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Toontrack Drum MIDI 6-pack - Boxed Reviews

4.5 stars based on 13 customer reviews
Questions about the Toontrack Drum MIDI 6-pack - Boxed?

Questions about the Toontrack Drum MIDI 6-pack - Boxed?

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  • from Texas June 4, 2017

    Smartest Way To Expand Your MIDI Options

    The best way to fill up your midi library. Saves you a big chunk of change buying them this way. I was very happy that Sweetwater offered this option, no one else provides the deals or customer support like they do. Highly recommended purchase if you are using EZ Drummer. Be wise-buy the bundle!

  • from Goodyear, AZ April 17, 2017

    Unbelievable Value

    You can't go wrong when YOU get to pick the six midi packs from the wide range that Toontrack offers. Plus it costs less than building your own bundle and buying direct from Toontrack! I've been using EZD2 only since November and every day I find more I can do with it and can't believe how low the price is compared to what you get. Unfortunately for my drummer friends I may not need to call them as often to have them play drums on my music. But I believe no matter how much you can program or adjust the programming there's still some things for which you need a drummer.

  • from PA March 22, 2017

    Toontrack drum midi pack

    Great for me as a beginner.
    More advanced people will certainly be able to do a lot more than me with this system.
    But I am learning!!!!!!!!!!

  • from Washington October 8, 2016Music Background:
    Hobbyist, 25+ years

    Great value on exceptional MIDI, just plan your purchase

    This six pack is a great value compared to buying 6 individual Toontrack Drum MIDIs, it's what you'd pay for just 4 individual MIDI packs on Sweetwater or just 3 direct from the manufacturer's website.

    If you're used to buying the individual MIDI packs or EZXs from Sweetwater and getting an instant download activation code, you'll have to be aware this is mail-only. Not a big deal, I just had to wait 3 days to get an actual software box, with a protective sleeve, with a printed card with the activation codes (apparently Toontrack requires it on this item and some of the other bundles).

    When you're picking your MIDI packs from the (currently) 57 titles, spend some time on the Toontrack website reviewing the items you want, and look at the other 6 pack bundles and MIDI pack descriptions to avoid duplicating purchases. Each individual MIDI pack description on Toontrack will tell you if the MIDI is included in one of the full EZX EZDrummer expansion packs, or in an SDX if you're a Superior Drummer user. Toontrack makes sure it's clearly stated when that's the case.

    For example if you're planning to purchase "Americana" or "Metal!" or "Indie Folk" EZXs in the future (total of 10 titles) to expand drum sounds, the EZX includes the same MIDI sold in the separate MIDI packs. Same goes for the "Indiependent", "Rock Warehouse", "Metal Foundry", "Progressive Foundry", and others (total of 9 MIDI packs) which are from the Superior Drummer SDX expansions by the same name.

    Not a big deal if you're an EZDrummer user and don't need Superior Drummer's capabilities, you can still use the MIDI files that are derived from the SDXs. If you're just checking out the MIDIs and haven't fully committed to the EZDrummer/SuperiorDrummer experience yet, try picking a MIDI that's not already in an EZX/SDX so you don't duplicate a potential future purchase.

    To maximize your value, you can use this"choose your own" 6 pack, or look at the other 7 "themed" bundles Toontrack offers through Sweetwater for the same cost. Of the 57 individual MIDI packs, 41 titles are in various combinations in the themed bundles ("Basic Rock" MIDI is the only one repeated in the bundles, appearing in both the Essential Drums and Rock Drums 6 packs).

    The MIDIs themselves are really well done products. Natural feel in the performance, they work very well with either EZDrummer or SuperiorDrummer. Obviously you'll find some similar beats when you start collecting enough, but those subtle variations do make it easier to quickly build natural sounding drum tracks without individually tweaking the MIDI itself. I've found the more MIDI drum files I collect, the better results I'm having with EZDrummer's Song Creator, Tap2Find, and browse features.

  • from California September 20, 2016

    Very Good Drum Sounds

    I was really worried that this would be tough to work with or that the patterns wouldn't be any good. This is the perfect compliment to any artist recording at home. The search function is excellent, as you can essentially create your own patterns or match them with similar Toontrack material. The only drawback that I can see is that you will have to pay for the expansion packs to remain fresh, unless you're an all world drummer and you're just using this for the MIDI sounds. They also need to work out some kinks to make it a little more user friendly, but for stuff that you don't understand, all I can say is "Youtube is your friend."

    If you'd like a sample of what this sounds like mixed & mastered with additional sounds from its big brother, Superior Drummer, check out my band Idora on Bandcamp. The entire "Wildcat" album was programmed using Toontrack. And, as always, great service from David Snyder here at Sweetwater.

  • from Sewanee, TN March 8, 2016Music Background:
    College Professor, Jazz pianist, composer, arranger, and church music director

    Options, options, and more options!!

    It is beyond awesome to have so many options to pick from. Having the ability to pull grooves from any particular "style" helps the music I create/play sound fresh, so I completely, 200% agree with the reviewer that said not to be afraid to experiment with pulling grooves from different styles.

    I've primarily been using the grooves to create backing tracks for the choir at the church I play for. Pulling a groove from the metal fusion, high energy grooves, or indiependent MIDI packs to use as the foundation of a gospel song at first might seem an odd thing, but after having folks in the congregation still getting their praise on, it's like, "This right here is ridiculous!"

    I would also advise anyone who is considering purchasing this to pick broadly across the genres/styles that Toontrack offers and you'll limit the risk of being disappointed while increasing the possibility for your creativity to be stimulated. I'll admit that some grooves have to be customized, but it's not hard to do that as the software is extremely user friendly. Also having the ability to mix your drums in both EZ Drummer and Superior Drummer, makes the customization process that much more fun in my opinion.

    As a jazz composer and arranger, I'm hoping that Toontrack will add an ECM drumming style MIDI pack to their roster. Basic Jazz, Jazz Midi, and Roots are awesome, but a wider selection within them for ECM or a pack solely dedicated to that style would be off the chain.

    It's hard to see how one would be disappointed with purchasing this product. Toontrack has set the bar pretty high regarding drum track creation/production.

  • from Idaho January 25, 2016Music Background:
    playing guitar,drums,&bass for almost 20 years

    toontrack Drum MIDI 6-pack

    can't beat it. this really helped my writing, i carefully picked 6 from the 30+ and tried to get a very wide range of drumming styles. I haven't had a hard time finding a beat sense. there are a lot more beats and fills in each pack than i thought. all around great product

  • from Honolulu, HI January 11, 2016

    What a great deal

    Great way to purchase 6 Drum midi packs for less than buying them individually. My only complaint is that I had to wait for it to be shipped...don't see why they couldn't have been emailed.

  • from Lancaster, CA November 20, 2015

    Awesome Deal!

    These "bundles" are such great deals, monetarily speaking but, they are even better, creatively speaking!.

    I have 13 EZX drum kit modules and, of course, each comes with tons of MIDI grooves, however, as a composer, the more MIDI grooves you have to choose from the easier it will be to match up MIDI grooves from different environments to suit the musical "style" you're seeking to accomplish.

    I've used MIDI grooves from the Twisted Kit and/or Nashville Kit on METAL and hard rock & fusion!
    I've used the Jazz MIDI within hard rock songs.

    Do NOT limit yourself to just the MIDI from the "kit" that you choose. Don't be afraid to experiment and pull MIDI grooves from ANYWHERE. Take advantage of the EZ Drummer 2 MIDI search function to find matching to near-matching grooves.

    Also, don't allow yourself to be restricted by the "length" of the groove. For instance, if you find a groove that fits perfectly within the first 2 bars, yet the whole groove is 8 bars long, just drag the right tail end to the left until you have the two bars you want.

    Or, if you really like the 3rd, 4th and fifth bards of the groove, then shrink up both sides to get what you want. If the MIDI doesn't have a crash at the beginning (and you need one) just double-click on the MIDI within your DAW and open up the MIDI editor, find a good crash and add it to the groove... just remember, you can't hit a ride cymbal and crash at the same time, so just delete the ride cymbal.

    Anyway, you just can NOT have enough MIDI and the ToonTrack MIDI is played by the best drummers (arguably) in the world... WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE?

    Some folks, like TC Perkins, are just complainers that don't know how to take advantage of EZ Drummer MIDI grooves.

    So... Get creative and go for it! Choose your selections wisely. Go to Toontrack and listen to the MIDI groove samples, READ the documentation of each groove package to choose what will work best for you.

    And lastly, do NOT be afraid to grab a MIDI groove from "The Blues" to use on a Metal tune - you may have to increase to Volume on that MIDI to get it to match your other grooves but that's the fun of music!!

  • from Virginia July 11, 2015Music Background:
    Songwriter, Studio guitarist

    OK, not great

    The price was good but I am not that impressed with most of the drum patterns: I have selected 3 so far out of the 6 pack I bought (songwriter1, rock, Nashville session). I end up having to do the kick and snare manually on most songs to get the right feel so I am paying for cymbol tracks for the most part. With the latest deal on Superior Drummer, I could have gotten that instead for the money I spent on EZ Drummer and one six pack and gotten more content and better sounding drums (the EZ drums do sound pretty good though).

    In a nutshell, this gives me more stuff to pick from but the costs will add up over time if I keep adding on (not gonna do that) and I am not terribly impressed tbh.

  • from Iowa March 15, 2015Music Background:
    Keyboardist, composer, prodcuer

    Even bette when you can pick and choose

    I agree with many others that Toontrack makes not only some of the greatest drum samples but also some of the greatest drum MIDI loops. I have come to appreciate their general procedure of providing plenty of subtle variations for most grooves. ("Hey, this loop was almost like the last!") That's the point. a real drummer is not a robot. If you really want your project to sound real, you need these sorts of subtle variation. Beyond that, the musicianship is superb and the range of material is reasonable in every pack that I've tried. I bought 2 6-backs last month, (one was the songwriter pack), and as soon as I finish this review, I'm hitting the "buy" button on a third pack. This is a good discount and puts the cost of these packs into the range of most of the competition--most of which isn't as good. Being able to pick and choose your 6 packs is great, but if you're like me, you may eventually give up on choosing and order more than one pack.

    I will give one small caution, If you own a variety of EZ drummer or Superior Drummer sample packs, it is possible, if you're careless, to repurchase midi packs that already came with the sample packs. This is usually easy to avoid, because these midi packs have identical names to the drum sample packs. However, if in doubt, read the details about the package. Similarly, if you are considering buying a certain sample pack, you will have already purchased a chunk of it if you are tempted to get the MIDI grooves first (and there's no discount for samples without the grooves).

  • from May 14, 2014Music Background:
    musician, recording studio director/owner

    professional midi drum packs -toontrack

    the finest drum midi within the universe accurate,clean,perfect
    toontrack is the all star performer bar none
    I have the ezdrummer 2 and superior drummer with mid packs ,the ultimate solution to drum performance without issues
    best regards

  • from Oviedo, Florida September 20, 2013Music Background:
    Mixing Engineer

    Toontrack Drum Midi Packs

    Quick & Convenient/ Time Saver/Excellent Quality//Realistic patterens

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