MusicNomad The HumiReader - Hygrometer Humidity & Temperature Monitor

Hygrometer and Thermometer Reads Case, Room, or Instrument Measurements
MusicNomad The HumiReader - Hygrometer Humidity & Temperature Monitor image 1
MusicNomad The HumiReader - Hygrometer Humidity & Temperature Monitor image 1
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MusicNomad The HumiReader - Hygrometer Humidity & Temperature Monitor
In Stock!

Gear Maintenance Essential from MusicNomad

MusicNomad's MN305 HumiReader hygrometer measures humidity and temperature to help you keep your stringed instruments in playing order. You've done the right thing and provided a humidifier for your acoustic and electric instruments. But is it doing what you need it to? The HumiReader is the final step in assuring your instruments are in the proper environment. This 3-in-1 tool gives you a digital reading of temperature and humidity levels whether you have it in a case, in the room, or even resting between the strings measuring the levels where you need it to most - right inside of a soundhole. Be sure you've done everything you can to protect the playability of your instruments with MusicNomad's HumiReader.

MusicNomad MN305 HumiReader Humidity and Temperature Monitor Features:
  • Accurate digital hygrometer securely hangs from strings
  • Case holster for secure placement inside your case
  • Place in any room and monitor levels for all of your instruments
  • Safe zone indicator reminder keeps you informed
  • Reads Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Monitors both maximum and minimum levels
  • Uses long lasting AG13 battery
Rely on the HumiReader and other essentials from MusicNomad and keep your gear rocking!

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number MN305

Customer Reviews

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Empty case testing of HumiReader

This review is really more about my testing using the MusicNomad HumiReader So, I wanted to test out my own home made humididfiers which consists of nothing more than a couple of plastic battery cases, and a soap dish container, with holes drilled in key locations for moisture vapor to vent into the case. This review is really more about my results Keep in mind, I only tested the use in the case without my guitar, as it was in the shop for a full set up. I did not use my new Hygrometer from MusicNomad, but rather just the HumiReader. Ill do further tests when my guitar comes home and is put into its case using the Hygrometer and HumiReader at the same time. I live in Arizona. Very dry conditions. I utilized two small plastic battery cases that held 18650 batteries(1" X 3") and drilled four 1/2" holes on the top of the cases, and added 2 cut cellulose sponges to size, and soaked them in distilled water, squeezed out the access water, and placed humidifiers in the head stock, and placed the HumiReader in the head stock compartment as well. By the way, I tried to use the stand with the 3m tape on one side of the hook and loop to attach it to an area of the headstock, but it came right off, as my guitar case has a lot of plushy fibers. Nonetheless, I left the HumiReader in its stand, and just laid it flat on the bottom or tilted slightly, so the sensor could accurately measure, as the stand does provide a bit of spacing to prevent the HumiReader from bottoming out against the case, which would cause improper readings. Upon start up of HumiReader, my current humidity level was 27 and a 78 temp reading in open case. I closed the case and left for one hour. In the one hour, I reopened the case, and current reading of humidity was 36 and 76 degree temp. I closed the case again and reopened it in the morning. The humidity at that time was 52% and a temp of 73 degrees. I was very pleased to see those results. So that gives me a pretty good idea of what humidity levels are achieved in the headstock area. I am sure once I put the guitar in the case, readings will be different. I currently am testing the body of the case with my soap dish home made humidifier, to get an idea of what it puts into the case with out the guitar. After one hour of putting the HumiReader in the body of the case, the humidity level in the case, was at 40% and temp was at 73 degrees. This helps me get an idea, of what takes place with humidity and temp in side an empty case, as once I put my guitar inside the case and start using the MusicNomad, I can then start seeing what levels of humidity and temp are achieved inside the guitars soundhole and in general the head stock and neck areas of the case.
Music background: Guitar player

Works good

Living in a dry winter climate (Upper Michigan) I needed a way to measure the humidity levels for my guitars. Bought the MusicNomad HumiReader for its flexibility of measuring inside a case, guitar or in a room. Works great so far.

Good purchase

Seems to work good. It locks into the strings really good. I was a bit worried that it might not lock in tight enough for traveling with it but I think it does. I am using it with a 6 string acoustic. It also comes with a mounting clip that allows you to mount it in your guitar case somewhere if you prefer. But I like to have it in the sound hole. So in conclusion, I do recommend this product.
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