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Toontrack Drum MIDI Pack - Single Pack Download Reviews

4.0 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Toontrack Drum MIDI Pack - Single Pack Download?

Questions about the Toontrack Drum MIDI Pack - Single Pack Download?

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  • Dale Robertson
    from Cali Mtns (near Tahoe) December 10, 2016Music Background:
    Hobbyist gone to mad music scientist...

    Rythme Sauvage midi pack!

    Mario crushes it! Gojira is a killer band & Mario Duplantier is the driving force behinds the drums. This midi is flat out the best overall midi pack for metal I own (it just came out Nov 2016). It has the best useful, wide range, "song based" rhythms. Easy to write to & just jam along with to get the creativity flow going. Check out Gojira live on the web, they are fun to watch. This pack is worth twice as much...get it & enjoy.
    Toontrack has put out a little "same sounding" metal midi BUT this is very fresh & worth being in your collection. I grew up with a brother drummer and have listened to metal for 35+ yrs & seriously, some things on this pack I have never heard done on drums before! So cool.

  • Customer
    from October 14, 2016


    Some great sounds....very useful.

  • Dale Robertson
    from California mountains near Tahoe November 5, 2015Music Background:
    Hobbyist gone to mad music scientist...

    Many to choose, So I have most...

    I have most of these... The reason is I was always chasing the patterns I was looking for. So I learned how to program my own. I still found that these are completely useful though. They are a great idea/groove starter and full on finished project drummer, they sit great in the mix, there are tons of patterns to choose from, you dont have to put up with a drummers attitude and schedule, many kits, many genres and feels.
    Here are my favorites as a mainly metal dude....The new Progressive, Metal Beats, Metal Machinery,Drum Riffs, All of the Library of Extreme & Monster Midi Paks, Post Rock and yes even the Basic Rock & Fills and the Song writers Paks.
    Toontrack is a good company and always moving foward. November is when they release new metal products. Enjoy

  • Mike
    from West Hills, CA November 3, 2015

    A great tool for the studio!

    After struggling through my first EP to find that true 80's metal sound, I picked up EZ Drummer 2.0. Initially, I thought I'd just use it to share thoughts with some of the high end session drummers I've used in the past. Boy, was I wrong. If you couple this with a decent midi controller, you can program your own beats to suit your needs (To the reviewer who complained of no "galloping double bass," that's where your creativity comes in). Moreover, finding pre-programmed rhythms to suit your needs isn't that difficult, either, with the Tap 2 Find feature. Those are adjustable as well, simply by dropping them in the Tap 2 Find and making necessary changes or adjusting them on the fly with the many options within the program. I purchased the Metal and Rock EZX's, which are fine, but I'd suggest branching out and picking up different styles-even if you're "just a rock artist." I've used jazz swing beats and even disco beats, from the standard purchase, while programming.

    Finally, be warned: programming legitimate drum sounds takes time and effort. And while EZ Drummer does make it easier, to appropriately program a song EXACTLY the way you like it will take a minute...and probably require a revisit once you start laying down other tracks (ie bass, guitar, etc).

  • Robert Bayard
    from November 10, 2014Music Background:

    Drum midi pack

    Thanks to Sweetwater for good price and fast downloading !
    If you want reggae beat, just buy it !

  • Trevor Lane
    from Colorado Springs, CO August 8, 2014Music Background:
    Solo Metal Artist


    This midi pack did offer some more depth to my EZ Drummer 2, but the one thing I was after is missing, "galloping double bass." There's plenty of double bass but no gallop. BTW a gallop is not a triplet, it is a pattern of eights (or sixteenths) interspersed with quarter (or eight) notes. I need a gallop!

  • DennisNv
    from Lake Tahoe area June 15, 2014Music Background:
    Composer, pro musician (mostly keyboards and guitar)

    Which one do I pick?

    When I first looked over the selection of Toontrack expansion packs I was a bit frustrated as there are so many but I knew I wanted more rhythms to choose from for my song writing than what came with the plug-in. So, I settled in and started listening to all of the samples that Toontrack provides on their website to narrow it down. I eventually settled on Session Drums because this one seemed to offer the best variety of solid rhythms that could then be easily modified and/or stitched together to suit my needs. I can't compare it to the other expansion packs better than you could yourself by listening to the audio samples but I can say that if you are looking for one that will give you good "starting points" and solid, useful rhythms then you will not be disappointed with this one. I am very happy with the choice I made and I am very grateful to Toontracks for creating a place for users to compare the various options. The quality and variety of the samples in the library are worth every penny.

  • Todd
    from NJ March 17, 2014Music Background:
    Many years performing and recording

    Songwriters Fillpack 2

    If you've had EZ drummer for a while, and want to spice up your drum tracks, Songwriters Fillpack 2 is a great choice. The fills are far superior to the stock fills in EZ Drummer, and much more "human" to my ears. A slightly larger selection would have been nice, but it's still well worth the price. My tracks are coming alive much better than before. I could se myself picking up another one of these down the road.

  • Marty
    from Dallas, TX January 25, 2012Music Background:
    musician, singer songwriter

    Songwriters Friend!!

    This is a great addition to any of the Toontrack drum packages. The files are designed for easy install and use and are layout specifically for songwriters in mind; i.e. intro, chorus, verse, etc. With a multitude of styles and feels all the songwriter has to do is find the style that fits the song and get started. Itís that easy! And for the price adding additional midi packages is simple and affordable.

    Get it, use it, you wonít regret it.

Questions about the Toontrack Drum MIDI Pack - Single Pack Download?

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