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Marshall MG50CFX 50-watt 1x12" Combo Amp with Effects Reviews

4.0 stars based on 7 customer reviews
Questions about the Marshall MG50CFX 50-watt 1x12" Combo Amp with Effects?

Questions about the Marshall MG50CFX 50-watt 1x12" Combo Amp with Effects?

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  • Peter Nelson
    from TN - Tennessee September 23, 2016Music Background:
    I studied classical violin under a Juliard Graduate, she was a wonderful teacher. I'm Not a working musician but Music is my life well that and riding my Harley-Davidson Road King Police every day.

    Second and more positive review of this amp

    I wrote my previous review comparing this amp to my all time favorite rif my Marshall JCM 900 MkIII (Hot Rodded to more than 120 watts with some caps and non stock tubes!) that sat atop a JCM900 1960A and JCM900 1960B speaker cab's full stack. I don't think that first review was fair to this Transistor 50 watt single 12" speaker amp.
    Since writing my original review I have been playing the Marshal MG50CFX more than any other amp. Why?? Because of the Tone and cranked volume!! When I need a "fix" of Marshall Concert Level Volume and Tone I find myself turning on this amp. BTW I need that fix several times a day.
    Listen, I really like my Tube amps Fenders for the cleans as does everybody. But there are other tones in this world and Marshall has that "Brown" sound, that creamy hi-gain, fluid sustain that I need to hear. So yes I am talking a different kind of "Tone", but I love Marshall Tone and this amp for less than $400 is giving it to me.
    Do I still look around for a Marshall Tube amp rig to obtain the Marshall Tone? Yes I do, all the time, but I do not make the purchase. It's not necessary yet because I have the Marshall MG50CFX-50W amplifier in my house. Will I ever purchase another Marshall 100 watt tube amp and a full stack of Marshall 1960A and 1960B speaker cab's? Yes, one day when I am financially secure and free of debt, in other words when I can "easily" afford too. Ha! Or I might purchase another Marshall MG50CFX or possible the 2x12 MG100CFX! I am addicted to loud, wall of sound and Marshall Tone.

  • Jeff
    from October 12, 2015

    Get this one folks

    I'm really impressed with what the team at Marshall have done with this new generation of MG series... They did there homework and got it right... I have played just about every kind of Marshall amp there is tube or solid state...I know alot of guys who want to try and find an amp that sounds like a Marshall... Save yourself the frustration and just buy one of these...and they can be hooked up to a cabinet ...please don't listen to the nay sayers... These are great Amps period....

  • Kody Walker
    from Bayard, NE January 31, 2015Music Background:


    I'm very impressed with sweetwater I've placed a few orders with other online guitar businesses and was less than impressed. With sweetwater every product I've ordered has been good quality, the descriptions have been accurate, I was updated frequently on what my order was doing and every order has been shipped quickly...I'm personally impressed with this amp I wanted something cheaper with a fair amount of power and some cool effects to practice with at home or to perform for a small event if I wanted. My opinion is that is a little extreme for a home amp but will work when you dial the volume in right..playing guitar is just a hobby for me so I couldn't say if it would work for a bigger gig or not but to me it's LOUD and sounds great!

  • Peter
    from NC May 15, 2016


    I have had this amp for a year now and if is everything I need.. Practice and small to medium gigs. It has a great sound and simple effects. I play Jazz and Pop and do not need all the "stuff" that comes with other amps. Good reverb and nice phaser and LOTS of volume. It's heavy and I had to get a stand to get it off the floor but fits every situation I'm in.

  • Jeff
    from Medina, Ohio February 16, 2016

    Perfect Match

    Last month I picked up this beauty and was a bit disappointed that it came with the standard 2 button foot switch. After watching the video demo I assumed it came with the programmable 4 button switch, but it does not. I immediately ordered the proper foot switch for this amp and found it easy to program, set up, and use. I am primarily a rhythm guitarist but have been wanting to expand my ability & learn some lead guitar for quite some time, so I've been learning some lead licks on YouTube. I played out with it last weekend and it sounded great! It is the perfect match for my Tele, and the sound techs commented on how great it sounds. This amp is the most amp you will find for under $500 (including the 4 button programmable foot switch).

  • Peter Nelson
    from TN - Tennessee September 9, 2016

    Good unless you have owned a hot rodded JCM900 and Full Stack

    If you have never owned a Marshall JCM900 that was hot rodded and you run it through a Full Stack of the Special JCM900 1960A and B cab's then you may say this sounds like a Marshall.
    It's pretty loud and does come close to a Marshall Tone about a 6 or 7 out of 10. But it's no tube amp, as it lacks the tuba sag that provides a sort of tremolo or pulsing sound. It also lacks the real in your face Marshall 35 foot wall of sound that my old rig had. Why did I sell my Mighty JCM 900 and Cab's? Because I thought I was going DEAF!! It is that loud!
    You know what, I don't freakin cre any more if I would go deaf-I want that sound back. It inspired me in a way no other amp and rig has ever done.
    So today I tried playing my MC50CFX with and without pedals. All I achieved is pain in my ears and a sustained ringing, remember I said this is a loud amp. Anyway I tries the marshall settings for stadium lead solo and did not like it. So I began using my own ears to guid me toward the tone I remembers. I got close and at some times the notes sounded very close, but the tube sag and overwhelming avalanche of power was just not there. I hurt my ears for nothing, well learned a little about this amp.
    I tried using a few pedals one at a time, and then two at a time . I tried every setting. My pedals sre pretty nice one is the Electro Harminex Big Muff PI and the other is a fairly expensive Wampler Plexi Drive Deluxe. I also tried all the channels on the amp along with these pedals. I could not achieve that sound that I know so well from my JCM 900 rig.
    Who Knew? Well of course I knew that a $400 Solid State 50 watt amp with a single 12" speaker could never come close to my old JCM 900 rig. The clean channel is nice and the pedals help it to sound very good. Good enough that I would recommend this amp to anyone not interested in a Marshall Tube amp and Full Stack But I can't recommend it to a player who prefers tube amp tone.

  • Mike Bleeds
    from San Diego November 12, 2015

    Garbage Amp

    Please dont waste your time and money with this amp. Even for a solid state amp, the sound quality is utter garbage. Especially OD2 channel. The distortion is garbled and harsh. Palm muting sounds like poop. Who cares about all the useless effects when the amp sounds bad to begin with? The only pro is that it can get loud. I recommend the DSL40c.

Questions about the Marshall MG50CFX 50-watt 1x12" Combo Amp with Effects?

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