Mesa/Boogie M9 Carbine 600-Watt Bass Head

600-watt 2U Rackmountable Bass Head with Compressor
Mesa/Boogie M9 Carbine 600-Watt Bass Head image 1
Mesa/Boogie M9 Carbine 600-Watt Bass Head image 1

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Mesa/Boogie M9 Carbine 600-Watt Bass Head
In Stock!

Huge Bass Power from Mesa/Boogie!

The Mesa/Boogie M9 Carbine builds on the success of the M6 Carbine, providing that signature Carbine sound while pounding out even more wattage. It incorporates the same time-tested combination of custom-designed MOSFETs that are used in the other Mesa/Boogie bass amps, but this guy incorporates a different preamp and driver section for a new feel, not to mention more attitude. A 9-band EQ and onboard compressor offer further tone-shaping capabilities. Craft bass tones that punch through even the most cluttered mixes with the M9 Carbine from Mesa/Boogie!

Mesa/Boogie M9 Carbine 600-watt Rackmountable Bass Head at a Glance:
  • Bigger is better
  • 9-band EQ for tone shaping
  • Controlled dynamics with onboard compressor
  • Take to the stage

Bigger is better
Bassists are always looking for more power, and purveyors of the low-end from the world over responded overnight to the clarity, attack, and definition of the M6's Trans-Class all-tube preamp and MOSFET power. They loved that it's easy to dial in the perfect sound and yet offers all the versatility they need via the power of the rotary voice feature. Add substantially more power and endow the preamp with a full set of studio-quality EQ and dynamic features and you've got the M9 Carbine. With a mighty 600 watts (into 4 ohms) of Trans-Class power that can harness all that energy within two rackspaces, the Carbine speed, punch, and detail can now be delivered at big-venue volume levels and leave all but the bravest souls with ample headroom in reserve.

9-band EQ for tone shaping
Are you a control freak? A studio-quality graphic EQ spreads the sound-shaping power across 9-bands ranging from 33Hz to 8Khz for ultimate fine-tuning. The 9-band graphic EQ features long-throw faders that can be put in-line all the time or triggered via the included footswitch. The EQ also incorporates a voice defeat feature that can turn off a selected voice mode when the 9-band EQ is triggered by the footswitch. This gives you instant access to an additional sound during performance.

Controlled dynamics with onboard compressor
Bassists frequently use an outboard compressor to help manage their dynamics, and the M9 Carbine makes this process even easier thanks to the inclusion of an onboard compressor. A full-featured compressor gives you complete control of dynamics and includes threshold control for sensitivity adjustment and ratio for gain reduction. The compressor features both threshold and ratio controls for studio-quality processing. Fine-tune both the attack characteristics and the amount of gain reduction with these powerful controls that interface seamlessly to the M9 Carbine's toneful preamp. Command the band to a new level of groove!

Take to the stage
Live performance is enhanced with the ability to add the 9-band graphic EQ on the fly, giving you a second sound on command. Plus, the tuner mute allows silent tuning.

Mesa/Boogie's Warranty: The Best in the Business!

Your new Mesa/Boogie amp is protected by Mesa/Boogie's transferable warranty: five years on the electronics, three years for speakers, and six months for tubes.

Mesa/Boogie M9 Carbine 600-watt Rackmountable Bass Head Features:
  • Handbuilt in Petaluma, California
  • Rackmountable - 2U
  • 600 watts at 2 or 4 ohms
  • 10 power MOSFETs and 1 x 12AX7
  • Active/passive input switch
  • Vacuum tube preamplifier
  • Controls include gain, active bass with pull deep, passive mid, 5-position active mid-voicing switch, active treble, and master volume with pull mute
  • Footswitchable, assignable, or bypassable 9-band graphic EQ with mid-voice active/defeat switch
  • Tuner output with footswitchable amplifier mute
  • FX loop with automatic hard bypass to completely remove when not in use
  • Balanced XLR line-out with pre/post switch and ground lift
  • 2 combination speakON/1/4" speaker output jacks
  • Fan cooling
  • 2-button footswitch (EQ and mute)
  • Important Notice for International Customers: Mesa/Boogie products sold by Sweetwater are intended for use within the United States. We are unable to ship any Mesa/Boogie products outside of the US.
Get premium bass tones with a ton of flexibility with the Mesa/Boogie M9 Carbine!

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M9 Carbine 600-Watt Bass Head User Manual

Tech Specs

Type Hybrid
Number of Channels 1
Total Power 600W
Compression Yes
EQ 9-band (Graphic)
Preamp Tubes 1 x 12AX7
Inputs 1 x Instrument
Outputs 2 x speakON, 1 x Tuner, 1 x XLR
Footswitch I/O Yes
Effects Loop Yes
Height 3.5"
Width 19"
Depth 14.5"
Weight 28 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number 6.FM9

Customer Reviews

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Buy It...

My Sweetwater sales representative, Dan Overstreet, suggested this to me. I've been ordering equipment from Dan for years, and this was one of, if not the best suggestion he has ever given to me. The Mesa M9 is one of the most versatile bass amps I have ever used in my years of professional playing. The controls are easy to use, and even easier to dial in the tone you want. It has very little breakup at high volumes. The voice control knob gives you a perfect starting place to find that dream tone. This thing blows the Aguilar and Ampeg competitors out of the water. If you are even considering buying this amp, just do it. You won't be sorry. :)
Music background: Professional Bass Player

Well..... Just a killing machine

I own a Ampeg SVT 4 Pro, a Mesa Titan V12 and have owned the M-Pulse 600. While I didn't really like the M-Pulse 600, I really love both the Titan and the SVT 4 Pro. But that M9... It's just a killing machine. How come Mesa made such an amp is such a form factor? It's just genius. That amp is full of super power form super bright clean to super heavy fat bottom tones. That, without any compromises in quickness dynamic modern tone. whatever the sound you ask from it, it will produce it without even breaking a little sweat. The tone is just heaven!! To me, even better than my Titan V12... However, very close to my SVT 4 Pro in terms of headroom massive fat and clean tone. If you're after vintage tone, forget the Carbine series and go for the M-Pulse. But do yourself a favor and try the M9. For all the rest of bass players, just get one without even hesitating. The power is 600W but it feels like it's 10 000W. I swear what I'm saying. Stop reading and go get one!

Great Head, Great Company

I own a lot of Mesa gear including all three of the Carbines (M3, M6 and M9), a Walkabout Head and Walkabout Scout 12 combo. I find the M9 to be versatile and powerful enough to handle just about any job. It sounds incredible with my PH410 (8 Ohm) and one or both of my PH212 (8 Ohm) cabs. The amp is very fast and clean (excellent articualtion between notes) and produces a solid, thick sound that is a little short of being warm, but is quite full and meaty. The EQ options are plentiful enough to compensate for any room acoustics or tonal goals. The compressor is very nice, especially for an in-head unit, and works as well for me as my Diamond Bass Copmressor or Aguilar TLC. Additionally, the M9 has pretty much every feature you could ask for in bass head, and few that you may not have even thought of. I would like to mention that while I did not experience any thermal shutdown issues with my Carbines, Mesa had me send all three back for updating at no cost to me and they covered the return shipping. As part of the rework required to address potential thermal issues, my M9 was returned in the 600 watt configuration (it was 900 watts when bought it). Some people found that objectionable. For me, I'm grateful that Mesa was willing to update my amps at their own cost to prevent me from a having a problem on stage - that says a lot about them as a comapny and how much they value their customers. Quite frankly I can't tell one bit of difference in the performance or perceived loudness due the decrease from 900 to 600 Watts. The M9 is an absolute beast that has more than enough reserve capacity and headroom to carry the day for anything I've ever done indoors or out. This head punches hard and words like thin, weak or strugging would be the very last thoughts to come to mind while playing it. During soundchecks no one has ever requested me to do anything but turn down a bit. Even if it's not a head that meets your personal tone/sound goals, playing it is an experience that will leave a smile on your face, as will doing business with a great company like Mesa.
Music background: Professional Musician

WOW!!! I love this thing...

I have played Mesa Boogie bass amps now for over 30 years and swear by them so go out and try one!!! You owe it to yourself to experience the awesome bass tone and bone crushing power of this amp… They're not the easiest on the wallet, but when you buy the best, you only feel the sting once… I'm a huge advocate for owning all "Made In America" gear right down to my cables, so Mesa makes that checklist as well… Sound Quality: I play in a 90's Tribute Alternative Rock Band and a 60's British Rock band… I have it coupled with the Mesa Boogie Power House 4x10 Bass Cab 4 ohm which is a lethal combination… It never breaks a sweat on large stages (500-2000 people)... This amp retired my Big Block 750… I also use it for very small club and restaurant gigs with local L.A. players and it easily covers any tone I need instantly with the 5 position tone knob.... I have used just about every amp on the planet over the years as part of back-line supplied bass rigs on festive gigs and although they get the job done, they always leave me missing my Mesa Tone… It's so fast and articulate as well as rich and deep all while being focused!!! Ease of Use: It took me a whole 2 minutes to dial in my tone out of the box... I know that there are a lot of dials and controls on the amp but once you are used to MESA it gets pretty straight forward… I don't even use the EQ at all, I just don't need it… I would have considered the M6 but I really wanted the Compressor and it was the right choice… The only negative for me about this amp is the lack of a dedicated front panel mute switch as opposed to the integrated Master Volume/Mute Pull Knob... P.S. Did I mention that this thing is built like a TANK!!!
Music background: Weekend Warrior

Mesa M 9 Carbine combo amp

I have been playing out over 40 years. I have owned a lot of equipment. 24 years ago I purchased my first Boogie . Its been lov e all the way. This Bass amp has it all. Punch, volume, clarity, tone at a price that is not out of line with it does. My amp is relitively small but man what a huge sound. Run, don't walk to your nearest amp store and put your money down. You won't be sorry
Music background: Pro Guitar, Bass , Audio player

Sweetwater Advice

Mark Thompson

I bought my Mesa bass amp 12 years ago after playing everything on the market. Only the Mesa delivered the tone and power I need for the diverse styles I play.

Patrick Dennis

This has enough juice for the largest venues - there must be a nuclear reactor in this thing!
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