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Marshall MG100HCFX 100-watt 4-channel Head with Effects Reviews

4.0 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Marshall MG100HCFX 100-watt 4-channel Head with Effects?

Questions about the Marshall MG100HCFX 100-watt 4-channel Head with Effects?

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  • Frank Owens
    from East Providence, RI February 25, 2017

    MG series head

    This head kicks , bottom line. Marshall's MG series packed the punch and tones I was looking for in an amp. I'm sold on this amp and play out of it now, I still love the valvestates but this head hands down is my new "go to" sound..........................the presets are fun to play with as well, and it rocks the my 1992 Marshall cab..............sorry to my Line6 cya............

  • Customer
    from January 16, 2017

    Marshall Mg100HCFX

    I love this Amp its got great punch and very crisp clean tones as well. It arrived in pristine condition and on time all for a Great Price!!!!! What more could you ask for . And it looks killer in the studio !!!!!!

  • Ted Tacconelli
    from October 26, 2016

    Tone Monster

    I've had this amp for just about 2 years and you can get some really beautiful sounds out it. The clean channel is amazing on this amp. It's shimmery crisp and clear. The overdrive channels are good for blues and classic rock but if you desire more grit and just want a little more umph use a distortion pedal like the boss MD-2 through the clean channel . The effects are decent and can add some good flavor to your overall sound. This thing is loud and definitely gigable.

  • Chris
    from Montana August 14, 2016

    Seriously Underrated!

    To best give an example of how this amp sounds, search Soundcloud for a song called (Through the Veil by Chris Shields). I recorded this with only the MG100HCFX head with a mic'd 2x12 and nothing else. Recording chain is in the notes.
    I have always been a fan of solid state, and this amp is capable of great tones. Four channels and analog amp section make it a steal. If you have to have a tube amp, go for it, but for the cost of new tubes and maintenance, you can get this amp and be very happy with it!

  • Gary
    from Natchez, MS October 18, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, very little live gigging, partys, jam w/friends

    I really Like this !

    I've had this amp head for about a year now and I run in to a Peavey 4x12 cabinet. This head has great tone and the onboard FX are really good. I seldom use the on board FX because I run my VOX ToneLab LE on the FX loop. However, if you want to use the on board FX, You can choose from clean, crunch, OD1, and the high-gain OD2 and these can be mixed with its nice sounding reverb and digital effects (chorus, phaser, flanger, delay, octave, and reverse delay). In fact, you can use up to three effects simultaneously. The delay time can be manually set using the front panel Tap button. You can save the settings for each channel for instant recall. So, as you can see, I have a VAST array of sounds to choose from (with the ToneLab LE on the external FX loop). The MP3 line in makes for more fun. Iíve read stories about how bad some of these amps are but this one has been a good one. The amp also comes with the foot switch free. If you want big sound without big price tag this is one way to go. If smoke came out of mine the next time I turned it on I would buy another. The carbon fiber look case is cool looking also. Is it a tube head? NO! Does it sound great? YES! Does it cost way less than a 100 watt tube head? YES! 5 stars from me.

  • Cheryl Smith
    from August 9, 2015

    My Marshall mg100hcfx

    I hesitated on buying this head because of the negative ratings I read all over the Internet of how bad the dirty channels sound. Anthony Longano my sales engineer said he wasn't wild about the dirty channels but the clean channel sounds great. I play clean channels and this amp sounds great. I'm really glad I bought this amp and matching cabinet. If you play clean buy this amp you won't be sorry. Also don't hesitate to call Anthony Longano at ext. 1279.
    He has been my sales engineer for 2 years and he is awesome.

  • Sully
    from Appling, GA September 26, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist (8 Years)

    MG100HFX (Before Carbon Fiber)

    I have the MG100HFX (No "C" because it is the older model before Marshall started making the MG series amps in carbon fiber). I believe the only actual difference is the newer version has an extra effect built in to the "FX" knob. Anyway, I love this amp. It is versatile, convenient with the storable channels, and loud (let's be honest, we all like to make some noise from time to time). It is no tube amplifier, but she still sounds great after upgrading the speaker cable running to your cabinet and using a quality guitar cable. Before I upgraded to a Monster speaker cable, I got a little noise through the amp from time to time, but again, a nicer cable will certainly cut away a lot of that. I'd say great amp for an intermediate to an advanced player with not a lot of people around to annoy and on a budget.

  • Customer
    from September 3, 2015

    Terrible amp

    I've had this head and cab for a year now and no matter how hard I've tried I can't get it to sound good it's very muddy even at a low gain setting the OD on the amp is terrible as well the only good thing about it it's clean channel is nice but that's about it. Tomorrow she is getting traded for a Pevey 6505+

  • Steve
    from Texas February 7, 2017


    Lots of power, effects are terrible! Returned it for the Boss Katana 100 watt head. Effects have to be better by Boss. Just a side note: specs say it weighs 43 lbs. WRONG! Closer to 25 lbs. Looks good, sounds bad!
    Got the matching slanted cab. For the price the speakers are a steal! Kept the cab.

Questions about the Marshall MG100HCFX 100-watt 4-channel Head with Effects?

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