Allen & Heath ML3000-32 No Longer Available

32 Mono/2 Stereo Channel 8-Group VCA Mixing Console with 8x4 Matrix
Item ID: ML3000-32

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Allen & Heath ML3000-32 image 1
Allen & Heath ML3000-32 image 1

Sorry, the Allen & Heath ML3000-32 is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Allen & Heath ML3000-32
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The Amazing Large Format VCA Console!

Never before has a fully equipped VCA desk been accessible to so many people. Once again Allen & Heath has applied their design skills to making a previously exclusive technology affordable to people on a real world budget. All this power is harnessed in a remarkably compact console which is a real pleasure to drive thanks to its simple, uncluttered control layout. VCA Groups Explained: VCA groups provide an important alternative to audio subgroups for simultaneously controlling the level of more than one channel using a single fader. Unlike an audio subgroup, the signal in a VCA scenario is not routed through the group fader itself. The VCA group fader sends a DC voltage to remotely control the assigned channel levels. Benefits of VCA Grouping: Because the level is controlled before the channel pan circuit, a single VCA group fader is all that is required to contral a stereo or LCR group - this would typically take 2 or 3 faders with an audio group scenario. A channel can be assigned to more than one VCA group. This lets you assign multi-level groups, or even a "grand master" - impossible with audio groups. There are a number of resource-saving benefits to VCA grouping. The ML3000-40 features a 40 Mono + 2 Stereo configuration while the ML3000-32 features a 32 Mono + 2 Stereo configuration. Both boast 4-band EQ with high and low shelving, upper and lower mid parametric sweep, included meter bridge and PSU (power supply unit), an 8 x 4 matrix with direct output on each channel, 8 VCA groups and more. Dual Functionality RP/Aux mode switches reverse the group fader and aux rotary master sections to allow you to choose any combination of up to 8 Aux sends and up to 4 audio subgroups on fader masters with inserts and full metering. A Centre Mode switch converts the 100mm C fader to an engineer's listen wedge control with insert. Features:

  • Busses: 15
  • 32 channels
  • 8VCA - 4 groups - 8 mute groups - LCR Plus panning
  • FOH or monitors - 8 auxes (allows 1 stereo mix)
  • 8x4 matrix - direct output on each channel
  • 2 stereo inputs (mic or line) standard with all consoles
  • 4 band EQ - Hi & Low shelving
  • Upper & Lower mid sweep parametric
  • Talkback

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