Middle Atlantic Products MDV-DSK

48" Straight Desk with Two 4-Space Rackbay Overbridge
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Middle Atlantic Products MDV-DSK image 1
Middle Atlantic Products MDV-DSK image 1
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Middle Atlantic Products MDV-DSK
Ships From Middle Atlantic Products

Added Value Straight Desk!

The MDV-DSK Straight Desk includes an overbridge that is user-configurable two ways:

  1. two 4 space rackbays, or
  2. remove center section to accommodate mixers up to 39" wide Overbridge provides 7" inside height clearance.

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Tech Specs

Finish Graphite
Monitor Shelf Yes
Rack Capacity 8U
Manufacturer Part Number MDV-DSK

Customer Reviews

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Sturdy, solid basic desk

I've got this paired with two of the MDV-R12 side racks. I searched high and low for the perfect desk for my needs, at a reasonable price. This one had it all. A 4-space dual overbridge, it's not too tall to put a couple of computer monitors on top of it and crane my neck, and it's deep and wide enough to comfortably accommodate a computer keyboard, mouse, faderport, RME remote, a few sheets of paper, and a few other odds and ends. The front edge of the tabletop is slightly concave to make it a bit easier to scoot up close and reach everything. The finish is tough as nails, and assembly was actually much easier than it was for the side racks. Minus .5 stars because the legs attach in an odd manner, and I don't feel like they're as rock-solid sturdy as the rest of the assembly. If you're looking for a desk with some easy-to-reach rack space that will put your computer monitors at a comfortable height, this is an irresistible option in this price range. Most of the other desks are K-Mart quality pressboard, but this one is very dense and sturdy. This is a definite step or two above the computer desk that you had crammed into your dorm room. Just be aware that shipping a massive hunk of high-density MDF is not exactly free. FedEx Freight got it to my house unscathed though. I can't imagine wanting or needing to replace this desk any time in the near future, it appears to be built for the long haul.
Music background: Hobbyist

Way over priced

I've had this desk 6-7 years. Where to begin... The legs are quite flimsy and bend out of alignment if you try to move it, lean against it, or bump them with your legs while sitting. I think you could likely snap them off if you weren't careful. The "countertop" surface is VERY easily scratched with just about anything that isn't a marshmallow and over time, the desk top and the over bridge have sagged in the the center. I had all 8 rack spaces filled and a 30" monitor on the bridge - nothing out of the ordinary, and none of it excessively heavy. The feet also have some screw-out leveling adjusters, but when attempting to use them, especially if anyone leaned on the desk, they stripped and just shot down to the floor. After a few attempts to use them, they just spin because they are stripped. Finally, when you rack up all 8 spaces and put a screen on the bridge it becomes really, really back heavy. If you stood up quick and lifted it with your legs (easy to do because it sits so low from the short legs) you will tip it over. It must be even worse with speakers on it... Overall, it feels like it was designed by a summer intern at Middle Atlantic and doesn't fit the quality level I associate with most of their products. This desk should cost $149.
Music background: Recording Engineer

I've never hated a desk... until now

There is so much not to like about this desk I'll just give you the highlights. - A lot of the pre drilled holes that the legs attach to were stripped out so you can't really tighten them in. - When you can tighten a screw it generally chips a chunk out of the lament. -There is no cross bracing support, just 4 single legs. This makes the desk wobbly even when the racks are filled with equipment and there is another 70lbs worth of speakers on top. - Seriously it wobbles if you look at it funny. - Once it is filled with equipment moving it (even on sliders) makes you feel like you're going to snap a leg off. - There is absolutely no cable management and if you have it close to a wall you need to pull the entire desk out to access anything. See point above about movement. - It's just ugly. This might be fine for a small video editing suite that has one piece of gear and never changes anything, but for an active recording studio it's a nightmare of tangled cables, zero rear panel access, and poor looks.

Desk for Santas Elves

I really went back and forth on this one. I thought about it for a looooong time. I really didn't want to pay the high cost for a lower end desk only to find out I didn't like it. And that is exactly what happened. As I was assembling it and I put the legs on I thought they left out part of the legs. I went back to the box. When I realized the desk was actually that short I knew I had made a big mistake and was sorry I bought it. I have tried to talk myself into liking the desk for a couple months now, but I just don't like it. Even though its short I have to crane my neck to see the monitor, probably because I am leaning down to use the mouse while I am looking up. Its just terrible ergonomically. I have also developed wrist pain because my arm points down to reach the mouse making a shallow "V" with my hand/forearm, and I have never had wrist pain using a computer before. I am 5' 10" and the desktop comes up to just about the middle of my thigh, perfect for one of Santa's little helpers. The arms of my typical office chair don't even fit under the table top even at the chairs lowest setting. Also the first shipment had to be returned because the box was just trashed in shipping. Sweetwater did work with them to send another desk, but that was a pain. Its pretty sturdy, but that isnt saying much. That should be a given. I wish I had saved the money for other gear and bought a cheaper desk. I am now just bidding my time to get rid of it and save myself the physical pain of using it.
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