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Moog Moogerfooger MF-101 Lowpass Filter Pedal Reviews

3.5 stars based on 4 customer reviews
Questions about the Moog Moogerfooger MF-101 Lowpass Filter Pedal?

Questions about the Moog Moogerfooger MF-101 Lowpass Filter Pedal?

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  • Nick Schenkel

    The Moog Moogerfoofer MF-101 Low Pass Filter is the stuff of legends. You can use it as a CV or expression pedal controlled filter, sure. But where it really starts getting interesting is when you start pushing the Resonance on the unit so far that it self-oscillates! Combining a Filter this pure and clean with an Envelope follower creates amazing potential for sound design. It's a small slice of Analog-Synthesis-Heaven... Enjoy!

  • Joshua Hoffman
    from Orlando, Florida December 30, 2010Music Background:
    Semi-Pro Touring Musician

    Inspired and Unlimited

    This is truly one of the best pedals ever created. Its sound is inspiring and the potential to customize that it is unlimited. I know a lot of bass players in the funk, jam, and live electronic genres and we all own one Moog (if not more) and all set it differently. I like to run the Res. Real hot and then sweep in and out with the Cutoff, running it all into delay to create “Space Invader”/out-of-this-world sounds. It does take some time to learn how to play the pedal correctly; however, once you get over the hump it will become the cornerstone of your pedal set up.

  • Kasha Phillips
    from United States September 4, 2013Music Background:
    Gigging Keyboardist

    This Keyboardist Loves it!

    This was purchased for use for two songs in our band. (Heart - Magic Man, and Head East - Never Been Any Reason). It is used with my old trusty Roland RD500 that I've had for almost 20 years now. I set the sound on a synth for one and strings for the other and have been able to make the sounds similar to what I need. I have spent a few hours of practice with it at home prior to gigging with it and have only used it 3 times now. We have been pleased with what is has done thus far. There is still a bit of a learning curve. I believe I just need to remember to crank up my volume pedal while I'm using it. Also, sometimes I have a tendency to want to rotate the Cutoff knob too quickly and it just needs a slower rotation at times to get the right sound pushed out. I initially set it up like the manual said, then I just have placed a tweak here or there to make it work for me. The Heart songs requires that infamous little hum in the low/high frequency ranges and in that case I pump the resonance up to almost 8 and then adjust the cutoff knob slowly to the left and then back up the right as I play the keys. I've also purchased a laptop stand to be able to keep this thing at my immediate left while playing, for easy access.

  • Lambert Fooks
    from San Marcos, CA January 11, 2015Music Background:
    pro gigging guitarist, jazz, blues, etc

    Don't be shy...it is s good way to get started. Great with a bass!

    I am a newbie when it comes to analog synths; however this is one of two Moogerfoogers I purchased after doing my research. I also bough the MF-102 Ring Modulator. To get the most out of it, you need an expression pedal. It sounds great with my bass and guitar. I use it with my RC 300 looper, which has opened up lots of possibilities to create moving effects and tone shaping. This is not the "set it and forget it" type of pedal, you should go deep and experiment. The analog tone sounds very good when I use with my Fender HotRod Deluxe III amp as well. It totally screams deep and rich through my PA system as well.

  • Customer
    from Gold Bar, WA USA June 1, 2010Music Background:
    Semi-pro Musician and Electronic Technician in the music field.

    A true disappointment

    I thought I would purchase a envelope filter after my motorcycle wreck that I lost use of my left leg and couldn't use my wah pedal anymore.
    I have a Moog ring modulator that I really like so I thought this would be a great envelope filter. I was wrong, this box is so noisy I couldn't get my noise gate to silence it without cutting out some of my guitar playing.
    I've had a chance to use the Electro-Harmonix Qtron + and I feel it's a way better effect pedal, not only is it way quieter, the range of it works best with guitar and bass.

Questions about the Moog Moogerfooger MF-101 Lowpass Filter Pedal?

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