Martin MM12 Retro Acoustic Guitar Strings - 0.012 - 0.054 Light

0.012 - 0.054 Light Monel Guitar Strings
Martin MM12 Retro Acoustic Guitar Strings - 0.012 - 0.054 Light image 1
Martin MM12 Retro Acoustic Guitar Strings - 0.012 - 0.054 Light image 1
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Martin MM12 Retro Acoustic Guitar Strings - 0.012 - 0.054 Light
In Stock!

Strings That Bring Out the True Sound of Your Guitar

In the '70s Martin Guitars stopped producing Monel acoustic guitar strings. Since then, legendary bluegrass picker Tony Rice was never as happy with the sound of his 1935 D28. Rice and the engineers at Martin worked together to re-create the famous lost nickel alloy Monel. These strings capture the beauty and simplicity of a bygone age in how their mellow tone brings out the woody sounds of your guitar. Described by many longtime players as "broken in right out of the box," these Martin Retro series strings allow your tone to come through.

Martin MM12 Light-gauge Retro Monel Acoustic Guitar Strings Features:
  • Sweet-sounding acoustic guitar strings
  • Developed by Martin Guitars with bluegrass guitar legend Tony Rice
  • Made from the coveted nickel alloy called Monel
  • Allows the natural woody sounds of your guitar to stand out
  • Feels natural and sounds nicely broken in, right out of the box
Discover the sweet sound of Monel with these light-gauge Retro acoustic guitar strings.

Tech Specs

Guitar Type Acoustic
Number of Sets 1
Coated No
Gauges .012, .015, .025, .031, .041, .054
Core Material Steel
Winding Material Nickel Based Alloy Monel
Winding Type Acoustic Wound
Manufacturer Part Number 41MM12

Customer Reviews

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There is Magic in these strings...

It's funny... I've never played a bad string. I've used mostly D'Addario strings for 20 years. I've played extensively with Dean Markley, La Bella, Cleartone, Elixir, Fender, and Martin. They all edge each other out in different ways, but, I'd come to accept certain pitfalls as givens, across the board: With the uncoated strings, they're all too bright at first; they all have a relatively short-lived sweet-spot once broken-in; they all end up tired-sounding; and... they all look blotchy and dirty after about a week of play - even with my habit of washing my hands before, and wiping-down the strings after every use. Coated strings are a trip, 'cause they sound too bright longer, skip the sweet spot, and go straight to dead after one or two months. Martin Retro's really did impress me in that they sound mellow and sweet from the get-go... they have less finger noise than phosphor bronze, and... their sound didn't seem to change. Before long, I'd had them on for 4 months and they still sounded great, with only minimal signs of wear. In fact, they'd have been on there longer, but I wanted to try different gauges. I put on my reliable D'Addario Mediums, and found myself annoyed at the too-bright-sweet-dead story arc. So, after two weeks, I switched back to Martin Retros... they LOOK great; they SOUND great: and, they FEEL great!!! Give them a try!
Music background: Guitarist, Singer, Composer, Recording Artist


I put these on my OM 21 ( which is an unbelievable guitar anyway) they brought out a depth I would never have imagined was possible from this already magical guitar. I've been using the various phosphor bronze Martin strings since I bought the guitar, and they are great. But these ... they are amazing. You may not get the same result as I have with your instrument but you really should try a set and see; might be the best eight bucks you ever spend. I'm going to buy a bunch ... just in case.

Hear your guitar's true voice

These strings are absolutely amazing! They sound great on my D-18 Custom Shop, D-35 and D-45! Woody sounding and they make your guitar look older as well.

Welcome to the 1930's

I just put a set of these beauties on my Martin 000-15M. All of a sudden I have a 'vintage' 1930's guitar that is only 2 years old. Being a mahogany guitar, it already had a deep woodsy voice, but these strings have accented the midrange and highs as well as kept the deep tones that are a mark of a Martin guitar. They tuned up quick and hold tune with very little break-in. Does the Martin 000-15M now sound as good as a Martin Authentic 1933 for over 5 grand? Uh, no, not quite. But, if you have a mahogany guitar, I recommend spending $7.99 and trying a set and see how close it comes.
Music background: Hobbyist

So warm!

I'm using a Martin OM28E-Retro guitar. After putting these light gauge retro strings on, I can immediately hear the lovely warm tone I've been searching for! In fact, the treble has been balanced very well with the lower bass frequencies. It's not bright, or harsh sounding, but oh so buttery smooth! As I strum, I get the same good feeling I get when I strum an electric guitar through a sweet, smooth, warm sounding amp. I actually do feel like these strings brought out my Martin's true voice. If you're into smooth, warm, balanced tones, get these strings now.
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