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Sony MDR-7510 Closed-back Studio Headphones Reviews

4.0 stars based on 19 customer reviews
Questions about the Sony MDR-7510 Closed-back Studio Headphones?

Questions about the Sony MDR-7510 Closed-back Studio Headphones?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • Kevin J.
    from Pennsylvania June 21, 2016Music Background:
    DJ (on air} and live sound tech.

    Holy mother of crap!

    These are the best cans I have used for my on air DJing. The isolation is the best I have ever heard and I've used bookoo cans. 5hz to 40khz at this price is mind blowing. The extended frequency keeps extreme hi and lo noise out of the audio band. niiiiiiice! The very low impedance make these so easy to drive that I believe they could be driven by a watch battery. And the frequency extension makes my live recording monitoring much better.

  • Grant
    from Los Angeles, CA July 15, 2014Music Background:
    Producer, Recording Engineer, Songwriter, Singer

    Amazing detailed sound!

    If you need a set of cans to edit tracks with this is it. Particularly on vocals you can hear every detail and adjust it as necessary.

    My vocal recording artists love these headphones because the mid-ranges are easy to hear and track with.

    I find for detailed work and tracking these are the best for the money you can use.

  • Clayton
    from Kandahar Airfield, Kandahar, Afghanistan May 30, 2012Music Background:
    Armament and Aviation Expert and Audio Production Major

    An excelent pair of headphones

    I bought these to try them out. I'm currently using them to monitor recordings that I am making of various military aircraft and "sounds of war" as well as music. I am verry impressed. They are holding up extremley well considering the enviornment that I have them in. They also sound supprisingly clear even when covered in dust on convoys and other missions.

  • marvin saez tate
    from newport, rhode island February 11, 2012Music Background:
    producer, mastering engineer

    sony the one and only !!!!!!!!!!

    as usual i am never disappointed when i purchased any sony product. from the days of the walkman til now its always been quality. listening to the mdr-7510's i can't even imagine what the mdr-7520's must sound like. nothing can beat headphones in this price range. 'get em'

  • Grant Taylor
    from Los Angeles January 19, 2012Music Background:

    My second pair!

    I have had the first pair for a few months. My clients love them for tracking vocals. I love them for editing the vocals and tracks. Very clean and clear.
    Good detailed sound.

  • Grant Taylor
    from Los Angeles, CA, USA July 14, 2011Music Background:

    Crystal Clean Sound

    I have been using the Song HD headphones but got a second pair for tracking. I didn't expect them to sound as amazing as they do. Incredibly crystal clean sound. Totally impressed.

  • Eric
    from Chicago June 24, 2011Music Background:
    Engineer & Voiceover Artist

    The most accurate cans you can get without an Amp

    Get these headphones. No really...you need them. Comfortable for extended use. Even, transparent spectral balance with no accentuation at any frequency. Acoustically open soft mesh covering the metal (yes metel) drivers. Very good isolation from exterior sound sources with faint bleed. No break-in period and the head bracket sits much farther forward sitting the ear-cups perfectly around your ear snugly. The lower Ohms give you ample drive, so buy a mic with the money you'll save by not buying a heaphone amp. Toss your old cans and make love to your ears with these. Cart em'!

  • Rodney Clark
    from Coral Springs FL September 18, 2013Music Background:
    Producer & Voiceover Talent

    Nice Cans

    I’m a SONY Headphones fan and worked for years with the MDR-7509 and the HD version which are discontinued now. Quality of sound was great but ear pads wasn’t . Replaced them with the 7506 but had some hi frequencies issues with my voiceover recordings because they are a bit too harsh for my taste. Finally got the 7510 and BOOM !! Right on the money !! I will recommend for voiceover recording.

  • Robert W. Harrison
    from MARYVILLE, TENNESSEE 37804 May 5, 2013Music Background:
    Sang professionally for a short time singing Southern Gospel Music.

    Review of Sony 7510 Headphones

    I have purchased several pairs of headphones over the past few years. I have Sony MDR-400 headphones which are really outstanding. The Sony 7510 are nearly right on par with the MDR-400 at half the price. I had bought a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50 headphones but they lacked the sensitivity and dynamic sound I had expected so I returned them. The Sony 7510 out performed them by quite a bit. The Audio Technica ATH-M50 were very handsome, in the red color, but in sound were not a match for the Sony 7510. I am still looking for another brand to buy, but they must have better sensitivity than was produced by the Audio's. I have wanted to audition a pair of the Beats Pro model but so far have not found any on display for listening. They are quite expensive, but I would still like to see and hear a pair. For an all around great pair of phones I highly recommend the Sony 7510's. I also have purchased a pair of the Bose A-2 headphones and like them also. They are not quite as dynamic as the Sony's but are very light and comfortable to wear. I am looking to possibly purchase a pair of Sennheiser 280 Pro's which I understand put out great sound have a high rate sensitivity which I like. I fashion a good bass response in the headphones I purchase so I am still looking. Another set I am considering is the Audio Technica ATH-D40 which I understand has good bass response as well as high sensitivity. Only time will tell which I think is the best. If you want an all around great pair of headphones, you will not be disappointed in the purchase of the Sony 7510 model. I would highly recommend them to anyone who loves music. Great Price for value received!

  • Zach Lorton
    from Alton, IL July 2, 2012Music Background:
    Vocalist/Instrumentalist, Video & Audio editor,

    Clean Sound, Mostly Comfortable

    I really like the Sony MDR-7510 headphones, and I'm not crazy about Sony products in general. I work in a room where there's so much white noise it can make someone crazy, so I wear headphones ALL the time, and I need something that can block out extraneous noise. These do the job -- there's no noise reduction technology, but the closed shape surrounds the ears and blocks out SO much noise that you don't need any additional noise reduction. Because of the frequency response range, the audio is crisp, clear, and easy to distinguish from most other headphones. My only gripe is the head fatigue. I've got a slightly larger-than-average head (I have a hard time finding glasses that fit without being custom-made), so I begin to feel some head fatigue after wearing them for about 5-6 hours. Otherwise, I love everything about these headphones, and I would tell anyone that if you want quality sound in a solid, well-built package, these headphones are a great investment.

  • Dale Blasingame
    from Atlanta, GA January 30, 2012Music Background:
    Musician, recording hobbyist.

    Sony MDR-7510

    I do home recording as a hobby, so I'm always trying to get good sound on a budget. I've tried to get by on inexpensive (< $50) headphones but the sound quality has never been good. I decided to splurge and got a copy of the MDR-7510 based on several reviews. The sound is beautiful - much closer to the fidelity of my studio monitors. I can work with these on and get an accurate idea of what tracks are sounding like without waking up the rest of the house.

  • Customer
    from North Dakota January 23, 2012Music Background:
    Recording&Live Engineer. Pro Tools Operator

    Very nice. Would recomend.

    Sony MDR-7510 headphones are a great buy, and I recommend them to anyone.

  • milton
    from springhill,LA February 8, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Recording Engineer

    more than a bang for your buck

    this is a really great set of can it will need some burning in it worth the wait the sound will open up a lot. the pads are soft but will hurt 10 to 20 minutes from be to sort but a little diy with 2 coffee filters to pull up the pads to be little more robust and it will help with the bass your welcome!

  • François Beauvais
    from June 13, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Very good quality/price ratio.

    First let me say that I'm looking for 4 new pairs of headphones for my studio.

    I've been touring for 2 years and playing with the mdr-7520 in a live studio setup for about a year now and absolutely love them. Recently I bought these 7510's. At first glance I was plesently surprised. They sound very good for 120$-140$ headphones.

    Now to compare the 7510's to the 7520's, you have to keep in mind, they're in very different price ranges. Still I wanted to try the 7510's since they're about 200$-250$ less to see if I'd if they'd be good enough for my studio at home.

    My answer is no. Since I got used to the detail clarity of the 7520's, I don't think I could drop down. That said, I still think that the 7510's are great headphones and have a better quality/price ratio than the 7520's. Unfortunatly, once standards are raised, it's hard to go back.

    In comparison, the 7510's felt less detailed but pretty much in the same general colour (pretty flat with good, tight bass response) witch I like alot.

    In conclusion, I would strongly recommend in it's price range but I'll stick with the mdr-7520. (Witch I also reviewed)

  • Customer
    from January 14, 2013

    SONY MDR-7510

    Good quality studio headphones. Little bit heavy though, and the spring in the head band is too stiff. The ear pads are soft but too thin, and after 15 minutes of listening you feel the plastic case pressing too hard on your ears. At this point you need to remove them, and take a break. I would prefer 4 way swivel, and straight cable. A storage bag would be appropriate for this price.

  • Wayne Bouchard
    from Chandler, AZ March 29, 2014Music Background:
    Muscian and hobbyist engineer

    MDR-7510 fails to deliver on high expectations

    I've used Sony headphones for years and when my last pair gave up the ghost, I decided it was time for an upgrade. I was very disappointed with what I found. These headphones have a lot of bass response, far too much in fact. When trying to listen to a mix, I don't get accurate results and have to remind myself to make corrections. The ear cups are also narrower than they should be with relatively thin pads. This means my ear lobes are constantly pressed against the headphones from both the sides and the top, making them terribly uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time. I am disappointed by Sony's design choices here. They have plenty of experience in this area and I would have expected far better from them. I find I can't recommend these headphones for serious audio work. For a higher end design priced accordingly, they just come up short in virtually all areas.

  • Jesse (43)
    from United States June 11, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist Musician/Music Listener

    My Sony MDR-7510 Review...

    The Sony MDR-7510 professional recording head phones is somewhat puzzling for me. I bought them to replace a damaged pair of MDR-7506 head phones that i used just for general music listening purposes;and i rate those better than the 7510's for music listening a 4 out of five stars for over all sound in it's price point. The my new 7510's i rate for over all sound listening 2.5 stars. I've never used either pair for their intended purpose so do take note of it.

    Conclusion and final ratings on the MDR-7510 over the MDR-7506's is: For recording if i were doing it;i'd rate the 7510's at 4.5 stars because they do something pretty awesome for your drums and base sound;and for the guitar side;it sounds like the guitars get lost in the cd mix. The 7506 headphones sound killer just listening to almost any kind of music;but have not used them for their intended purpose;so i couldn't tell ya if they'd score 4.5 stars just by that assumption. Try bothe headphones though;to see which ones you'd prefer. Good luck in your future head phone purchase.

  • Knoll
    from January 13, 2016

    I expected better from Sony

    I really liked the the MDR-7510 but after two and a half years of very occasional use and careful storage, the right ear muff became intermittent. There doesn't seem to be anything visible to fix. Sweetwater support was great directing me to Sony however Sony directed me to area TV repair shops.

    For the price, two and a half years is just not long enough for something marketed as "Comfort, durability, and accuracy..." to break.

  • dale
    from PA July 6, 2016Music Background:
    been in bands for years, home recording

    sony headphones 7510

    I've been using sony 7506 headphone for years, for me they are the best. I thought I would treat myself and upgrade to the 7510. That was very very disappointing. For me the 7506 just smoke the 7510, not even close.
    The 7510 don't seem to have any clarity at all, no crispness, makes me think there is something wrong with them.

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