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Sennheiser MKS4 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 10 customer reviews
Questions about the Sennheiser MKS4?

Questions about the Sennheiser MKS4?

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  • from Ooltewah, TN January 31, 2017Music Background:
    Music education, voiceover recording


    This does exactly as it's supposed to! There's nothing to it at all, very simple.

  • from Seattle area December 25, 2016

    Perfect for the TLM 103

    As has been previously stated, fits the 103 perfectly!

  • from Colfax, CA March 24, 2016Music Background:
    Voice Actor

    Works Great

    I had read previous reviews about this shock mount and decided to save some money and give it a try. My Neumann TLM 102 works just fine with this shock mount no problems.

  • from May 21, 2014Music Background:
    Jazz guitarist, vocalist

    TLM103 Substitute

    Excellent value a a great substitute for the TLM103 shockmount as it is significantly less expensive. Thanks Andrew for recommending this product.

  • from Princeton March 13, 2013Music Background:
    Recording/Pro Musician

    Great Shockmount

    Great Shockmount for the Neumann TLM 103. Very well built and solid feel to it. Very happy with it. Thanks

  • from Silver Spring, MD September 27, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician/Producer

    Sennheiser MKS4

    Perfect for the Neumann TLM 102!

  • from New York June 23, 2016Music Background:
    Voice Over

    Works great for TLM 102

    I purchased this to work with my Neumann TLM 102, and it has been working great. Solid construction even though it has plastic adjustable angle piece. (Because it has some plastic is why it is not a 5* review). Excellent alternative to the Neumann brand shock mount which is twice the price.

  • from Frederick, MD February 12, 2015Music Background:
    Voice Actor

    Works great with my Neumann Mic

    Easy installation and fits my Neumann TLM 102 mic. Much less costly than the Neumann version and equally effective.

  • from Charlotte, NC March 15, 2011Music Background:
    Broadcaster, voice actor

    Fits MK4...and more

    Designed for the new Sennheiser MK4, this is a really well put together mount that works well. The open ring at the front allows placement of a pop filter very close to the mic, which allows vocalists with good technique get in really close to exploit the proximity effect.

    Except for the Sennheiser badging, this is a dead ringer for the mount that comes with the Neumann TLM-102 Special Edition package (also made by Sennheiser, and currently unavailable in the US). It works well with the TLM-102, and Sweetwater reports it also fits the TLM-103. Given the hefty prices of most "official" Neumann shock mounts, this is a real bargain.

  • from April 29, 2016


    I just bought the 102, and have some info that may be helpful to those on the fence. Then I'll get to the shockmount. First background trivia, in case you don't know this (I didn't). Neumann was bought by Sennheiser a while back. If you haven't purchased the 102...for vocals just about everywhere the reviews are great (why I bought it). And it seems versatile and can take a punch for general studio needs. I held off on buying a shockmount wanting to give my current one a try. Mistake. When folks say this is small, it is tiny. Think "micro" not "mic". The review I read somewhere said it best - think of your mouse. So the mistake is that it sat in my typical shockmount like an egg in a nest. This is why you have the cutout in the front. Think of your hand cupping the micro. So although I read about how this would be a great substitute to the $130 Neumann equivalent, I didn't trust it. Had I known the two companies were merged, I would see the rebranding as someone said is probably true - probably the same thing down to the screws. If you are a studio, and want the brand name to match the micro, then sure you'd prefer the name on the shockmount. I didn't realize they were probably the same. I am sure my sales engineer would have told me so, but I wanted to try it out on my shockmount aka egg nest first. Here's the rating issue. You'll find the 102 etc same price everywhere. Some competitors sell a combo deal so you get the Neumann shockmount for the same price as this. I bought my 102 from Sweetwater...but if you are name brand conscious you can have that for the same price with combo elsewhere. So I spent $30 more buying the name brand from another place since it isn't offered by Sweetwater. And I am just a home studio so name doesn't matter. But I am sure I will sounds $30 better lol. Nice feature is that the micro screws nicely into the crib on the Neumann shockmount. I assume the same for this guy. Bottom line is you need it or you'll fret that your imperfect "nest" is interfering with the sound. Other than name, I believe this to be the same as my Neumann flavor. Same company. Same quality. Great gear you won't regret stepping up to.

Questions about the Sennheiser MKS4?

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