Mesa/Boogie SPAX7 Preamp Tube

Replacement Preamp Tube for 12AX7
Mesa/Boogie SPAX7 Preamp Tube image 1
Mesa/Boogie SPAX7 Preamp Tube image 1
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Mesa/Boogie SPAX7 Preamp Tube
In Stock!

Don't Settle for Just Any Preamp Replacement Tube!

The Mesa/Boogie SPAX7-A preamp tube makes the ultimate replacement tube for any 12AX7A in your amp. This premium product is considered a "special requirement preamp tube" because of its build quality and performance. The SPAX7-A shows very low sensitivity to microphonic noise — an essential attribute for a preamp tube (especially in high-gain, high-volume amps) in live or studio environments. No matter which tube in your amp's gain stage needs to be replaced, make sure to choose the right tube for the job — Mesa/Boogie's SPAX7-A!

Mesa/Boogie SPAX7-A Premium Replacement Preamp Tube Features:
  • Premium-grade substitute tube
  • Works in all preamp gain-stage positions
  • Ultra-high performance 12AX7 tube
  • Very low sensitivity to microphonic noise
  • Very consistent and reliable
  • Important Notice for International Customers: Mesa/Boogie products sold by Sweetwater are intended for use within the United States. We are unable to ship any Mesa/Boogie products outside of the US.
The Mesa/Boogie SPAX7-A replacement preamp tube gives you premium tone and performance!

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Tech Specs

Type Preamp
Model SPAX7
Manufacturer Part Number 750151F

Customer Reviews

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Made for Mesa

Picked up a used Mark V combo and, like buying a new house you change the locks and toilet seats, I decided to replace all of the tubes. Got the tubes, loaded them up, all is well.  The previous owner had a JJ 12ax7 in V1 (the input stage for all channels), which caused Channel 1 to break too early.  Now it's as clean as can be.  I actually used these tubes for all input positions. Every channel is articulate, punchy, and strong. Just like you'd expect a Boogie to be.. Even better, Mike Harris made sure that the tubes went out as fast as possible and I received them in record time. Ordered Wednesday, got them on Thursday, now ready for a festival gig on Saturday.
Music background: Professional

There is a difference

I have tried a few of these and they do make a world of difference.
Music background: Home Studio/Road Gigs

Great replacement preamp tubes

I replaced all seven pre-amp tubes (12AX7) on my Mark Five with these SPAX7 tubes. Excellent performance!! Well worth the few extra dollars!! Sweetwater is always a great place to get your gear!!
Music background: guitar player

Silent tubes!

I had a gig coming up and my Mesa Roadster was having some tube issues. Sweetwater was all sold out of the normal Mesa 12AX7 unfortunately so I figured I'd give these SPAX7s a shot since I needed some tubes asap. They're really great sounding tubes. Very quiet! I could barley tell my amp was even turned on when I wasn't playing! Even though they're supposed to be no different from the normal 12AX7, I still noticed a small difference in tone. Not a huge difference... but each channel's characteristics were slightly "tweaked" by the change. Mesa recommends that you use this tube in the V1 position... I'll probably do that next time but use regular 12AX7s for the other positions.
Music background: Hobbyist

Does what is expected

Sounds good - as expected.
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