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Gallien-Krueger MB112-II 1x12" 200-Watt Bass Combo Reviews

4.5 stars based on 21 customer reviews
Questions about the Gallien-Krueger MB112-II 1x12" 200-Watt Bass Combo?

Questions about the Gallien-Krueger MB112-II 1x12" 200-Watt Bass Combo?

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Sweetwater Advice

  • Jared Kalish

    I've been really impressed by the sound quality and power of the Gallien-Krueger MB1120-II. This little 1x12 combo not only makes a great practice and rehearsal amp because of its size and light weight, but when I need more power for bigger shows I just daisy chain some GK powered cabinets for the ultimate modular bass rig!

  • from Oklahoma November 14, 2016


    I was looking for a small lightweight bass amp that would cover small to medium sized rooms. My salesman Bob Furlong had mentioned this amp and I am so glad that he did! I played my first gig with it and Wow! It has a great tone for bass and it has no problem staying up with a full band all by itself. If you find yourself needing more headroom, Gallien Krueger has self powered cabs you can add to give you what you will need. What an amazing concept!

  • from Fillmore, CA October 24, 2016Music Background:
    Professional Keyboard Player & Singer

    Hear the Punch! Feel the Thump! All In 3-Dimensions!

    I'm been playing keyboards and left hand key bass for more than forty-eight years. For the last eleven years I've used the Yamaha S90ES Synthesizer playing right hand piano, electric piano, brass and organ sounds into the PA while using my left hand to play a finger style bass patch through an assignable dedicated output routed into a Polytone Mini Brute III 15" 140 watt combo amp. I thought that I had a pretty good sound overall.

    Last Saturday night I got to debut my new Gallien-Krueger MB112-II on a house gig which my trio has played for over eight years. The crowd there loves us and is very familiar with our sound. I expected this GK to be an upgrade to my sound but I didn't realize that it would be such a dramatic improvement. My drummer and guitar player were suitably impressed but our fans and regular customers all noticed the difference too.

    I've got a real bass sound now with Depth, Punch and Girth. When I hit the keys harder, my bass tone responds with more bite like never before. The crowd danced more than ever. I even had two girls in their twenties ask if they could come on stage and dance behind me while I played my keyboard rig. I'm sixty-six by the way so, I said yes but please be careful.

    I never realized what I was missing. Yes, I was playing the right notes and emulating the feel of a bass player pretty well but, I've never had this much fun doing it and I've never felt the fundamentals and foundation coming out of my amp which the rest of the band's sound is built on.

    It doesn't make any sense that such a big sound can be coming out of such a small and light package. There is definitely some magic fairy dust going on in the EQ and Porting on this cabinet. I was sure that I would try out the MB112-II, be very pleased but then arrange to return it and swap it out for the MB115-II. I'd read in various bass player forums that the MB112-II is really loud. I didn't believe them but, they were right. It is really loud but, in all of the good ways and none of the bad.

    Here are the settings that I was really happy with throughout the whole gig:

    -10dB Pad On - Contour On - Gain 12:30 Treble 1:00 Hi-Mid 1:00 Low-Mid 11:00 Bass 11:00

    Special Thanks goes out to my Sales Engineer Ed Nystrom - You were right yet again!!!

  • from Miami, Florida March 15, 2016

    Gallien-Krueger MB 112

    What a Steal!!!!! This amp is just top notch! Lately I have been into only purchasing my music stuff from the USA only! I was supprised to see that GK was American Made and just the best quality for the buck! GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GK!

  • from Dayton, Ohio February 6, 2016


    I must admit to having been ignorant of Gallien-Krueger bass amps until recently. My Sweetwater sales rep Dave Snow steered me into this MB112 when I was looking to replace a much loved Ampeg I had to sell. I'm not going to play any stadiums anytime soon, but gigs turn up at the most unexpected times in the most unpredictable of places. My main focus was portability, both in weight and size, without sacrificing the punch and tone that any good bass amp must deliver. There is no longer a need for a bass player to carry 100+ pounds to a gig. I learned that with my last Ampeg. But this MB112 bettered my Ampeg by at least 30 pounds without losing a thing in punch and tone. I double-take every time I play it to wonder how such a small package can do such a great job as a bass amp. I'm still working with the tone shape, but in the short amount of time I've had this amp, I've yet to find it lacking what I want from it. I play a passive pickup bass, and for me, the amp is everything. I can line out, XLR out, or mic a decent bass amp, and so the amp itself has to be the best I can get. I'm grateful to Sweetwater and Dave Snow for the advice as he paid close attention to my requirements and experience and the amp he suggested has more than fulfilled my needs. Hats off to Gallien-Krueger for a job well done.

  • from Vero Beach, fl August 29, 2014Music Background:

    Gallian-Krueger amp

    AMAZING!!!! Who would have ever thought this very light weight amp had so much power.

  • from LA! July 1, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Teacher

    Great Amp, Exactly what I was looking for

    This is great. light weight. can daisy chain cabs for more power. works great as a guitar amp too if you need something for maybe an audition. I really like this amp for the price n size it's quite loud

    Also you should give Jay Frederick a call at 800.222.4700 ext 1288. He's a really nice guy and I've been getting all of my equipment from him for a while. He's got a lot of experience with pro audio/video and always gives me some great advice.

  • from CenterMoriches, NY, USA June 2, 2014Music Background:
    Professional Musician


    I originally purchased this combo to use for practice and maybe very small coffee house type gigs. But I was in a pinch and had to use it at a medium sized outdoor job. It handled it beautifully, wow. I can only imagine how this sounds with the ext cab.

  • from Hughesville, Md April 16, 2014Music Background:
    Church Musician

    Gallien-Krueger MB112-II 1x12

    Awesome Amp... GREAT sound produced with my Ibanez AGB200 Bass; super lightweight; portable with great balance carrying; CD and Headphone connections are very nice; equalizer. Friends and family have complemented the look and sound! Sweetwater pricing, sales and tech support is the best I've found locally or on the Web.

  • from Jasper GA November 22, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist Houseband ben playing for 45 years

    Great sound under 400.00

    Call Brent up an told him i wanted a bass amp under 400.00 an this is the one he pick. He did not do me wrong on it ,love it. I had already decided to get this one cause i have a 500watt 4-10 GK that he helped me pick out i knew these were great bass amps.This amp only 28lbs to like 62lbs on the other. Love the sound an easy to carry. Thanks Brent an Sweetwater for the fine job that you do.

  • from Dobson, NC November 18, 2013Music Background:

    Great Product

    I've owned bass amps that were larger, more expensive and more popular brands, BUT NOTHING can compare with this amp. The sound, quality of the product and every thing about this amp is far ahead of any other. I am 110% pleased with The Gallien-Krueger MB112-II and Sweetwater is the way to go.

  • from Vidalia La usa July 17, 2013Music Background:
    local bassist

    great amp

    after 45 yrs playing bass I am having to go smaller in amps. bought this amp after hearing one in a swamp pop band. I haven't had a sound like this since using a 150 lb setup

  • from Las Vegas, NV October 30, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician-32 Years

    Best Bass Amp that ANY MONEY could ever buy!

    I don't normally write reviews but I felt I had to on this one. Geoff Allen,
    my sales guy, really recommended this amp so I took a gamble on it. To be honest, I'm really more of a guitarist who plays bass for needy gigging musicians. Also, one very important point, I've owned 19 basses and have never actually owned a BASS amp...mainly because most of my bands already had an amp for me and on some, I ran directly into the PA.
    When the box arrived, I was thinking-"man this might be heavy," but after carrying it to the bedroom, I felt different. It's light and LOUD. Very LOUD and the EQ system is just wonderful with many options of
    tone. Especially if you own a bass that doesn't have much tone. I have a Geoff Gould Modulus in surf green(EMGX Pickup). It has a lot punch. The thing I noticed the most is when you turn up the volume, it doesn't distort or loose tone. Having the controls in the back of the amp is a nice feature especially with headphones. BUY IT...You'll thank me later!

  • from Louisiana July 18, 2016Music Background:
    Hobby musician



  • from Northern NH July 2, 2015Music Background:
    Been playing over 50 yrs - all kinds of music except rap/gangsta

    Well worth it

    I was looking for a replacement for my 10 yr old GK Backline 110. Been playing GKs since the mid-1980s. Love their tonal expressions. The MB112 doesn't disappoint. I play a lot of low volume gigs (church, small jazz combos) and also need some serious punch working with a big band. This amp provides serious low end at low volume and more than holds it's own when there are drums and10 horns blowing. 4 band eq and contour control really allow a myriad if tones (which I am still experimenting with). One of the biggest pluses I was looking for was light weight - at less than 30lbs this really fills the bill. Great sound, great price! And as an added bonus - my Taylor acoustic sounds great thru it too.
    Sweetwater can get a cover for it too.

  • from Austin, Tx February 9, 2015

    the perfect small gig amp

    Basically it should get a 5 star rating but I'm deducting 1/2 a star for lack of an effects loop. To be honest you won't miss it. It is surprisingly loud and clean. Handles a 5 string better than any other 1x12 combo I've played through, some costing much more. It's light! For small and medium sized club gigs for any style except hard rock and metal it has you covered. I have had it about a month and gigged it 6 times with stellar results. The EQ and contour both work very well and the overall voicing of the cabinet is musical and efficient.

    If you are looking at this amp it's likely you just turned 40(ish) and decided to save yourself a little pain, downsize your rig to fit in a car(not an SUV), save setup time by ditching all those pedals, and enjoy your gigs a great deal more as a result. This will get you there. Even if you aren't 40(ish) it's a great gigging amp and it fits in the back seat of your car.

  • from September 9, 2014

    Great Amp

    Really great bass amp. Great sound great tone it's the best for it's price
    I love it

  • from New Jersey July 17, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Teacher, Sound Engineer, Producer

    Great Amp!

    Great little amp use this recording consistently delivers wide range of voices to whatever we're playing or I'm recording.
    Have used this amp with various basses from Squires, to Ken Smith, Fender AM Deluxe, Pedulla, Stingrays, Bongo, Ibanez, and Sadowsky.
    This amp handles them all and lets the instruments character evolve.

  • from Baltimore, MD January 22, 2013Music Background:
    Bass Player: no thumping or popping: 4 strings and GROOVE baby

    Great amp: great sound, really simple to get that sound and easy to carry

    I play 2-4 times a month in a number of different places/ generes. I need a simple/ portable bass amp with a great sound. I tried many with the graph EQ, compressors, 12AX7 front ends, etc. For the weight: nothing beats the sound and ease of use. Truly easy to carry: case with 2 basses in one hand and the amp in the other. No need for wheels or dolly (and I am no strong man!)

  • from Minneapolis, MN September 18, 2012Music Background:
    Musician, Engineer

    (Almost) Perfect combo

    I was getting some smaller room gigs and wanted a small combo to lug around instead of my GK100RBII head and cab. Thinking I'd just use the MB112II for those small gigs, I was blown away when I first tried it in a rehearsal setting. By itself, it cut through 2 electric guitars and drums and had volume to spare. Of course, volume is nothing if it doesn't sound good. This thing shines in terms of quality tone. The EQ is much different than my 1001RBii and small tweaks can make a big difference in the tone. Set flat, it's super punchy with a good amount of bottom end. I have yet to find a "honky" setting like some other small combos. Very warm sounding. Overall, there aren't many things to fiddle with on this amp. No compressor, no effects, no fx loop and no gain/master controls like the RB series. The volume and gain are the same on this amp and the louder to go, the more 'growl' you get from it (as obvious as that sounds).
    My one gripe about the amp is the line-out. GK rotated the plug from the previous version so you can actually get your xlr cable out, but the signal is noisy (or at least mine is). It's so noisy that I can't use it to record or DI to a PA. This isn't a deal breaker, but I was excited to try it out since I was getting such a sweet sound from the amp. Seeing as how the RB1001's line-out has been reliable for years, I'm not sure why GK would have skimped on this.
    This little amp is so close to being perfect, but the crumby line-out is a big knock since this amp will mostly find itself in a studio or small gig setting with perhaps PA support.

  • from February 16, 2016

    GK 112

    Very good tone for such a snall, lightweight amp.

  • from Central NJ November 1, 2013Music Background:
    Pro musician

    Great combo for the money

    Nice and compact, light for 200W. I was looking a straightforward practice amp with a DI and this does the job perfectly. 4 band EQ, easy tone-shaping and the -10db pad is handy too. I also picked up the 112MB powered cab for a great little 400w setup. Great bang for the buck!

Questions about the Gallien-Krueger MB112-II 1x12" 200-Watt Bass Combo?

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