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Yamaha MG06X Reviews

4.5 stars based on 12 customer reviews
Questions about the Yamaha MG06X?

Questions about the Yamaha MG06X?

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  • from CT October 17, 2016Music Background:

    Great keyboard mixer !

    I use this when I play out with one or two keyboards with my "lite" rig. Awesome -- great features, quality, reliability. Buy it, it is WELL WORTH the extra money over lesser-priced brands !

  • from Seattle WA January 10, 2016Music Background:
    Home Studio Musician/Audio Engineer

    Just What I Needed For Eliminating Latency from Mic Recordings

    I had issues with latency in recording with an audio interface, even at low round-trip settings. I split the mic signal, with one signal going into my DAW for recording the performance through the mic (vocal or acoustic guitar). The the other split I send to the Yamaha MG06X. I send an output from the DAW/audio interface also to the MG06X. I can then blend the music from the DAW with the live performance (a split line) from the mic and have true zero latency. With the MG06X I can also add reverb etc. to make the recording experience sound natural with some reverb. I've saved myself countless headaches by making this simple adjustment - of adding this mixer and a mic splitter to my home recording setup.

  • from December 19, 2015

    Ideal for my home studio!

    I previously had latency issues recording in my home studio. I picked up a mic splitter and now monitor my mic from this mixer along with music tracks from my DAW. The mixer's on board FX allows me to dial in some reverb or delay while I perform. This solved my problem. I have removed latency while recording from the equation. Happy camper! The unit is compact and is solidly built with quality.

  • from Sacramento, CA March 17, 2015Music Background:
    Professional musician


    I am trying to downsize all my equipment. I play two nights each week and have to carry my own mixer, mics, etc into my gig. I started shopping for a compact mixer to replace the Mackie I have now. Since I also have a Bose L1 I looked at the T1 from Bose then found this little beauty. It works perfectly for my application. 2 mics and one keyboard, with an iPhone connection for music during breaks. I am very pleased and special thanks to Alden for making it easy to decide!!

  • from Brooklyn, NY May 1, 2014Music Background:

    This little mixer worked great!

    Had to perform in a space with the barest of tech. They just had speakers and little else. But this mixer made two vocalists, guitarist, and backing tracks on iphone sound great. Reverb fx was great, and we all sounded really good.

  • from West Texas March 31, 2017Music Background:

    Yamaha MG06X

    I needed a small mixer for occasional use where my usual go to mixer was just too much. This fits that bill perfectly with phantom power, effects, balanced outs, etc. Pro features and great sound in a small and easily affordable package. I will probably be using this more than I first thought because of the convenience and the sound.

    One concern I have is that the power supply that comes with it seems pretty light duty. I hope that it doesn't become a problem. So far so good. The optional mic stand mount accessory is pretty cool although a bit tricky to use. All total, I would highly recommend this mixer.

  • from Michigan January 13, 2017Music Background:
    Playing over 50 years.


    Great little mixer for Roland V drums.

  • from Indianapolis, IN April 14, 2015

    Small, but mighty!

    Lots of great features to this audio mixer in a small, but solidly built package. It performs like a champ!

  • from Florida Keys October 15, 2015Music Background:

    Perfect for keyboard players

    Keyboard players are often confronted with the dilemma of sending multiple signals to the board. Most modern keyboards are stereo. 1/4" cables have too much signal loss for much over a few feet. The MG06X is the solution. Small compact and with stereo XLR outputs. I call it my powered DI box. It allows me to sent all out put of my instruments and vocals with no signal loss while retaining control of all my levels including vocals.

  • from Hickory NC August 12, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Bass Player and Recording Studio Owner.

    Great for small stuff.

    Needed this in studio for playing back recordings and vocals for practice.

  • from January 23, 2015


    Nice sound, great price, great size, the power cord could have been longer/sturdier.

  • from Vancouver, WA May 20, 2015Music Background:
    Singer (Sacred & Opera) My wife does contemporary.

    Good Micro Unit for Solo Work

    I needed a small footprint unit for my wife to use when she does solo gigs. This will fit the bill nicely. I've tested it and it functions well and is simple enough that my right-brained wife will be able to handle it successfully.

    I do wish it had RCA inputs, as she occasionally uses mp3 accompaniments, but I just used an adapter to plug into one of the stereo channels so it will do. It was my choice to go for portability as the units that have RCA ports were just enough larger to make them a bit unwieldy for my wife.

Questions about the Yamaha MG06X?

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