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Digidesign Mbox 2 Mini Reviews

4.5 stars based on 13 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • AJ Becerra

    The Mbox 2 Mini is perfect for anyone who wants a portible Pro Tools solution or for someone who is just getting into Pro Tools and doesn't need a ton of I/O. It's powered by USB so you can just plug in and record anywhere!

  • Matt Emick

    This solid little box is a great device for anyone, whether you are starting up with Pro Tools, or someone who is looking for a portable Pro Tools editing solution!

  • from Leavenworth, KS October 12, 2010Music Background:
    Very serious Hobbyist, student, etc

    Excellant basis for home studio

    I had placed an order for a different less expensive interface that was on back order and my sells engineer suggested moving up to this. Best advice I have ever received. With out a doubt it is lacking in number of inputs for someone working in a professional studio but for my attic home setup this took care of so many problems. I have been held back for years from doing anything really meaningful even though I had software packages and a decent background in IT. The unit took care of all of my latency problems from day one. Adding Pro Tools LE to the unit free of charge with the month free of groove 3 online instruction was another huge deal. Thank you Sweetwater for turning me onto the right piece of equipment at the right time.

  • from Caracas, Venezuela. March 15, 2009Music Background:
    Audio Engineer Student

    Mbox Mini Rocks!

    This thing works great! If you want to start working with protools without spending much this is the way to go! The only bad thing is that it doesn't have midi.. but for the price you can't go wrong with this! The preamps are very good!!

  • from Miami, FL USA September 23, 2008Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Student, Producer,

    The Best Beginner...

    The best way to get a head start in your Recording Process.. I was issued the Mini through my school, and knowing that Pro Tools is the industry standard.. I knew I was going to enjoy my recording experience with this interface.. First... the design is just amazing, the Pre-amps and Inserts are clear.. works like a charm every time Pro Tools is launched.. If you are just starting in Recording.. Or need a mobile recording solution... and want to use the DAW that the pros use, you have to try this out... Overall.. A great interface...

  • from Cincinnati, Oh. September 19, 2008Music Background:


    this is amazing. Pro Tools is the best, funnest, and most awesome recording software ever. It's very easy to make very high quality recordings on a tight budget. This should be a no-brainer!

  • from nyc November 23, 2007Music Background:


    i cant belive how much of a difference this is than using acid music studio. this and the rode nt1a is the way to go .. depending on ur money bugget

  • from Sugarland, Texas August 18, 2007Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer


    The Mbox 2 Mini is the best thing for laptop users. I got this just the other day and have used it everyday without problems. The installation on a mac is smooth, and the audio quality is great. Would recommend this to anyone who is just starting out with Protools, plus if you order from Sweetwater, you get high quality service that you can find nowhere else!

  • from St. Louis July 18, 2007Music Background:

    #1 For Producers

    This is #1 for any new producers who want to get into Pro Tools LE for cheap or for experienced producers wanting portable Pro Tools system. Plus with the Ignition Pack 2 you are ready to compose and record music about 10 minutes after you opened the box. The longest part before opening pro tools is installing the Ignition Pack 2. You don't have to do that the first time but I decided to do it anyways. Also configuring pro tools might take maybe 3 minutes so the hour you get the box is the hour your gonna start composing music.

  • from New Jersey USA October 9, 2008Music Background:
    Student, Engineer.

    Best for starters, and on the goers.

    This little box was the start of my entire engineering journey. It's great for starting because it's not horribly complicated so it doesn't really take all that long to learn how to use. It's great for engineers on the go because of it's small size. It'll feet into a small book bag just fine, and you can set it up almost anywhere. It'll also work just fine on a laptop. The only down fall is that it doesn't have any MIDI ins or outs.

  • from Cleveland, OH / Las Vegas, NV July 13, 2009Music Background:
    Music producer/writer, performer and audio engineer student for film audio and music

    It Works

    I bought this so I wouldnt have to mix all my products at school and i wanted to get away from doing my personal products in Cubase LE and start getting used to something professionals use.

    On the plus side, its easy to setup, its a cheap way to get into pro tools, and its very portable(even though that doesnt matter in my siuation).

    On the negative side, I really dont like the sound Im gettin out of this. I think I liked the preamp better in the Alesis usb mixer(but it was defected and i cant use it anymore). If you have a seperate mic preamp that you like, it should be fine.

    If you are someone serious about getting into the professional side of the audio industry, this is a cheap solution to learning pro tools. If you are a hobbyist, there are better solution than this. programs like Sonar(for PC) include more plugins/effects and is a more complete program and pro tools come cheap as it is meant to be expanded. If you have a Mac, get Logic. Its everything you will need.

  • from Boone, NC July 19, 2008Music Background:
    Audio Engineering Student, Hip-hop, Electronica

    Great introductory Protools interface

    I've used the mbox 2 mini for working on in the box studio projects while I'm at home, and while the i/o is extemely limited, it's still very useful for editing, or, for the beginner, you can still record, edit, mix and finalize an entire project, with good quality. Professionals will likely find it's use very limited since it only goes up to 48k, among other things, it's a great (and extremely portable)first protools setup.

  • from August 19, 2010

    Good beginner device.

    It's a great device to start out with. Portable, and easy to use. Has a lot of cool features like being able to switch in between line and mic on the first input. It's an awesome pair with a laptop if you are on the go.

    However, if you are doing serious recording, you will quickly grow out of this box. The pres on the device are very cold and the a/d converter is not great either. If you know you're going to be serious about your recording, I would recommend an M-Audio device with a better a/d converter such as the Profire 610 or 2626.

  • from dallas, texas February 16, 2008Music Background:

    Great for getting into Pro Tools not so good after support warranty runs out

    This is a great unit at a great price. Be careful with it though. My headphone out stopped working 1 month after the 3 month support warranty ran out and even though the hardware was still under warranty ,I was charged a $20 phone support charge just to get a repair authorization number to get the mini fixed under warranty.

  • from ATL August 20, 2007Music Background:
    Producer/ Engineer


    Great portable option, Needs midi.

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