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Boss ME-80 Multi-effects Pedal Reviews

4.5 stars based on 37 customer reviews
Questions about the Boss ME-80 Multi-effects Pedal?

Questions about the Boss ME-80 Multi-effects Pedal?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from California December 5, 2016


    Absolutely extremely happy with these products.
    Robby is an awesome helpful rep that makes me not want to deal with anyone other than him. Not sure what he makes but He needs a raise in my opinion.
    Thank you Sweetwater for all the years ive been buying through you.

  • from December 5, 2016Music Background:
    Worship Leader, Gigging Musician

    Great Multi-Effects Unit

    I upgraded from a Boss ME-50 to the ME-80. This eliminated the FS-6 pedal I was using to scroll through my user sets. It eliminated the wah pedal I was using. The ME-80 provided one more setting in each bank I write. When I switch from one setting to the next, playing live, sound is virtually seamless. Being able to interface on the computer to make changes/edit is real convenient. Having access to an internet library of downloadable tones is really helpful, and saves time. I can download a tone close to what I'm looking for, then tweak and save it. For me, this upgrade has been super helpful, and didn't "bust the bank" to buy.

  • from Marion IN September 17, 2016Music Background:

    Boss ME-80 Multi effects pedal

    This is what I was looking for right out of the box. It does everything I want it to do, and one can learn a new combination every day!

  • from Chandler, IN August 18, 2016

    Compact, Versatile, Predictable, and Sounds Great

    I wanted to upgrade from my tried and true RP355 that has served me well for years. I spent a lot of time programming the RP355 with the software to get the tone I was looking for but it was always disappointing when I would change amps and have to tweak my favorite pre-sets to get them to sound good with different amps. Once I had the right tone on a solid state it would sound terrible if I would move to one of my tube amps or a different speaker cabinet. The RP355 was also awkward in a live situation as it would go into a different modes if I didn't hit the pedals just right. That has NOT been the case with the ME80. In manual mode the tones sound great with any of the tube amps. In auto mode the pre-sets are excellent. Each of the effect tones are as predictable as any BOSS pedal I have ever owned. The Phrase looper is easy to record and seems to quantize the recording perfectly. Playback is as predictable as can be and does't require an IT guy to program it. I am powering the ME80 with my 9 volt ( VOLTO) battery pack and there is zero noise on with a hum bucker on high gain at rest. The amplifier simulations are excellent and beat any thing I've ever tried for digital Multi Effects. The VOLTO seems to last about four to five hours on a full charge. Excellent product. I paid about $299 plus tax and received it in two days. I would have paid a couple thousand to get all of the features if I had purchased individual pedals. Excellent Value. Thanks BOSS and Sweetwater for a quality product.

  • from May 19, 2016

    Great Pedal

    This is the best ! I tryed Line 6 HD500X and also TC Electronic Nova System Multi-Effects Unit and the boss me80 is alot better. I use fender deluxe reverb limited edition amp on the clean side and the me80 and a fender tele and the sounds are just great! Would not trade a thing!

  • from Marion IN April 16, 2016Music Background:
    Dues are paid...

    All In One!!!

    Well engineered and sounds great. This pedal does it all.

  • from Jacksonville, FL! April 14, 2016Music Background:
    Professional, Educator, Composer and regular gigger. Play once at least week paying gig, three times a week Church and everyday at the College.

    Solved alot of PROBLEMS

    I have been using the Boss ME-80 since its release. I have two ME-70s I have been using for years. The upgraded and new features are excellent. (Double delays, Pre-Amp and Eq sections). I use it with many amps and situations. I play it with my Blackstars, Egnater, and Marshall 410h in the loop and front end it with my Fender and Mesa Trans-Atlantic amps.
    I have ton of effects boxes and combo effects but, I keep going back to the ME-80 as my goto Effects. Love the ability to use like a stomp box and program up and save special effects combinations.
    It's built like a tank and I can throw it down (no setup) because of the battery power.
    This will definitely get you though the gig, jam or show.
    By the way, I now use the ME-70s in front of my synth and keyboard rigs. Love the volume and wah pedal.

    Special thanks to Stewart Hisey for helping to be equipment rich and monetarily broke. You and Sweetwater are the best

  • from Kansas City February 22, 2016

    Buy It Now

    I'm playing through a Marshall DSL-40 with an American tele...this pedal is the PERFECT compliment. Every sound isn't perfect, but adding options of delay, comp, and OD/DS to the already-awesome Marshall sound is well worth the price. Old-school sound of a Boss pedal turned into an easy-to-use pedal. What's not to like? Sweetwater rocks!

  • from Los Angeles November 9, 2015

    BOSS ME-80

    I love this thing. I originally purchased the Line 6 HD500x, but it took me two days to get a sound out of it. I was finally able to do that by putting the manual down and just started pushing buttons and twisting knobs. It came alive. Obviously, I didn't know what I was doing, but got overwhelmed and sent it back. I am sure the Hd500x is a great piece of gear, and superior in some ways. But I found the Boss ME 80 to be easier to navigate. Got it working right away. I use it as an addition to the plug ins I have in Logic. It seems to get better sustain then the plug-ins. It gives me every thing I need: clean / dirty and the basic, most common effects one would here in music: wah, chorus, phase, flanger, reverb, some octave effects.. The presets are pretty cool on their own but you can use manual mode to create your own. And I prefer a knob based setup over a menu driven setup. It is odd that it didn't come with a power adapter (sold separately for $30.00). Maybe the people at BOSS feel some folks are ok with batteries and it allows them to keep the price of the unit at $300.00. Batteries might come in handy on gigs though. I am predominately a bassist who plays guitar for home recording, so I did not want to mess with stomp boxes. And truth be told, the average fan/club patron/audience attendee will never be able to tell the difference between a multiefects unit and stomp boxes. (My opinion) It's cool that you can connect via USB but I just plug it directly in to my Edirol Interface, on a Mac Tower, using both GarageBand and Logic. Overall: great purchase for the price.

  • from lousiana October 17, 2015Music Background:
    just play for fun

    my point of view

    I have bought a lot of different multi-effects processors, single pedal etc but the ME-80 is the best yet. awesome sounds. the pc software is to kool with all the patches are fantastic I am very pleased with it and it want break the bank very affordable. check out some of the youtube videos on it. thanks jerry

  • from August 26, 2015

    Boss me-80

    Love it great product

  • from Louisiana July 13, 2015

    Over the top!

    This is a very loaded pedal board. The price of this unit is equal to about 2 or 3 single effects!!! It has way more than I will ever use. The options are trough the roof of what you can do with this. Without a doubt a very good deal. The service of Sweet Water is excellent. I will be back soon to order more. I love the pictures of the items listed. They enlarge big enough to see maximum detail.

  • from Arlington, VA April 13, 2015


    Just received a Boss ME-80 from Sweetwater on Saturday morning.
    Use to own a GT-6 & GT-8...hated them both.....not user friendly.
    Also owned a Boss ME-50 & I just gave it away to a friend.
    I was not expecting much outta this pedal.....BOY WAS I WRONG !
    SUPER EASY TO USE & the tones sounds REALLY good.
    As usual if you really crank the Distortion tones, you start getting the "Digital" vibe.
    The Modulation & Delay tones are superb.....THEY REALLY SOUND GOOD.
    I have not "built" any patches yet & I have yet to go to The Boss Tone Library.
    Currently just using it in the manual mode, I haven't even read the owners manual yet.
    Ran it into the front a 100 watt Marshall DSL.....UN-FRIGGIN-BELIEVABLE !!!!
    The Compressed clean tones were superb & the Distortion tones was very robust.
    Gotta say this: I was not expecting much & this unit completely blew me away.
    The only bad thing: AC adapter was not included.....EPIC FAIL for Boss. The adapter cost $25.
    If I'm spending $300 on a pedal, it damn well better have an AC adapter included.
    Besides that, this is an very powerful tool for any musician looking for cool tones on the fly.
    My advice.....Buy the Boss ME-80 & prepare to be blown away ! (it's that good)

  • from Midwest March 14, 2015Music Background:
    Acoustic Electric

    Excellent Pedal Board

    Excellent, pedal, software downloadable from Boss; easily configure with Windows or Mac, make adjustments through computer or pedal, sounds great, read the manual. Works great !! Boss makes excellent product, manual, service.

  • from Bellevue, WA March 2, 2015Music Background:
    I'm 68 and have been palying professionally for 51 years,

    ME-80 lifesaver

    I have been a professional musician all my life. I'm at an age, that the worst part my job is schlepping gear.
    I have always used a tube amp and HATED every multi-effects pedal I have ever tried.
    On a whim I bought the ME-80...WOW...no amp hailing, direct through the PA, both my Strat and PRS sound fantastic. Now if I told you it was plug and play I'd be full of ______! I had to dink with it, and work the unit (which is EAST to do) to get what I wanted. But I am a HAPPY CAMPER!!!!!

  • from Gladstone, MO October 22, 2014Music Background:
    professional musician (guitar and ukulele), genres include rock, folk, pop, blues, and jazz/swing


    I've shied away from multi effects for years because of their lack luster sound and difficult to navigate parameters... But this unit fixes all that.

    I'm coming from a full pedal board that needs power, batteries, and shuffling for almost each new project. However, the ME-80 takes all that fuss out of the picture for me. It's plug and play and easy to understand. I seriously doubt that I will ever need to buy another effects pedal again!

    The sound is awesome and easily customizable. The interface is very intuitive. There really isn't a large learning curve if you have used effects pedals before. The casing is rugged and will stand up to some moderate abuse.

    If I had to improve any one thing, it would be the looping function. Half a minute is just too little for me. It works alright for most rock and pop, but when I need something for live jazz/swing music, it just isn't enough. But, there are plenty of good loopers that would make a nice addition.

    Overall, still, this is a great machine. I highly recommend it for anyone wanting a good do-all multi effects pedal.

  • from Grass Valley, CA September 24, 2014Music Background:
    Musician, lead guitarist, worship leader

    Exactly what I was looking for

    This is exactly what I was looking for. I also own a Line 6 XT Live and am tired of having to learn all of the sub menus and subtleties of that board. Those boards are great if you have tons of time to tweak them and learn exactly how they work. I just wanted something that was straight forward and clearly laid out. This is the perfect solution for the guy who would love to have 50 pedals on a pedal board but realize that's not realistic. Something else I noticed about the Line 6 was that volume between patches is a constant variable. I get it exactly right in front of my computer and with my practice amp, only to take to a live event with a different amp at a different volume and suddenly all of the patches are at different volume levels once again. Not to mention they sound different. I don't find that problem with the Boss ME-80. This is exactly what I wanted. For me it's perfect.

  • from Sturgeon Bay, WI USA September 13, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician for over 40 years

    Excellent & Very Flexible Multi-FX Board!

    After using a Boss ME-10 for probably 20 years, I finally decided to upgrade, and this is a good one.


    +1) After doing a ton of programming on the ME-10, with buttons, menus, and a data wheel, I now have a box with all the knobs laid out in front of me. If I ever need to tweak a sound, or come up with one from scratch, it's easier than ever; go to Manual, turn on the modules you want, set them to taste, and hit the WRITE button.

    +2) Amp modeling section works great and provides a HUGE range of sounds; heavily weighted toward the rock/metal/distortion world, probably more than I will ever use, but it's great to have all those flavors available.

    +3) All the other sections each provide a WIDE range of effects, with lots of variability so you can find exactly the sound you want. (3a Nice to have tremolo after all this time; 3b Besides the dedicated Delay module, 2 of the other modules also provide a basic delay, all usable at the same time, which is very handy to have)

    +4) The on-board expression pedal is an excellent addition, after using the ME-10 where I had to buy and connect one externally.

    +5) The FX connected to the control pedal are useful and fun; some I have not found a use for just yet, but give me time. Includes 8va up or down, FREEZE, and Wah, among others. When you're not using one of those, it functions as a volume pedal; excellent design!

    +6) If you're using it where you don't want to string another AC adapter, it works on 6 AA batteries. Sweetwater/Boss informed me that battery life is about 7 hours with ordinary alkaline batteries, and my testing agrees. And since I use higher capacity rechargeable NiMH AA batteries, my battery life will probably be much better.

    +7) The ability to switch to Manual and switch each of the FX individually is a HUGE PLUS.

    +8) Built-in Tuner and Built-in 38 second looper; both are accessible with the onboard foot switches. ME-10 had a tuner, but I had to bend over or connect an external footswitch.

    +9) INCREDIBLY REASONABLE PRICE. I recall my ME-10 costing almost double what this thing goes for.


    -1) The expression pedal is a bit small, so depending on the size of your foot (and shoe or boot), it may take some getting used to. I'm managing...

    I think that's the worst CON I can think of, for me. Several people have told me they think the (FILL IN THE BLANK) "sounds better", but I have a hard time believing that there could be that much difference between the SOUND QUALITY of the various multi FX boards (zoom, line6, digitech, etc); I would not hesitate to use this box in any setting, recording or live. For me the choice came down to flexibility, variety of sounds, and ease of navigation, both when programming, and when playing.

  • from Leesburg, VA May 19, 2014Music Background:
    Basement band veteran

    The Bomb

    After lots of searching, decided to try this multi-effects pedal. Wow! Absolutely love the ease of use with the pre-set library; may even one day get to where I'm building my own sounds but am currently overwhelmed with the choices available. Best of all allows me to play directly into the PA so I don't have to lug an amp to practice.

    Only drawback is I can't figure out how to loop with one sound and solo in another. Saw someone on YouTube doing it, but it's not in the manual and I haven't got it working yet. Other than that, absolutely amazing piece of gear that makes me sound much better than I am.

  • from GA USA March 12, 2014Music Background:
    Guitar appreciator

    What I have been looking for

    This is the one I have been looking for. A multi effects board that is easy, intuitive, flexible, and sounds good but doesn't cost a fortune. Walking out of the store, I knew everything I needed to know to get good sounds. I compared a tube screamer to the TS-808 setting and could not tell the difference. It has a wide variety of overdrive and distortion tones so you should find something that suits your taste. I previously had a Digitech. It was too complicated and took too much time to adjust. Most importantly, it did not have good tone. Finally, it seems to have clean pass through so I can enjoy pure tube sound.

  • from FT. wayne IN March 1, 2014Music Background:
    Gigging Guitarist

    Love It!

    I think I have tried literally 1,000s of multi effects pedals and finally found one that nails it. I was one of the lucky ones to get my hands on one of these. They are in great demand since they are new. I am a tube amp pedal board kind of guy for the last 30 years and finally boss made an easy to use all in one, with great quality tones. I would have paid twice the price for this. What a bargain! The only surprise for me was that it was a little smaller footprint then I expected which is also a bonus. Nice and compact and well constructed. I love this thing!

  • from Iowa September 24, 2016

    It's all there

    The effects are great and many.

    I don't use the crunch tones much. I use my amps crunch tones.

    Recommended unit.

  • from Indiana February 28, 2016Music Background:
    At it too long!


    I purchased this unit when it first came out a couple of years ago. Mostly for my studio work. I have since become involved in a cover band. This pedal board replaces literally dozens of effects used by any genre guitarist in Manual mode alone. Just figure out the equipment the artist is using and dial it in. Simple and flawless.
    The preset sounds are really cool. I wish the editing were a bit more like a GR55 with a built in screen, but you can go to the Boss Tone Central site and do things there. Patches available at the site are very cool. Could be a bit easier to arrange for live gig use, but that's probably just my lack of knowledge to this point.
    Get one and sell your pedal board.

  • from November 4, 2015

    Boss ME-80

    Meets my expectations. Going from individual pedals to this has been a good experience. The last multi effects unit I tried was a old zoom in the 90's that sounded horrible, this does not. Is it perfect?no,but the simple set up is worth it to me!! Tone is decent has way more options than I will ever use. Besides if it gets destroyed I'm out less then three of my old pedals!!

  • from San Antonio, TX March 24, 2015Music Background:
    25 years gigging muscian

    Better than I expected

    I bought this unit to use for band rehearsals to run straight into the PA and avoid carrying my heavy amp around. The ME-80 has done the job! Tip 1: check out Glenn DeLaune for his patches. Although they all didn't meet my taste, they were very beneficial for getting good sounds quick. The factory defaults are not that good. Tip 2: be sure to put a jack into the headphone output. This turns on the global speaker cab simulator which fattens up the tone, whether you run into your amp or straight to the PA. Tip 3: I wouldn't waste the extra cash on the GT-100 since it's the same DSP engine. The ME-80 is easy to use and you can create a lot of good tones without digging thru lots of menus.

  • from Elizabeth , NJ , USA July 19, 2014Music Background:


    Great and very versatile , have not even began explored all the variations

  • from Oklahoma City April 29, 2014Music Background:


    So I have a Mesa Boogie Express with 2 channels and two sub channels. I am running this ME-80 through it and let me put it this way, if you've always wanted all those different types of pedals out there, then BUY THIS. There really isn't any amp modeling per say however the amount of effects and more importantly the ease of use thus increasing workflow is incredible and unbeaten. I have finally come across a muiti-fx processor (other than the eleven rack) that suits me just fine. Is it perfect? No. nothing is however for the price and what i can do it leaves you with a world of possibilities. I for one, feel confident in owning on of these. It does have a little to much. That would be my only complaint only because my Mesa Boogie has almost everything you need. But again I stress that instead of buying individual pedals, you can get all of them in one piece of gear the Boss ME-80. Buy it. You'll be suprised and happy.

  • from Texas May 19, 2017Music Background:
    Living Room Rock Star

    Boss ME-80

    OK, so I've had this for a bit now and thought I'd say a few words. This thing is great. It does everything it says it does. So many tonal options! Honestly more than you will probably ever need. I'm no rock star, I just play one in the living room and this does everything I need it to do and then some. I started with it connected straight into the front of my Marshal DSL40C and it sounded great. I also tried running it through the effects loop and it sounded terrible, so I'm back to running it in the front. If you still want to use the distortion on your amp, you could always just get an AB switch, to me that would solve the problem. All in all a great piece of gear, seems very well built. You can't go wrong with this if you are looking for a all in one solution for effects. Thanks to Nick Church for being an awesome and knowledgeable salesman.

  • from largo fl June 4, 2015Music Background:
    long time, full time musician.

    Boss ME-80 Question

    Yes the pedal is wonderful in ways I haven't discovered yet but there is a question that no one seems to have an answer for. How do you adjust the tuner from 440 to 442 or whatever you need to set it to? Thank you. If that's not adjustable I would have to say that's one careless oversight.

  • from fort Lauderdale March 23, 2015


    Well it took 3 weeks of gigs to find the "sweet spot" using a Clapton Blakie Vintage Strat and Fender Blues Deluxe amp. And a tube screamer. Compact and versatile. Less foot print than my 12 boss pedals board. I use the manual setting and love the ability to go right to what i want and the option to thicken my sound adding layers of effects (with a touch of amp delay) my leads are Luscious. Still need to tweak the wah then that will complete my immediate needs.... then it's a continuing exploration of the multitude of effects and tools.

    So right now my me-80 manual set up includes the following stomp boxes...

    2 Delay pedals... Tremeli pedal... Wah.... Compressor (boost)... Distortion... Chorus... Volume.... Reverb...

  • from Charleston, WV January 7, 2015Music Background:
    Over 50 years of experience as a professional musician.

    Good processor with some great sound possibilities.

    Good effects once you learn how to use it. Had to get some help from Boss (Roland) on how to do some of the functions on Tone Central. Roland was very helpful and answered all questions I had about the Me-80 and Tone Central. This processor is all I need for various styles. Great lined through a sound system or the amplifier of choice.

  • from Naples, FL December 16, 2014Music Background:
    Beethoven's Assistant

    Not an expert by any means

    Love it just getting back into guitar after many many years and am hardly an authority on these. I will give my opinion though as a novice. Easy to grasp what to do. That in itself is why I bought it. One thing I don't like is the fact that there are so little non distortion patches and the more important part (for me) is that you have to hunt for the ones that exist. Wish they grouped them all close to one another. Still 4 stars though but mainly because I am out of my realm here and maybe there's a reason it's the way it is.

  • from farmington hills mich. USA August 28, 2014Music Background:
    guest artist teacher 50 years of playin the guitar..


    I would say the boss me - 80 is a all in one multi effects for the guitarist looking for many tones in one effects unit..

  • from Iowa, USA June 20, 2014Music Background:

    Great effects unit

    I was impressed by the multitude of sounds and the ability to control the effects from the board. No need to plug into a computer if you don't want to. Being old school, I like the knobs for control. The only drawback is the pedal could have more travel. It it is taking a while to learn to finesse the foot pedal. Overall a reasonably priced alternative to have many effects on a budget.

  • from West Palm Beach, FL March 9, 2014Music Background:
    Pro musician. Been playing for 58 years.

    The Boss ME-80

    Somebody finally built a pedal board I made in the 70's. The only drawback is you still have to reach over-bend down to make adjustments.
    On the board I built the board mount to a mike stand and the pedal board was on the floor. This made adjustments easy.

  • from Indiana August 12, 2016Music Background:
    20yr player of all styles

    Must have amp

    This pedal is great if you are going through an amp. If you are going straight to a mixer, DO NOT WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY. The sound is nowhere near bright enough. I have tried everything but still can't get it to sound anywhere near authentic. I love boss products, a gt100 sounds truly authentic and although pricier I feel it's actually worth it.

  • from August 12, 2015Music Background:

    If you like super thin brittle sounds...

    I can't believe how many 5 stars this unnatural pedal received! I'm a Mesa Boogie tube amp player and I realize there is a need for solid state sounds IE; full on metal etc. Line 6 is a wonderful solid state amp with many huge epic sounds (don't get this board and just spend a little more and get a Line 6 amp and you're set in the solid state world) Not only did this pedal get great reviews but I always just loved boss' effects, so I thought I was good to go. BUT this pedal is the thinnest, most unnatural, plated sound I've ever heard. It doesn't even come with an adapter. So I thought the pedal didn't get a long with my Mesa Boogie Amp so I tried to plug it in direct to the PA (and it only comes with a 1/8th stereo plug in for recordings/PA .. O brother!) and it even sounded worse! No real stereo and it even got thinner! Maybe to a beginning guitarist playing copy this would sound OK, but to a vet player, this pedal can't even get the something as simple as the reverb right. Boss should be ashamed to put there well good deserved name on this!

Questions about the Boss ME-80 Multi-effects Pedal?

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