boston, MA February 11, 2016

    Definitely Does The Job

    I've been playing live since 1978 and have owned them all. I settled into the Motif ES8 back in 2006 and complimented that with the Nord Electro 4 around 2013 (I think). Excellent combination but I have to tell you I'm not getting any younger and toting the heavy Motif around every single week was really starting to wear on me physically! Mind you the Motif is a workhorse and has traveled with me from Maine to Baghdad and back so I love this keyboard.

    In the interest of budget and downsizing I went with the MOXF6 and for the price and the portability it's a pretty good value. It sounds pretty darn good for the gigs I play now (not traveling anymore) and I still have the Nord so it's a nice compact portable rig. Like the other reviews the MOXF lacks the warmth and depth of sound that the Motif delivers. There's definitely a noticeable difference but I think only to us Motif lovers. No one in the band has noticed. Of course wait till I show up one of these gigs with Motif in hand or should I say cart!! For the time being the MOXF6 is doing it's job in a rather pleasant and enjoyable way for me.

    On another note Ryan Murphy at Sweetwater has been amazing as my rep and sticks with me through my silly decision making process and all the dumb little sales I ask 20 questions about. Thanks Ryan and for the record you have a customer for life!

  • from New York March 14, 2014Music Background:
    Musical director

    Good solid ace

    Everything you'd expect.
    Great sounds,familiar interface and very portable
    Key feel is only ok
    But a great do everything axe in a light package
    Computer interaction is a big plus
    Team this with a mackbook air and you have a killer portable studio

  • from Portland, OR February 16, 2014Music Background:
    Performance, Studio, Composition

    Great Board!

    Had to gig with it almost immediately. It has a bit of a learning curve but got it configured to be a multi timbral sound source for itself and a weighted controller. Sounded GREAT! Perfect time to upgrade from my old Motif rack. A lot of time has gone into these sounds and realtime options and the Yamaha stuff plays very responsively for me. Oh yeah, It weighs about 15 lbs. Sweetwater price and knowledge exceeds that of brick and morter stores here.

  • from Chicago October 17, 2016Music Background:
    Cover bands, weddings, corp. events.

    Pretty Good

    I bought my MOXF6 back in June. At first I was quite pleased with it. It still is getting the job done.

    Cons - The weak output level is somewhat an issue. Every single sound tech is asking for more level, so line level booster DI $200 bucks. Then I have also noticed the DA converters do not seem to be all that great. I suppose you do get what you pay for here. Not liking the included piano samples to much either. I'm still using my pianoteq plug in in mainstage for piano. Its hard to justify spending extra on the 1gb flash cards and libraries when you can invest in software instead. Also if you really want deep editing, you end up buying the John Melas editors which aren't super cheap, that's another $75-100 depending on what you want.

    Pros - Super convenient. Audio interface for your mac/PC OR your IPAD/IPhone IOS device. That is very cool. I do enjoy how it has the DAW volume slider as well. It does sync up pretty well with your software. I've been using it in conjunction with Mainstage and in Master Mode I have it changing patches in mainstage. Its also extremely lightweight. The keys may feel cheap to some but compared to the midi controllers I've owned it does have a much better velocity response.

    So all in all its quite useful, you just have to get over maybe not having the best sound quality. I came from Mainstage looking for the reliability of a hardware keyboard and I'm wondering if maybe a second macbook. Bottomline is this does definitely get the job done pretty well for my uses so I will be sticking with it for awhile.

  • from August 6, 2015

    Decent, not great

    I've owned Roland, Korg and Kurzweil - and now the Yamaha. For me, Kurzweil beats all the others, as far as quality of sounds is concerned. I had issues with my Kurzweil, and most of the reviews I read about Kurzweil talked about issues they had. And because of that, I didn't get a Kurzweil.

    So I decided on the Moxf6. The quality of strings and horns do not compare to Kurzweil's. And another thing the Kurzweil has that no one else has: real human voices by Take 6.
    The Moxf6 boasts that it has over 1000 voices. And while that may technically be true, a lot of them are repeats. A lot of them sound the same, and a lot are useless. It's a decent keyboard. But I don't think it's worth $1200.
    If Kurzweil ever decides to have better quality, I would get one in a heartbeat.

  • from May 10, 2015

    Same samples, but same DACs and output stage?

    I tend to agree with the previous poster. Often, keyboard companies use cheaper convertors and cheaper op-amps and preamps in the output stage of cost reduced versions of keyboards, so you often really aren't getting the same sound as the flagship keyboard Even though both are advertised as having the same sound engine. The MOXF6 is a very nice keyboard for the price, but a Motif it isn't.

  • from January 24, 2016

    Serviceable, but not a Motif

    I bought this as a travel keyboard when I don't feel like toting my Motif xf8 around.... It definitely has the same sound engine as motif but is not has powerful. I play sometimes at church through the same sound system on different Sunday's and there is a noticeable difference in the velocity and warmth of the sound... The Motif sounds fuller vs the moxf6. If u can't afford the motif, then I guess this will be alright......

  • from Grand Blanc, MI USA June 18, 2014Music Background:
    Keyboards, Drums

    Yamaha...be ashamed!

    I upgraded from the MOXF6 which i have owned for several months to the Motif XF6. My intuition said that something must be inside that extra grand than what is being compared to with the MOXF6. I spent frustrating months with my MOXF6 researching all types of outboard gear, interfaces, etc...you name it...to get the sound that i was looking for and finally basically gave up and decided to buy the Motif XF. Yes, it blew a hole in my pocket but i was absolutely blown away by how much better the XF sounds than the MOXF sounds. The only person who would conclude that the two sound the same is the person who never owned an XF...lush, warm, analog feel, vintage, etc etc etc....all that i have been searching for. What a bunch of nonsense...no they do not sound the same and the advertising is deceiving. Save the extra cash and buy the real deal...the XF is the best sounding Yamaha has and there is no comparison with the MOXF. You DO get what you pay for out there, folks. Damn, i learned the hard way.

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