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Yamaha MG32/14FX Reviews

4.0 stars based on 8 customer reviews
  • Joe
    from Tinton Falls, NJ June 4, 2012Music Background:
    Live sound engineer, Lead Singer, Drummer

    Hands Down, the best live mixer!

    I have been using Yamaha analog boards for the last 15 years. I have 2 small ones that I use for home recording, small acoustic gigs, and DJing. I bought a MG24/14FX and loved it. Only problem with it was it was too small. The current band I am in has too many instruments to mic. I bought this and have used it at 6 gigs so far. Amazing sound, great built in effects, crystal clear. Plenty of headroom for monitors, etc. I recommend this board for any one serious about live sound.

  • Michael Smith
    from Petaluma, CA January 6, 2012Music Background:
    Musician, composer, obsessive musical explorer

    So far so good - This is the best

    I have had a lot of Yamaha equipment over the years and was well aware of the great quality and variety of their keyboards and other electronics. But I had had never had a Yamaha mixer, so this was a leap of faith. This is simply the very best large format analog mixer that I have ever used. It's solid, with very high quality components, an incredible clear signal, and was a perfect audio solution for my small studio.. The 32/14 has some features that are unique.. For example, each channel has it's own on/off switch which is brightly lit. This is a big help while working in dim light - it's easy to identify the active channels. I have to provide one disclaimer - I have only had this mixer for a mounth, and I am just starting to do serious testing. But, so far so good.

  • Arthur Leitz
    from Temple ,Texas May 5, 2010Music Background:
    Musician,sound/studio engineer

    Clean Sounding Mixer

    This is the first Yamaha I've worked with. After realizing the channels were set to post slider and"had to set" the auxes to pre, I then got an
    awesome mix! The preamps are extremely HOT. Can only run them below 12 o clock! Then EQs are very smooth aswell.

  • Phil Parker
    from Seneca, SC January 2, 2012Music Background:
    Semi-pro muscian/sound engineer

    Inexpensive, Roadworthy Board!

    I have had this board for around 3 years now. I have used on the road in smoke filled clubs, outside at festivals in 90 degree heat, in a studio environment producing a DVD demo and various other places as well as a practice hall where we set up and practice and have never, even once, had any type of problem with this board. It is simple to operate, simple to maintain and just never gives any problems. Very roadworthy and that is what I need the most. Plus the features to cost ratio are incredible. Highly recommend this board.

  • Tim Davis
    from Las Vegas, Nevada October 23, 2008Music Background:
    28 years experience in live sound - tours and installs

    High Quality - Low Price

    Great console for the money!_ I would like to see 4 band EQ, but the sweeping mid works just fine for those with mixing experience._ I highly recommend this board for all church installations as the footprint is very small, the two digital effects generators are more than sufficient and you can always add more channels with a second mixer._ My home church (Calvary Community Church - Las Vegas)install features a 32/14FX and a 24/14FX side by side (take off the ends to make them match - just leave a little space for heat to escape). This will give you 40 mic inputs and 8 stereo inputs._ You'll use one stereo input on the 32/14FX as the second board's "master" (L out on the 24/14FX to chan 31 input on the 32/14FX, R out on the 24/14FX to chan 32 input on the 32/14FX)._ This gives any church more than enough channels for microphones, CD, DVD, powerpoint, etc. at a very affordable investment!_ Plus you get 4 digital effects generators built in (put the drums/percussion in the second board and you get 2 dedicated effects just for the drums and percussion)._ The next "bargain" board with that many channels is either a Mackie, Allen-Heath or Yamaha pricing out at almost twice the investment with no built in effects._ You can also get 8+ monitor mixes by using a 32/14FX on stage (requires splitter snake and lots of cabling). We record every service off the house 32/14FX L-R outs, allowing us to control the mono house level independantly from the record level. We use a mono signal for the house system to KIS (Keep It Simple) for the volunteer help. The recorder is in stereo and the input level is controlled with the master stereo fader. Easy for volunteers to learn and use.
    No need to compromise quality for small budget - Just pick up a Yamaha 32/14FX. You will not be disappointed!

  • Kevin "Snuffy" Smith
    from Celina, Ohio USA April 11, 2007Music Background:
    Recording Studio owner and Live Sound Engineer

    Great mixing board for the $$$$

    I've purchased 2 of these Yamaha MG32/FX14 mixing boards from Sweetwater during the last 12 months. One for my Studio and the other for live sound at our local high school/community theater. The boards are extremely clean and fairly simple to understand. Of the 32 channels, channel 1 thru 24 have XLR inputs, but 25-32 are "paired" and also TRS only. BUT overall, a GREAT BOARD for the $$$$ with TREMENDOUS SWEETWATER technical assistance as always.

  • Phil Gould
    from Central Iowa December 3, 2010Music Background:
    Live Sound Tech

    What you'd expect from Yamaha

    When I needed to update to more channels, I chose this mixer because of Yamaha's reputation (and the fact that Sweetwater carries the hardshell case for it). I have not been disappointed. The design and layout is very functional with all the major features you would expect in a board this size. The only problem I've had is with one of the mute switches sticking. Other than that, it's been trouble-free.

  • Richard
    from Reedley, CA USA June 29, 2011Music Background:
    High School Music Teacher, Home Studio Musician

    Save Your Money

    I have had experience with this particular unit in my recording studio as well as the 24 channel version in my high school's theater. Both have died within a year of each other.

    The MG24/14 at my school died last year and the repair cost to completey redo the switches was going to cost about what I paid for it new.

    Just tonight I received the call from my repair guy regarding my MG32/14 and the same issue with the switches needing to be replaced to the tune of about $1000.00.

    Since I'm 2 for 2 I'm going to have to go with another brand. I really thought Yamaha could put out quality equipment. But when a big mixer that just sits on a table in a smoke free studio dies like this I can't quite understand it except that it's built with shoddy workmanship.

    Sorry for the bad review but I have two experiences that are just too coincidental.

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