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Vir2 MOJO: Horn Section Reviews

3.5 stars based on 4 customer reviews
Questions about the Vir2 MOJO: Horn Section?

Questions about the Vir2 MOJO: Horn Section?

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  • Chris McCown

    FINALLY! An affordable virtual instrument for two of the most difficult instruments to tackle in the software realm - brass and woodwinds! These are done right, and won't cost nearly as much as hiring session musicians. If you wished you could use brass and woodwinds in your compositions but haven't been because of subpar virtual insruments, or because cost was an issue, you'll need to find a different excuse, because Vir2 has solved those issues!

  • Martin Bennett
    from December 4, 2012Music Background:
    Songwriter (published) performer

    Blown Away

    MNOJO Brass is simply amazing. If you spend some time with it you acn emulate a full brass sound for your backing and believable sax solos. I use it with SONAE X2 no problem.

  • Rene Curbelo
    from Miami, FL July 16, 2012Music Background:

    Better Than "Tower of Power"

    I've been waitling a long time for the ability to record a realistic horn section for my recordings. This software gives me a GREAT horn section! It's not complicated to use and will give you incredible flexibility to come up with just the right articulation that make it sound SO real.

  • Sandman
    from PA February 15, 2016Music Background:
    Jack of all instruments, Self-Engineer

    Nightmare Auth Process

    Software sounds pretty good! Very likely the best sounding horns software for under $1000. I would give the sound a 4 star rating.

    However, the authorization process is so convoluted that I have had this 5 years, made several attempts to auth, and still have not been successful. Every time I solve one problem, they invent another. I wouldn't use more software by these guys if it were free, because the authorization process is just too much trouble.

    I stupidly didn't buy this from Sweetwater.With the free support they provide on all products, I would have been right up and running. !!!!!!Their support is the greatest!!!!!

    I will never cheat on Sweetwater again!!!

  • C. Callaway
    from Det. Mi, USA June 15, 2011Music Background:
    Musician, Producer,Recording/Live Engineer

    Slightly Above Average

    I Purchased Mojo with some doubt that it wouldn't be all that its Hyped-Up to be and its hyped to be a great Horn-Section and its not your "Run of the Mill" kind of Virtual Horn Program and is actually a Good Horn Section meaning that it sounds & works Great when combining the Horns Together to Create "Horn -Section" Parts and they also include a nice amount of Audio Loops of Riffs that were Played by real Players and in most cases but (not all) loops can be intergrated & synced to your track (Tempo & Key) These Riffs and the (Special Effects) that are also included which are a bunch of Horn-Player nuances are a Very Important aspect of this Software and in my Opinion should be Constantly Updated to enable users to have more than what is currently available in MOJO "Out of the Box" I think that Creating "Expansion Packs" for this product would really do a Great Deal of justice for MOJO however the "Down Side" of MOJO is that its Samples for each instrument as a Solo-Instrument are Poor ( Not -Good for Creating Solo Lines } and with Regards to the Articulations , There are a good amount of them but once you select one to use it will be used over your whole melodic phrase as you are not allowed to alowed to randomly access these articulations as a midi-Event, meaning that you can't program them individually or randomly within the same track without doing some serious work-arounds and for the Price Tag of this Program , Random Access to the Articulations should be No Problem. I Really Hope that Vir2 would Really Consider addressing some much needed Up-Dates for MOJO . Bottom Line: Until Vir2 addresses certain areas of this program. I can't recommend it for any High-End Production Facility. MOJO is cool for Certain Horn-Section Parts but Realistically don't expect to create any convincing Sax, Trumpet or any other Horn Solos without using the Audio-Loops which are an essential Part ot this "Slightly Above Average" Virtual-Horn Instrument,
    Another thing I Personally would like to see is a Users-Forum for Vir2 instrument users where those who use there instruments can share their experience & knowlege with others because the Vir2 Support Team is Slow to Respond when you are really in need, my experience has been a 5-Day Wait Truthfully Yours C. Callaway

Questions about the Vir2 MOJO: Horn Section?

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