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Etymotic Research mc5 Moving Coil Earphones, Black Reviews

4.0 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Etymotic Research mc5 Moving Coil Earphones, Black?

Questions about the Etymotic Research mc5 Moving Coil Earphones, Black?

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  • Ben
    from May 13, 2016Music Background:
    Live performance, guitar, drums, vocals, music production. Some audio engineering.

    Proper Voicing For Me

    I really like these for in ear monitoring purposes. The voicing of them is not hyped and interesting like hi-fi earbuds. However, the voicing they have is what I want to hear when I'm monitoring my singing voice, guitar, band, metronome etc. It's like pulling cotton balls out of your ears compared to consumer earbuds in the same price range. If your in ear monitor signals are not seeing any eq and processing before they get to your in ears, the voicing of these is what you will want. And they're that much better if you have the option to dial in eq's etc.
    I do listen to music with them and it can be what I consider a flat response listening experience which is good for anyone on occasion. It helps a person understand the musical importance of the mid range of frequencies. They're not gonna explode with bass or or be too treble heavy. Part of the idea here is hearing protection. So, that's okay with me that they're not really bumping. Make a refined and mature audio choice and pick a pair of these up. Get a vacuum seal fit in your ear with whatever tip works for you and enjoy musical clarity and good db level on stage and off.
    As for durability, I've lost two pairs that were working perfectly before I ever had a defect over the time that I've used these.

  • Paul Dickison
    from The Bluegrass State October 13, 2014Music Background:
    Let's just say I have payed my dues many times over.

    Great in ear monitors

    These are a great in ear monitor for the money I had another brand which have been great as well but these had a better voicing to me, especially to retain your guitars natural tone, I have 2 channels on my transmitter so I run one line just for vocals and then I mic my amp on the other channel so I have control of my guitar volume onstage and it's straight from the amp (works for me) I have had dual drivers and several brands over the years 25 years give or take and these work and sound as good as any, I am sure they could be better if I had them molded but they come with several tips the round gray ones work best for me I have trouble hearing the count in sometimes they work so well. Anyways I have been on a lot of stages some small some big and these have always worked great for me and I am trying to save what is left of my hearing.....so I would recommend these to anyone...protect your hearing when you can...you may want to hear your grandkids laughter one day....and that is the sweetest sound .....now get out there and ROCK OUT!!!!!

  • Customer
    from Wichita, KS September 11, 2013Music Background:
    Church musician

    The earbuds are great!

    As an acoustic musician, they were hard to get used to. But the quality of sound is great, and I like being able to hear myself play.

  • Brent
    from Gilbert, AZ May 18, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Sound Isolation

    I've tried several different in ear monitors and have found that these are just what I need. Isolation depends on choosing the correct ear tip that works for you. If I want the most isolation, then the larger foam tips provide exactally that. If just partial isolation then the slide in foam tips work best. I have Etymotic earplug protectors for use when I'm out with my sons at the pistol range and they work fantastically well. Try all the different tips. experiment with how far they need to go in to work well. I actually have to manipulate them a bit to get the best sound and isolation. The better the isolation the lower the volume so it protects my hearing better. HIGHLY recommended.

  • Customer
    from St. Paul, MN January 30, 2012Music Background:
    Live musician. Bass, Guitar, semi-professional

    They need to be in correct

    I find most people who say these things don't cancel sound don't have them in correctly and/or are using tips that are too small.

    Read the directions that come with the ear buds on proper fit.

    These are great bud for the money.

  • randy
    from cincinnato oh August 22, 2013Music Background:

    Etymotic MC5

    I bought these to use while riding a motorcycle. They are great. They block out the helmet noise from my full face helmet and at the same time deliver great sound that is clear and a pleasure to listen to. The replacebale ear buds make the right fit possible and makes all the difference in the world between a product that is ok and a product that is great.

  • Rian
    from NJ USA August 22, 2013Music Background:
    avg listener

    Best headphones I've used so far

    Good stuff. Using this for my rides and new to using half helmets. Definitely blocks most of the wind noise and can still hear music.

  • Customer
    from May 4, 2016

    Er7 Ear Buds

    Unfortunately the foam inserts started to fall apart after a few weeks of use. Will be contacting the mfg. soon. Sound was good while they lasted. Useing other buds provided. Great service and follow up. Will purchase from Sweetwater again in the future.

  • sam gold
    from east lansing, mi July 21, 2011Music Background:
    keyboardist, singer, songwriter

    ER mc5 over-rated

    the sales pitch for these says;
    "When you're after effective onstage monitoring or an uncompromising listening experience from your personal music player, great sound is only part of the picture. You also need to keep out the sound you don't want to hear. That's why Etymotic's mc5 earphones make such a great "fit" for you! These earbuds give you the accurate sound you demand. They also come complete with four different eartip options; you get a custom fit, without the custom price! The mc5's combination of excellent isolation and clean, clear sound translates means better performances (and peace of mind) for you."

    I find no appreciable difference in the 'noise isolation' of these in-ear monitors and those not touting noise isolation capabilities. They seem to function as well as other in-ear monitors, but certainly don't keep out unwanted noise any better than ordinary in-ear monitors.

Questions about the Etymotic Research mc5 Moving Coil Earphones, Black?

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