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Dunlop MC404 CAE Wah Pedal Reviews

5.0 stars based on 22 customer reviews
Questions about the Dunlop MC404 CAE Wah Pedal?

Questions about the Dunlop MC404 CAE Wah Pedal?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Texas March 14, 2017

    This Wah rocks!

    I've been looking at wah pedals for a while now. I've tried a vox wah and a regular cry baby but I couldn't​ seem to like either. When I finally tried the mxr wah, I couldn't believe my ears. I bought it right away and now I use it daily on my rig. Thank you sweetwater and thank you Mr. Jenkins for your help!

  • from Yorkville, IL December 16, 2016Music Background:
    Always learning

    Excellent choise

    One of the best purchases I've made lately in a pedal and I've made quite a few. It's durable, quality made, sounds great especially when the boost is on, you can definitely tell a difference with the boost on or off. I would not hesitate to buy another one if I needed it. Thanks Karl Long for your help on all my purchases and also Sweetwaters service. Best customer service in the industry and the only place I purchase from. Support on products is great and very knowledgeable staff.

  • from MD July 11, 2016

    Dunlop CAE Wah

    The CAE wah is a great versatile wah, I am actually having a hard time picking between the two voices. Thanks to Sweetwater for the great service.

  • from May 26, 2016

    Dunlop MC-404 Wah

    Best pedal I own.

  • from Phoenix January 31, 2016Music Background:
    Rock/metal/punk bands, almost 30 years.

    Love it!

    I've been playing guitar in bands for almost 30 years and this is my favorite wah so far. I started in the 80's with a DOD FX-17, and over the years have used a Dunlop 95Q, Wylde wah, 535Q and a Morley Bad Horsie II among others. I've been between 90-95% happy with all of them but I think with the CAE I've finally reached 100%. The only thing I miss is the switchless feature of the Morley and the 95Q but that's a minor consideration. This unit doesn't have that annoying "click" of most Dunlops for one thing, the LED's and kickswitches are awesome and both fasels are distinct and very musical. The only downside is that you have to remove the bottom to adjust the "Q" but once you find your sweet spot you shouldn't have to mess with it again. I've been using the yellow fasel for my distorted sound (sounds SO good, really vocal-sounding and sexy) and the red for cleans (I use the boost feature here and it gives me a nice, smooth-with-a-little-grit sound that I love). I don't really get what some of the negative reviewers are talking about honestly-- the housing is metal, not plastic and it's just as sturdy as any other Dunlop, and the pedal can be velcroed in place if you remove the little rubber "feet". Obviously tone is a matter of personal preference and all wah's sound different through different amps. All I know is with my guitars and gear this one sounds killer. All wah's do more or less the same thing-- I doubt most average listeners would be able to hear ANY difference between these units at all but that 2-5% difference from one model to another can seem huge to us guitar players. Only time will tell but I think this is the one I've been waiting for. I definitely prefer it to the 535Q and that one used to be my wah measuring stick. Great pedal!

  • from August 13, 2015

    Great pedal

    Lots of fun to play on this thing. I love it.

  • from South Louisiana August 4, 2015

    Great Idea

    Awesome tones from this new wah!! I haven't adjusted anything yet, but I like it the way it is. Both voices are great for many types of music. I prefer the amber voice setting. The line driver sounds amazing!! It adds bite and presence to the guitar nicely. Very useable sounds.

  • from Texas June 9, 2015

    Dunlop MC-404 CAE

    This is a killer wah pedal. Very clean!! Great tone throughout the range. The side buttons offer some cool sounding stuff but I keep it with the yellow light on and everything else off. It's, by far, the best wah pedal I have ever owned and I have had a lot of them! Well worth the extra cash because I'm now done looking for the perfect one!

  • from Maryland D.C. May 20, 2015Music Background:
    Drummer / Rookie Guitarist

    Wow Wow Pedal!

    I'm a total rookie guitar player but have played drums for over 30 years with one of the same guys who is a really good blues guitarist. He played on it the other night and has all ready ordered one for his rig ! That little red button you see on the left puts this thing into Beast Mode !!! Get one today you will not be disappointed $$$

  • from May 14, 2015

    CAE/Dunlop wah

    This thing is bad to the bone!! Sounds absolutely perfect through my rig. Great action, switches on and off easily, LEDs are an added bonus and, not that it really matters, this thing looks awesome sitting on my board! Love it and if your in the market for a wah, spend a few extra bucks and get this one!! Sometimes it's too expensive to be cheap!

  • from Atlanta, GA February 11, 2015Music Background:
    Guitar Player

    So many options!

    So I have been looking for a new Wah Pedal for awhile. I have been using a CryBaby Wah since 1988. I have alway love the sound but finally the pot started to wear out and it had always taken out a little output from my guitar. So, enter the CAE-MC404. I run guitar to an original DigiTech Whammy to a G-System into my Marshall. It does not color the sound at all. Turn it off and it is a real true bypass. I can't hear the difference running through it. I love how it has 3 different pot adjustment in side. In just an hour of fiddling I have an awesome sound. I love playing through it and I have found great sounds out of both Fasels. It is so versital and then add in a great sound boost that really drives the amp too?? It is perfect.

  • from Dallas, TX October 27, 2014

    My go-to Wah with all the utility I need

    Easy to turn on/off, very smooth pedal operation, and the boost button on the side is very effective for solos. It sounds great and works very well.

  • from San Diego, CA USA November 30, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Finally, a wah with throat OR squawk

    The greatest feature on this pedal is the dual fasel inductor kickswitch, and both inductors sound incredible. There are internal trim pots for more tweakability, but honestly this pedal was perfect for me out of the box. I most frequently use the throatier red fasel setting, but it's nice to be able to switch to the squawky yellow inductor on the fly, without having to mess with any knobs. Also, true bypass is a must for me. This pedal is perfect.

  • from TX, USA December 4, 2012Music Background:
    37 year seasoned player.

    Nothing short of amazing

    I have played through more wah pedals than I count over the years. I had some vintage Vox and Dunlop wah's as well. However, I still kept searching for that sweet spot. I love this wah pedal. This is hands down the best wah pedal I have ever owned. I love the sweet, smooth, and mellow sweep pattern I get out of this pedal.

    The search has ended for me and I have finally found MY wah pedal. I highly suggest this to anyone tired of the endless cycle of searching for that ultimate wah tone. You will not be disappointed.

  • from Fort Wayne, IN USA February 26, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Student

    Amazingly clear Wah!

    All I can say bad about this pedal is the charging input, because I have angled cables, and most people won't even have that problem. Easy on/off button press, smooth pedal movement, great boost, LED's are very useful. This wah does not sound nasally at all, and the side buttons are easy to push with your foot (even the boost knob isn't difficult to turn). The yellow/orange mode sound is like a crybaby, and handles the higher frequencies. the other mode is almost the same, but the lower frequencies are brought out a lot more. I haven't even adjusted the inner knobs yet. This is most definitely worth its price.

  • from Phx AZ May 25, 2011Music Background:


    Been thru lots of wah's for a long time, love this one because its voiced right for my needs(JCM 900) also its loud enough!!! The boost is a great feature. I last owned a Clyde Deluxe also cool but more Vox sounding.-better for Fender/Country? I considered the EVH (great too) but went with the CAE for the boost. Great for the Money! Can't believe Im finally happy with my wah sound because Im super picky!!!

  • from North West FLA USA December 19, 2009Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Home Recording Engineer, Retired


    You name any boutique level wah, and I've probably owned it. I received this New pedal in usual "Sweetwater" fashion (2 days) with the expert assistance from sales engineer, Ron D.
    I just finished my 3rd "session" in 2 days with it.
    The first time, yesterday, the wah was honestly "so, so."
    The second time, last night, I began using the input level knob and the thing turned into the sweetest, most versatile wah that would no doubt, satisfy any tone hound like myself.
    But this morning (DAY 2) I dialed in/clicked in the best Hendrix wah tones I've ever heard/owned! Phenomenal!! It interacts with no noise with my other true-bypass fx. My rig: '69 NOS Fender Strat, my pedal board, multiple tube Marshall stacks, plus Marshall Hand-wired 2061 with its stock cab. This pedal rules!!
    I hate admitting this, but this pedal is way under priced. Its more like a $300 to $400 pedal. The MC-404 CAE Wah pedal is like four wahs into one with its switches at the sides/heel area. It's built to last. It's also very appealing to the eyes. Looks meticulously hand-built. Multiple LEDs keep you informed of your settings. Etc... I could go on... But I'm gonna go plug back into it, and create those "otherwordly" sounds... Thank you Dunlop & Sweetwater!
    PS. I feel lucky to be one of the first to own one of these!!!

  • from April 22, 2014Music Background:

    Really Versatile Wah

    I didn't know what a fasel was - let alone what two would do for me - until I bought this pedal. The ability to switrch betweendifferent tones is very cool. The boost switch is another nice feature that means you will never get "lost in the mix". I used this pedal on a recent gig and was amazed at the reaction I got - it just added that extra punch to certain songs where needed and was more than I expected. Great pedal and worth the additional cost over the standard pedal by the same manufacturer - which is not a criticisim at all. That pedal set the standard for years, and this one raises the bar.

  • from Tennessee January 2, 2013Music Background:
    6 year guitar player

    Excellent after adjustment

    This pedal adds a new array of tones to any rig. Upon opening, the wah range was not not what I wanted, so I had to go in and adjust the pot (which is relatively easy). The ability to switch inductors is absolutely wonderful--the "red" mode is more for rhythm/backup and the "yellow" is sharper and more for solo/lead playing. The line driver is excellent as well. I recomend this to anyone shopping for a wah.

  • from Raleigh, NC June 29, 2012Music Background:
    Life long blures player

    MC 404 and two inductors

    I have ben playing the blues some rock with a Cry Baby calssic for 30 years. Just purchased the MC-404 from Sweetwater. Awsome delivery time and customer service!!!

    I love the boost/line driver, true bypass and status on/off LED's.

    I use wah more for lead that rythem so I have been using the gold inductor. I am still working with swithcing inductors for differant tones. It seems like the classic inductor falls somewhere in between the two in the MC-404. I have not tweaked the 404's indictor's yet but think in time I will be able to dial them in. This wah is more flexable than the classic and will probably be my pedal of choice for the next 30 years.

  • from Atlanta, GA June 11, 2012Music Background:

    Great Wah Pedal!

    I play mostly classic and modern rock in small to medium size venues. After researching various wah pedals, I chose the Dunlop/CAE pedal and have not been disappointed. The boost switch is very helpful for getting your solo's to cut through the mix. It is intuitive with just the right amount of features to cover a broad range of sounds, without making it too complicated to operate. No regrets, just great tone.

  • from June 22, 2015

    MC-404 Wah review

    I like the separate circuit with the lower frequency wah - I find it excellent for playing with leads.

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