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Yamaha MG24/14FX Reviews

3.5 stars based on 5 customer reviews
  • Mark in Florida
    from Florida September 25, 2008Music Background:
    Voice talent & broadcast commercial producer

    Solid build and logican layout. Very happy.

    I replaced a Mackie 24-8 with this unit. Am I nuts? Nope. I wanted a more compact desk for a pro commercial production shop. If you don't need the glitz of a full length meter bridge, this is a great mixer. Pro's: I do commercial voice overs, so clean pre's are a must. These will preclude the need for any outboard pre's -- I'm very happy. Tons of routing possibilites. 4 aux busses + 2 efx busses per strip. And a flip switch on each strip can convert exf buss controls to aux 5&6! You can use the 4 bus insert jacks on the back for addition bus outputs (for a total of 8 out) by pushing a 1/4" TRS jack in 1/2 way. Bold metering LED's - I don't miss the old VU's. There is a "Stereo Sub" volume knob that independently feeds L/R jacks in back for a room monitor! That way I can use the stereo Main out for my DAT. Pots & knobs have a great feel. The SPX EFX are fine for my commercials, but musicians will want more parameter controls. Assignable talk back! Cons: The strip "On" lighted buttons don't have a solid feel. I do miss the 2 sweepable mid's on the Mackie EQ. And if you use an outboard efx or mic compressor/limiter using the "insert" jacks, you may need to run a ground wire from the gear's metal case to a screw in back of the mixer. My DBX 1066 didn't like that insert- BUZZ(remember inserts go unbal!) Another ground wire was necessary from my computer's case to the back of the mixer. But USB audio will also fix that. 60mm pots, but we're saving space. (Pots feel great). Talk back mic is not built in. Get a $20 gooseneck. I compared everything under $1000 and this wins hands down!

  • Ryan Steiner
    from Indiana April 9, 2008Music Background:

    It's awesome!!!!!!!!

    My school recently bought this model and i got to run it the first day. After a little tinkering we got it going and now it is the best.

  • Hobbyist
    from Groningen,The Netherlands November 12, 2007Music Background:


    I have use this mixer now for 1 week,this is my 5th mixer and also the best of al of them,the manual is crap,just experiment with al the knobs and functions is much better to do,the sound quality is in my opinion GREAT! and LOTS of connection can be made!
    you can if you want connect 4 external proccesors!
    and the mg24 has 2 build in FXs,some are useful and sound not that bad,some are more as okay
    If you look at the price and quality you do a very good purchase when you want a semi-pro big mixer,because thats what this Yamaha is and i have no regrets buying this quality product

  • Treb
    from Netherlands May 25, 2015Music Background:
    Home user

    yamaha mg24

    The sound of this mixer is very good,also a lot of features,but the build quality of this mixer is not that good,after using it for years i have now 2 channels dead,sometimes when i finish mixing i turn off the mixer in good working order and the next day i turn it on,there is NO sound at al! this happened many times,for this price that is unacceptable,this is not a Behringer product!(And Behringer is a lot better as you think,there price/quality comparison is unbeatable!) and for me its time to replace this mixer,i thought this mixer was alot more solid! But i gave it a 2.5 rating,soundwise this is a very good sounding mixer,i used for years and i have no regret of buying it years ago!

  • Customer
    from Michigan USA November 21, 2012Music Background:
    recording/live sound engineer and musician

    Basic Live Sound Board

    I use this board as the main mixer for live sound at an under 500 seat church. The preamps have enough gain for typical dynamics (57s, 58s and the like). There is no noise that I've found in regular use and you don't have to crank the gain. The sound from the pres, with no EQ engaged, is what I consider functional and more or less unremarkable (and that's not necessarily a bad thing).

    The EQ is not very flexible, but it works in broad strokes, if you simply must use it. I'm not really a fan of it, due to it's limited functionality. The pad on each channel is one of the major downsides to this piece. Every time I've engaged it, the sound has been wooly and muffled. I'm definitely not a fan of the pad.

    The on-board effects are fine for subtle enhancement of a live performance. But, in general, they are a bit generic and not very adjustable. I would be fine with the board if it simply didn't include effects at all, and instead had a cleaner sounding pad and a more flexible EQ.

    Everything else about the board is pretty much par for the course, in terms of low cost, live mixers. It's a decent buy for the money. But if you're looking for something with tons of features and superlative sound, you're most likely going to need to spend much more.

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