MusicNomad The Humitar - Acoustic Guitar Humidifier for Soundholes

String-held Acoustic Instrument Humidifier with Replaceable Sponge
MusicNomad The Humitar - Acoustic Guitar Humidifier for Soundholes image 1
MusicNomad The Humitar - Acoustic Guitar Humidifier for Soundholes image 1
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MusicNomad The Humitar - Acoustic Guitar Humidifier for Soundholes
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Guitar Maintenance Essentials from MusicNomad

The MusicNomad Humitar guitar humidifier keeps your guitar playing and sounding its best by maintaining moisture levels in the wood. Air conditioning in the summer and furnaces in the winter zap the air inside your home of moisture, leaving your guitar to dry out, warp, and even crack! Sweetwater's Sales Engineers hear sad stories of instruments lost to lack of humidity all of the time, so to prevent that to happening for you, they always recommend a humidifier when you purchase a new acoustic guitar. To save yourself the sorrow, simply soak MusicNomad's Humitar's sponge in distilled water, replace the top, and position between your guitar's strings - keeping your guitar in perfect playing order is that simple.

MusicNomad Humitar Guitar Humidifier Features:
  • Long lasting and low maintenance way to protect your guitars
  • Safely releases moisture over time
  • Re-usable sponge made of anti-drip material - no worries about water damage
Rely on the Humitar and other essentials from MusicNomad and keep your gear rocking!

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number MN300

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These things are awesome. The sponge in this thing is very cool. When you get it the sponge is hard and when you put in the water it sucks up a lot of water. I am just amazed at how much water this thing can hold without dripping. After you saturate the sponge just take your index finger and your thumb and start at the top of the sponge and just gently squeeze a sponge until you get to the bottom just to get the excess water out so that it does not drip. It stays wet for days and slowly releases the moisture which is what you want. I definitely recommend this product to anyone.

The only one I'll use

I once bought a cheap humidifier on ebay. It dripped into my guitar and caused water damage. It used a regular kitchen sponge material that allowed water to accumulate by gravity and then overfill the case it was in. Very Bad!! Musicnomad's products don't drip even when the sponge is saturated. I tested it. So far I haven't found a better guitar case humidity system
Music background: Player/Collector

Must have for acoustic guitars

This works great.. I was using a sponge in a baggie cut with ..and that kind of got old. This is nice because of the flip lid to check the sponge and it slides easily between your strings. You can also set your guitar flat or on the side and it stays in place. No dripping. The sponge is small but holds a nice amount of water. I have an all solid wood acoustic guitar that was showing signs of being dry and this took care of that. Just remember to use distilled water.
Music background: been playing guitar since the mid 70's

Music Nomad Humitar

Easy to place in guitar and easy to check water content. No leakage. Works great.

Good for humidification, but be careful

The Humitar appears well thought out and the sponge really does hold more water, however there is one thing to consider with this product. It is made out of hard plastic. This means it can dent your guitar. I know, I found out the hard way. I was removing the Humitar from my guitar the other day and it accidentally slipped out of my hand and landed on the top of my three week old Taylor. The result was a dent in the top of a new $4,000 guitar. Disappointing? You bet. Maybe the folks at Music Nomad should consider a softer material for the outer shell. Bottom line, the Humitar works well for humidification but handle with care.
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