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Gallien-Krueger MB Fusion 800 800-Watt Ultra Light Hybrid Micro Bass Head Reviews

5.0 stars based on 12 customer reviews
Questions about the Gallien-Krueger MB Fusion 800 800-Watt Ultra Light Hybrid Micro Bass Head?

Questions about the Gallien-Krueger MB Fusion 800 800-Watt Ultra Light Hybrid Micro Bass Head?

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  • from Coinjock, NC January 9, 2017Music Background:
    Semi-pro stage and studio

    Small, lightweight and powerful

    The title says it all. Love this head. Playing through an older Bag End 410 cab the sound is amazing at low and high volume levels. The EQ is very responsive so the tonal possibilities are endless. Engaging the deep button at my EQ settings, which are mostly flat, added some nice punch to my sound instead of low-end rumble which is what you usually get with that feature. I get some hiss from my cab if I engage the presence, but it's not noticed during playing. Kenny Stratton at Sweetwater brought this head to my attention and I couldn't be happier with it. If your looking for a small, lightweight bass head with huge sound this is the head you're looking for.

  • from NJ April 8, 2016Music Background:
    gigging musician

    This amp is a HAMMER!

    I've been playing over 30+ years, I gig regularly and know bass gear. Pick an amp manufacturer and I've used their product and liked most and loved some. When my M6 Carbine gave up the ghost last week I decided to give the Fusion 800 a try after much research and the need to help out my aging back. I've used GK amps before and liked them, but a little too modern sounding for my style. However...the Fusion 800 is a different animal. It is clear that it is still in the GK family, you can get that classic GK growl that you've always heard about, but, you can get everything else you can imagine out of it as well. Best I can describe it is - smooth, articulate and clean up to warm fuzzy overdrive and everything in between. What impresses me most about this amp it the fact that it is a HAMMER. It is clear that from the moment you power up right through the moment that you find your tone and sweet spots on the gain channels, that this amp sounds and feels like it can punch through concrete! All other great things about this amp aside, its ability to punch is above and beyond any other I've played through. Finally, after 30+ years, I know what PUNCH means! To fully disclose, I play it through 2 Markbass NY151 15" cabs, I am sure that adds to it, but it seems that no matter how I change the tone on the amp, it never fails to blow me away with its ability to PUNCH, and no other amp I've used with these cabs has been able to duplicate what I am experiencing with the MBF800. 6 stars on the amp and as always, my rep Frank G gets 6 stars also.

  • from Chicago, IL April 28, 2015

    Exceptional Tone Control

    The A and B channel gains with B-ratio and a Master Volume offers precisely the control I wanted for managing levels across loops (on Ditto X2) without losing the ability to drive one channel's tubes harder but not necessarily louder. If that makes any sense to the reader, then you know how hard it is to get a clean sound on one channel that isn't completely buried under loops recorded with more drive on the other channel. This amp gives you that control and sounds fantastic. As is frequently reported, the quality of GK's direct out is excellent. Also as reported by another reviewer, the knobs turn very easily so each setup can take a little more time. Easy fix: painters masking tape (comes off easily) along the top-front edge with all your "o'clock" settings noted; e.g. 4, 6, 5, 6, 7, 5, 7...

  • from Providence, RI March 28, 2015Music Background:
    50+ years of playing bass professionally.

    Tonal Bliss!!!

    I've owned a lot of bass amps over a 50 year career, and NEVER have I been as satisfied with an amp purchase. The tonal variations that are attainable with this amp are endless. The fact that the ratio between channel 1 and 2 is held when changing the master makes it nice and user friendly onstage. I've owned many bass amps that have a bass boost, but usually stayed away from using it due to the mud that also accompanied that boost. Not so with the G-K MB Fusion 800! This is the most useable bass boost I've ever heard! The Presence boost is just as incredible!
    I've used my head with three different speaker cab combos. 1) Two G-K Neo 115 III cabs 2) Two Aguilar GS-112 cabs 3) One Eden D210XST 4 ohm cab ...in every instance, this amp soars above the rest! After using SWR, Ampeg, Fender and an array of others, I cannot say enough good things about the G-K. Well built, light weight, user friendly front panel, and foot switchable channel selection are just a few of the features on this well thought out design. If this amp ever got stolen, I would most definitely buy another immediately. Absolutely no regrets on this purchase. Worth every penny!

  • from Sacramento, CA USA November 11, 2014Music Background:
    weekend musician

    GK MB Fusion 800

    After my last MB 800 was stolen after a gig I decided to try the new MB Fusion 800. This is a beast with the growl and bottom end I am always trying dial in. The power is simply put, “insane”. After each set on my first gig with this fusion, I was approached by friends telling me they have never heard me so clearly and that they can feel my bass. I even pulled out of the mains and still had to keep the volume level down or I would overpower everyone else. Yes, I am very happy with this lightweight but powerful amp pushing my 8 x 10 cab.

  • from fort wayne,indiana November 5, 2014Music Background:
    live sound engineer

    good things come in small packages

    i am live sound engineer for a fort wayne local band. this was an early christmas gift for our bass player who i have known for 40 years. he needed a new bass head desperately and is hard pressed for a purchase of this quality. i bought it on sale down from 1299.00 to 799.00 and he is raving about it! we have used it on two gigs and all i can say is thank Gallien-Krueger for a superior amp and thank you sweet water for an excellent sale price

  • from San Jose, CA July 29, 2014Music Background:
    semi pro Bass player

    Gallien-Krueger MB Fusion 800 excellence!

    OK - im replacing my Genz Benz Streamliner with this GK MB800 Fusion. What can I say? I absolutely love it!!! I love the tone for sure!! I highly recommend - excellent all around!

  • from San Diego, CA January 18, 2014Music Background:
    gigging musician, home recording and studio.

    Best amp i have owned

    I just sold a GK 1001rb ll that I had for over five years, many gigs and rehearsals , never a problem, sounded great.Have had several others, including Carvin, peavey, SWR. this MB fusion 800 is even better. the eq centers are a little different than the RB, the MB has better ( massive if you want ) low end thump,with the bass eq center at 40Hz instead of 60, like the RB. the treble is centered at 5K instead of 7K, so highs are sweeter, not as harsh. the tube preamp is so sweet. also 5.5 pounds vs. 26 , no contest. headphone out is great to have also. the direct out sounds better than the one on the RB also, for recording or PA. having two channels to use is also a great addition. I set one up with more growl, and the A channel totally clean. sounds great with my active Ibanez, Warwick , and passive American standard P bass. I could go on and on. have been playing for 30 years, best amp ever!

  • from Coolumbus Ohio August 19, 2013Music Background:
    semi-pro musician

    Rocking amp

    I've played the MBFusion800 at several gigs and gotten complimients from fellow musicians on the sound changes it has brought to our band. Our low end is a lot more powerfull on stage and the pre-
    eq function has been popular with the sound guys. I have set it up with the Neo410 cabinet and the combination works well with both my Hofner Beatle Bass and Gibson SG.

  • from Lafayette, LA August 30, 2014Music Background:
    Tech/Death bassist

    MBF800, Diggin it

    I was in the market for a new head, coming from a GK1001RBii. My old setup was a Sansamp into the 1001. I recently made the switch to analog pedals, so most of my tone was not coming from my new pedal setup. I got tired of lugging my 6U rack around, so I decided to downsize. Hence why I decided to make the move to a micro amp. So coming from 700 watts, I didn't want to go too far down in power, but I needed less weight. I debated between the MB800 and the MB800 Fusion.

    I play Melodic Death/Tech metal, so I've got a bit of a clanky tone (think boosted mids) to punch thru the mix with my two high gain guitarists. I did a LOT of research looking at the MB and the MBF to find out the tone differences. The MB has a little more of the GK "Growl", and the tube preamp of the MBF kind of rounds out your tone a bit. Most of my "Growl" now comes from a couple of pedals, so I really wanted a good clean tone from an amp for when I wanted to play clean. Besides, to get a proper "growl" from any of these amps, you have to ride them to the rails. When you're dealing with 700-800 watts of power, that becomes a problem. If you cranked up the amp that much, you'd be clipping and blowing speakers.

    So here's my list of pros and cons:
    1) This thing has power. TONS of power. I play thru an Ampeg 8X10, and with the -10db pad turned OFF I have this thing turned to about 9 o'clock. It's that loud. If you want to get more gain out of it, you have to turn the volume very low and then boost the gain.
    2) Light as hell. I shove this thing in a backpack and it's ready to go. Now instead of taking two trips to haul a rack, pedal setup, and two basses, I can do it in one trip.
    3) The D.I. on it doesn't suck. On my GK1001RBii, I find that the DI sucks hard. It just sounds like a cheap add-on that GK threw in there as an afterthought because they had space for it. The DI on the MBF800 sounds really great.
    4) Visibility. I like that I can look at this thing from across the jam room to know if a knob is activated.
    5) Low Boost. This is the equivalent of the 4/5 string setting on the GK1001RBii. But I find on the MBF800, it's a lot more pronounced.

    1) Knobs. The knobs on this thing are easy to turn. WAY easy. Taking it out of my bag each practice, I have to look at my settings and make sure everything is where I want it. On my 1001 this is never an issue because the pots have are resistant to turning unless it's intentional.
    2) B channel. I bought this amp with the idea that Channel A would be my main, and Channel B would be a boosted channel. Think Channel A but with a hair more gain and a little more volume. I find that when I turn the gain on Channel B up, and adjust the level, it doesn't come out like I want. I find that now I basically use Channel B as a lowered volume setting for when one of my guitarists is soloing, or when we're playing a part when I need to tone the thickness of the bass down on clean parts. The exact opposite of what I intended to use it for. Also, switching between these two channels at higher volumes gives an audible popping sound at times.
    3) Rack mounting. I really wish GK would include the rack mount spacers to go with this thing for us people that like to mount these things in standard 19" racks. The fact that the knobs move around so easily makes me need to look into getting a smaller 2-3U rack just for it.

    Things I didn't find to matter
    1) Fan noise. Sure, the fan blows. I don't hear it at band practice because I'm 10 feet away from it and cranked up. At home I didn't find it to be a problem.
    2) When I first used the A/B channel switch pedal that came with it, it stopped working halfway through a band practice. Opened it up and found that the circuit needed to be re-soldered. Not a huge deal, but I wasn't happy at the time about it.

    Overall, I'm VERY happy with the MBF800. I ordered from Sweetwater 1) because there's zero interest with financing for it, 2) free shipping (and FAST too), and 3) if I didn't like the Tube pre-amp, I could return it and just get the regular MB800. Despite my couple of gripes with the ease of knobs moving around and not being able to us the Channel B like I planned, this amp is still worth it.

  • from Southeastern Wisconsin April 26, 2014Music Background:
    CoverBand Musician/Hobbyist

    Nice and Lite

    Great sounding, and incredibly portable. You can dial in a nice, classic tube sound with that over-driven pre-amp fuzz, and at the same time keep a clean channel with that familiar GK sound. The available power gives you nice head room to push just about any cabinet combination. After lugging around larger amps to gigs and rehearsals this is liberating. And Sweetwater, what can I say, super fast delivery, excellent customer service, the quickest and easiest way I've acquired gear without purchasing it in a store.

  • from NJ May 30, 2016Music Background:
    progressive, southern, classic rock

    Perfect Amp for the Working Pro

    I purchased this amp a month ago, so I have no long term opinion on it at this time. I have been playing bass for 40+ years, have a passive vintage Fender and several active instruments including a Modulus Quantum 5 and a Pedulla Hexabuzz. All of these instruments sound great through this amp and I can easily dial in great tone with any of my many cabinets. As advertised, the amp is very powerful, requiring me to use the -10 dB switch for the basses with active Bartolinis. I just did an outdoor gig at a winery and I had to make a conscious effort to keep the bass under control and not overpower my drummer....but sometimes you need that power. I love the light weight, I'm 56 and need to lighten the load these days. The amp lights may seem gimmicky to the purists, but I play so many gigs in the dark that I found these indicators to be very useful, not just attractive to the eye. If you are an active player, need a good quality class D amp to get you through indoor and outdoor gigs, have several cabinet configurations and the money to purchase, I recommend the MB Fusion 800...I may give it a higher rating once I have owned it and used it for a year or two, but one month in, it is the perfect amp. Buy it!

Questions about the Gallien-Krueger MB Fusion 800 800-Watt Ultra Light Hybrid Micro Bass Head?

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