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Avid Artist Transport Reviews

4.5 stars based on 5 customer reviews
  • from Red Hook, NY USA May 30, 2014Music Background:
    Pro musician, producer (music, radio, TV advertising, and sound for film)

    One of the most useful tools on my desk

    Whether you're recording, editing or mixing, this transport controller is one of the most useful tools I can imagine. Combined with its affordable cost, it's a no brainer. It's a game changer. I don't claim to be an authority on the all the competitive options, but considering that this works pretty close to perfectly out-of-the-box (with my DAW's, including Logic Pro X and Cubase 7.5 with info available to configure to others), and allows for customization it's hard to imagine a setup it won't work with. (but you'll want to check about yours)

    As the other Artist Series products, the Transport interfaces with your computer via EUCON Network Protocol, which is fast and smooth. You can adjust the way your software responds via the EUCON preference panel. My sense is that its resolution is pretty amazing.

    I'm using this with two Artist Mix "fader" strips, and between them I've found mixing to be organic and enjoyable. But the Transport has uses beyond in editing and ben recording. The Jog and Shuttle wheels are now indispensable to my process. The unit works with most DAWS immediately, and offers Soft Buttons and customizations that are pretty easily accomplished. EUCON is a brilliant concept, and works better than very well in practice.

    Highly recommended - sorry for any typos.

  • from OKC, OK August 16, 2013Music Background:
    who cares


    This piece of gear is amazing. You can actually use the transport on any other application at least in my MAC PRO computer. When I have my mail app loaded up, its labeled in green on the screen of the transport - "mail" - absolutely one of a kind. This transport is simple but very effective and increases your workflow epecially when you pair this with the Avid Artist Mix which is my setup. Oh and another novel thing, under Logic X, I was able to create ANY response to any button or knob and change things around. This is a keeper for sure.

  • from Los Angeles United States November 20, 2012Music Background:
    Voice Over Artist and Studio Owner

    GETS the Job DONE!

    I worked with Mark Maxwell, a talented and professional engineer here at Sweetwater and I purchased this as part of a studio upgrade. With it I also purchased the Artist Mix and Artist Control, but I will speak only about the Artist Transport here.

    I am a Novice turning Pro Voice Over Artist and Actor in LA. As I am working more and more with my DAW, Logic, I needed a way to speed up my work flow. The more I use the Transport, the more I see the light!

    It comes out of the box nearly a blank slate, just some basics already programmed. Some folks found that to be problematic, I thought it was at first too. But let me tell you what, being forced to program your own shortcuts and macro commands only makes you a better systems operator! Yes, it takes time to set it up, and going through all of the EUCON menus can be daunting at first. But when you find that command you're looking for, or better yet, make your own using key commands, it is AWSOME!!!

    I have learned more about how to use Logic and how to speed up my process than I would have any other way. It has been a joy to work with and I am always learning new things I can do with it!

    I would give it five stars if it would give you control over the LED's that are in the transport button, but that feature isn't user controlled. Other than that:

    Excellent fit and finish.
    Great wheel weight.
    Easy to program.

    I would say, if you are on a budget but looking to improve your workflow quality of life, then this is the tool for the job - PERIOD

  • from Indianapolis, Indiana January 9, 2012Music Background:

    Great Transport from Euphonix/ Avid

    Really a well built transport. Weighed jog wheel. Very very solid. I do experience loss of connection somewhat often through the ethernet cable. Not sure what that is about, but it can be problem on a daily basis. Still I am happy, and use this with Apple Logic 9 and a new iMac i7 2011 model.Hopefully a software or firmware update will agrees the connection issue.

  • from USA November 30, 2011

    Transport is saving me time!

    This is a COOL device! Took some time to set up presets for my Apps, but all in all this device saves me time! It automatically switches presets when I switch Apps. I'm using it with various video and music editing programs on a Mac.

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