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Boss ME-70 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal Reviews

4.5 stars based on 17 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Carson McClain

    Face it, guitars players hate complex. For years multi-fx pedals had tons of menus, too many buttons, and difficult-to-use scrolling pads. The ME series from BOSS is simple. Everything is organized like it should be, and there are many options for tone shaping and FX. I like this pedal for live use and studio tracking.

  • Kenny Bergle

    The Boss ME-70 is a good multi-efs pedal for guitar. It doesn't change the tone of my PRS or Godin LGXT at all when bypassed (something that some other pedals do) and sounds good.
    It's easy to edit and save patches on, and doesn't take a ton of space on the floor.
    I got it to use on my big-band gig when the leader decided to do a bunch of Maynard's 70's disco-type tunes. All the main effects are in there and the stompbox-style
    footpedals are easy to engage/disengage. One REALLY cool function that I use in
    tunes like "Gonna Fly Now" (really!) is auto-wah (called T-Wah in Rolandspeak) coupled with traditional wah wah pedal. I've named that "the uber-wah sound" and it really works well for that over-the-top, out-of-control wah that one needs to be heard
    over a bevvy of screaming trumpets and saxes. (I feel sorry for the poor trombones in this band, always out-manned and with ears directly in front of the trumpets, but that's another story and another product - maybe ear protectors?) :)

  • from United States February 4, 2014Music Background:
    Hobby musician, Pro Live Sound Engineer, Video Production

    First time Sweetwater customer

    In my 30+ years of mail ordering, I have never received phone calls (from a Human) thanking me for ordering, again to notify me it was being packed for shipping and by whom, and AGAIN to make sure everything arrived as ordered and how I liked the product! This was also communicated via email! FANTASTIC! Sweetwater will be my default "go to" for my equipment needs. Thank you for the personal experience!


  • from Pennsylvania January 4, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist, playing about a year.

    This was exactly what I was looking for

    I switched from using a mustang III v.1 to a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III and did not want to spend a fortune on pedals so I bought this ME-70. I also did not want any amp modeling that is why I choose this over the GT-100. This was very easy to use and the preset are great. I also picked up a Visual Sound 1 SPOT Multi Plug 5 Cable to use with this a Qtron+, and a tuner. Very very very happy with this.

  • from Gainesville, GA USA December 27, 2013Music Background:
    Years as a frontman for a band

    Exactly what I was looking for

    The quality of the sound and the adjustability is astonishing. One minister you're playing blues, the next you're rocking out to heavy distortion. Great ambience sound and a must have for live shows (which I play).

  • from United States October 8, 2013Music Background:

    Boss ME-70 guitar multi effects pedal

    As I continue to learn how to program this multi-effects pedal I am more and more amazed at how you can get the exact sound you are looking for. Very pleased at the quality ,service and professional help I have received from Tyler! Thank you Mike Roberts

  • from Fort Wayne October 24, 2012Music Background:
    Gigging Musician

    Boss ME-70

    Sounds great and... You do not need an engineering degree to program!

  • from Chicago, IL, USA December 22, 2011Music Background:

    Great Guitar Tones

    This pedal system is awesome. I am currently using a Roland Micro Cube, which isn't all that great, but the pedals still sound great with it. I have tried it with tube amps and the sound is really thick and layered. I mainly use rock patches, and make my own edits to them. I have a Fender Stratocaster and a Epiphone Les Paul. Humbuckers do sound better with it, but if you make adjustments your settings, then you can get really heavy tones out of single coil pickups.Also, with this system, you don't need to hook up to a computer, so you can edit anything that you've made while you're on the go. It even sounds great with single pedals. I recommend buying the AC adapter, just so that your batteries don't run out when you need them most.

  • from Okinawa, Japan July 6, 2011Music Background:

    Great pedal

    This was definitelly worth it. After seeing a video on it, I was wanting it. The built in loop pedal is amazing. It is pretty complex with the programming, but I can figure it out. I've never had a better pedal in my life. I used to be a guy who was all against Multi FX pedals because I've never seen any good ones. However this and the Boss ME 20B for the bass happened to change that opinion of mine.

    This pedal is good for all type of instruments. It really brings out my creative edge because there's so many sounds to experiment with. Plus it's great for recording. Also did I mention the loop pedal? Great for practicing leads and harmonizing too.

    I like to use this for blues, jazz, metal, and rock. It's good for everything.

  • from March 10, 2011Music Background:
    recording, live sound, guitar player

    Great Pedal

    I got this pedal two years ago as a gift. This pedal is very simple to use and sounds good. It will give you great lead tones. The pedal also has some great distortion tones to offer, you can go from light drive to full on metal. I would definiteley reccomend this to anyone looking to buy it. I belive this peadl beats line 6 also, it sounds cleaner and also doesnt sound so digital. If you are looking to buy it GO FOR IT you wont be dissapointed

  • from Calhoun.GA USA February 6, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Musician

    Goodbye GT-10

    Ive owned a GT-8 for years and i love the Simplicity of it. I looked at a GT-10 and was very confused why Boss would get into such a digital interface. Don't get me wrong GT-10 is a great product you just have to sit there with it for hours and flip through menus, to get your sound. My GT-8 I could grab a knob, twist, and boom there's my sound. With this Unit you get just that! This Unit is very Simple to work with, has great sound. It also has many great pedals built into this one board. So Boss has really made a huge come back on this one!

  • from Louisville, KY USA January 30, 2011Music Background:
    All of the below for 30 years.

    All-time favorite

    I have owned a bunch of multi-effects but only recently realized that I had a dillema...cognitive dissonce...whatever.

    I kept buying the "new-improved" models or the next hot thing with more bells and whistles looking for satisfaction. Now I realize that my eyes were telling me "more knobs, more buttons, more presets...." but my heart was saying "simplicity, elegance, sound".

    Using the unit reminds me of switching from a PC (up to Vista) to an iMac. It just works!

    I was going to rate this 4.5 bucause I really expected it to use usb. However, after several days of use, I don't miss it. If you have to connect to your computer to edit patches...

  • from Bangladesh July 4, 2010Music Background:

    Best Effect Pedal

    I have used many effect pedals but among them Boss has the best sound quality. Me 70 is one of the best floor pedal which is very easy to use both in live gigs and in the studio also. Best pedal and I am 100 % satisfied with it. Just try it once I am pretty sure you wont leave it anymore.

  • from AL August 2, 2009Music Background:

    Sweet spot in the massive spectrum that is the guitar effect industry...

    I love this thing. It freaking rocks! I play my Les Paul studio through it into my Vox amp. It sounds awesome. Get down to a guitar store and try it out!

  • from September 23, 2013

    love it..but treat with care

    its sounds great! its great for the studio and for live. i wish i had 2 of em. im kind of an effect heavy player and i can get so many colors out of this little box....but being a band on the road can beat the crap out of this thing. im currently getting mine worked on. ...moral of the story is dont beat this thing up, its easy to break, but worth it

  • from June 16, 2011

    Utopian Shred dealer

    It has opened up the window I needed to accomplish that extra sharpness I needed especially for the more intriqite things I have been trying to acomplish.

  • from Phil February 10, 2011Music Background:

    Big Boss

    * Before anything else, I would like to remind other viewers that I'm gonna review this product according to my personal experience with it.
    I'm an avid user of multi-effects and own some other brand units, but also a fan of single stomp-box pedals, (the reason ME-70 caught my attention)....

    - I had this unit for more than a year now, and I can remember the day I first turned it on and started tweaking for tones... And what can I say, it's so easy to make a great tone, and easier to learn to make one... What makes me love this thing more and more is the manual mode and I can tweak tones instantly to suit my need since I use two guitars (Humbucker type and Single Coil type)...

    -I made some cool synth tones and some atmospheric drive tones and that's where the memory mode comes in... The memory mode is now just a bank to store my personal tones, to be recalled when times come when I need them. Before, I am fond of the memory mode. But the more I tweak, the more I am loving the manual mode (just like a mini pedal board)... I'm starting to think that Boss ME-70 maybe the boss, but with its ease if use, I'm its master now...

    - The phrase loop, a remarkable feature... Short comment about it, it helped me improve my guitar soloing/playing and speed... (Thank God for Boss)...

    - I hope that in the future, I will get old and die stomping and tweaking this pedal to my life's content....

    - Some people may dislike or hate this unit and prefer techy multi-effects and lots of digital display, but as for me I love this ME-70... Boss has again proven that, you don't need to look great just to sound great....

  • from Alabama January 7, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Convenient, if a little lacking

    I thought I'd use this for a while before reviewing it. So, after a year of use, here goes...
    First the good: well built and durable ( as is every Boss product I've ever owned), easy layout, simple to use, nice EQ set-up, amp modeling is pretty solid ( I usually just set it on "EQ", however), reverb is pretty decent, if a little digitized. Delay settings are good. Chorus is pretty good.
    The bad: overdrives pretty much sound the same, and they aren't great. They don't sound much like the pedals they are supposed to emulate ( which is what I bought this unit to do). They tend to be weak, or way over the top, without a good mid-range drive in the group ( used with a Gibson SG). The wah pedal is just a joke. I'm not really sure why they bothered. It probably has the smallest range of any wah I've ever seen. And the "voice" setting on pedal just sounds bad. I don't even like to ever hear it. The compression ( on left pedal) is completely inadequate, and robs an enormous amount of output when used ( they all rob some, but this is, I'd say, a 25% sound reduction when used)
    Everything else on it is neither great nor bad, in my opinion. Some of the presets are really nice, some not so much. My conclusion is: if you want a lot of flexibility and sounds in a nice package, it's pretty good, though at that price point you could probably do better. If you're a tone junky ( and I'm really not), you probably won't be happy. It's not bad, but it's just not clean and warm enough.

  • from Oregon USA November 30, 2010Music Background:
    living room player for self entertainment

    agonized over this purchase

    I had to answer this one...

    I wanted to share this story, after long investigation and due diligence - I spent a month deciding what multi-effects box to buy, Digitech or Boss or what - I bought a Boss ME-70, and farkled with it for almost 3 months - getting virtually nowhere - I managed to create ONE sound I liked (Pink Floyd Shine) and saved. The rest of the time I got lots of noise out of it. Space ships, elephant farts, sure, so I spent a gaggle of hours looking on the web for some clue about where to start, patches settings, just a good starting point. I got nowhere - they just aren't available out there anywhere on the web. And the couple I found I would spend 5 minutes twirling knobs and settings and it wouldn't sound anything like the title of the supposed patch. I'm sure somebody loves the ME-70, but it ain't me.

    I thought the lack of digital interface (ie- wanted knobs to twirl) would be good but I was way wrong.

    More investigation and I bought a Pod XT Live and the best description I can give it is - it is Sex in a Box.

    With headphones on it's hard to keep from blowing your own mind, the sounds are so lush.

    But the best part is, any sound or song I want - I can just get (download) a patch or 3 or 4, just about anything, and I haven't yet had to farkle with the knobs and start from scratch like I was with the Boss unit. And there are thousands of patches out there for this unit for any guitarist or song you can think of.

    The delays and chorus's are so incredibly lush. And tweaking a sound a little bit, like adding Wah or whatever, is done so easily on screen and re-saved and renamed. (Boss lacked names for the saved patches, just numbers) I'm sure you can get great stuff from the ME-70 IF you can figure out how to program it or where to start.

    I have nothing against Boss products, but even tho I am a techy person, I lacked the technical fortitude to use the thing, and the Line 6 Pod XT live is everything I wanted or needed. The lack of a looper is nothing compared with the ease of use.

    Absolutely incredible. Sex in a box.

    Spend the extra $100 or so and go Line 6, that's what I wished I would have done in the first place.


  • Sage San Martin

    Why would BOSS offer another addition to their arsenal of multi-effects guitar pedals? Their intent with the ME-70 is to offer a simpler interface to dial up the latest version of sounds from their COSM line of modeling and effects.

    BOSS always lives up to their reputation of making top-notch guitar pedals for the live musician, but the ME-70 really perfects that role in several ways. First is the sound quality. Anyone familiar with BOSS pedals has probably heard of COSM effects modeling, which was among the first digital amp-modeling invented (by the gurus at Roland). BOSS and Roland have improved on their original modeling algorithms longer than anyone else, so what you get has been fine-tuned over many revisions. The sound really is tremendous.

    The real reason BOSS designed a new and improved multi-effects pedal was to put their latest version of effects and modeling under the control of a streamlined, simple-to-use interface. Every one of the pedals and knobs is clearly labeled for quick dynamic control. You literally plug in and start shaping your sound. Running through the presets, you get a large variety of setups that you can adjust, save, and recall as user presets using one or two buttons (without scrolling through nameless menus).

    Combining preamp models with compression, distortion, modulation, reverb, and delay allows a wide range of musically relevant and useful tones. This doesn't do the drastic sound demolition that some effects modules allow, where you might think, "Wow, that's cool. Now let's find something I'll actually use." Whether you're going through thick metal crunch, gritty blues, clean jazz, or your own personal tone, it all sounds good. No matter where I went with it, I never heard it sound bad.

    For the ease of control and wide range of musically rich sounds, the BOSS ME-70 could be the ideal processor for the gigging guitarist.

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