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Furman M-8Lx Reviews

4.5 stars based on 26 customer reviews
Questions about the Furman M-8Lx?

Questions about the Furman M-8Lx?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Seattle, WA September 16, 2015Music Background:
    Jazz, Rock, Pop Vocalist and keyboard player 3-+ years.

    Has made a huge difference!

    Ordered this to run our mixer (Mackie DL1608) and mains through. I also run my Shure cordless mic receiver and Shure wireless transmitter. One of our venues has had much interference in the past, almost making the gig not worth it. We played last Saturday and our in ear monitors were so clear...no interference at all! It made all the difference. Best purchase I've made so far for the band.

  • from Los Angeles May 30, 2015Music Background:
    Voice Actor


    This Furman Power conditioner is perfect for me needs and the addition of lights to work in the dark by makes it even better. It's a great design and very useful!

  • from San Antonio, TX October 15, 2014Music Background:
    Ham Radio Operator

    Excellent Power conditioner

    Love it, love it. Nice to have lights to view items in a darker environment and also to have plenty of power outlets knowing that this conditioner will protect your electronics against any power surges that can hurt your equipment.

  • from October 9, 2014

    Furman M-8Lx

    Does exactly what it says it will. I power my bass rig AND my guitar players triple rectifier with this sucker. The lights on the front are an awesome touch too!

  • from Savannah GA December 23, 2013Music Background:
    35+ years of semi-professional experience

    Awesome Buy!!!

    If you're looking for a great power conditioner for your amp rack needs, don't look any further. Great product with plenty of receptacles for all your needs. Ordering was a breeze and the unit arrived with no damage

  • from Manchester, CT July 26, 2013Music Background:
    Audio Engineer

    The product simply works.

    I visited a friend in NJ and saw this in his set up. I asked him about it and he swore by it cleaning up the audio path, both recording and monitoring. I went on SW and read reviews and did my due diligence to pick the right one. Of course, with the beautiful service on SW, I was up and running within the work week (ordered place to product arriving at my door) and I did tests with my interface on the pre-amps. I was 'floored' that the noise floor was just gone. I tried my ribbon out (low output of course) and cranked it with NO NOISE. Previously, I'd hear some noise coming when having to turn up the pre for a reasonable level. It gets better... I listen to some past mixes/masters, and compared it to commercial recordings. My Rokit 8s seemed to have that slight extension on the bottom end. It's slight, but it's differently there. I can't believe I've worked without it for the last 2 years. Buy one now. Enough said.

  • from Vernonia, OR March 30, 2013Music Background:
    Pro & semi-pro musician, live sound & recording engineer.

    Works Like A Charm

    As a long time guitar player and confirmed tube-a-holic, I was very impressed by the way the Furman M-8Lx integrated seamlessly into my rig. I took care of some power issues I was experiencing and made my tone even better. Clean power is the key to clean sound, even if you want to overdrive it! Excellent unit!!!

  • from Carmichael, CA May 31, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist bass player

    Does the job well

    I wanted something to help with the power for my bass equipment in our church setting. It helps with my sound and provides consistent power.

  • from Fremont, Ohio August 8, 2011Music Background:
    pro musician and hobbyist

    Peace of mind

    I have secure peace of mind and trust furman's product. I am very happy with this purchase. Plus it's great looking in my rack.

  • from Eastern,NE August 9, 2016Music Background:
    Les Paul enthusiast 30+ yrs.

    Your Must Have item !!!

    Had power conditioners on all my beloved P.A. and guitar rack ect. Just recently during a heavy thunderstorm My shortwave vertical outdoor antenna took a direct hit and it must of "spidered" into my home Electrical feed-in, all while rehearsing , It took out the master 200 amp circuit breaker on my main panel,and unfortunately "The Furman" was instantly FRIED, but it protected all ten outlets (All my gear) and all my other electronic equipment throughout my house Computer ,stereo, flatscreen TV ect. as I have 4 power conditioners. The control board on my furnace Toast! the control board on my out door heat pump Toast !, the stereo in my Garage Toast!,as these components were not protected with any power conditioner. Lightening has a very unpredictable nature about it, Current physics and science still holds it in mystery in many aspects. I am not a sales person for Furman,I am writing this just to help other Musicians,professionals hobbyist,ect to having a small knowledge base on the potentials of real world nature. Don't know about you,but I only purch$e the best gear I can afford,and it don't come easy. Your a fool if you now understand my conveyance and do not make these power conditioners your very next purchase item.And I want to thank Furman oh' Soooo Much!, you guys saved me over 10 K $ in equipment. Enough Said.

  • from Indianapolis June 30, 2015Music Background:

    Clean reliable power

    Simple no frills, except for the useful pull out lights, works everyday, road worthy build, rack mountable & great outlet spacing. Industry standard addition to your rig. Clean reliable power on the road, can't ask for anything more for the price.

  • from Tacoma, WA August 6, 2013Music Background:


    Works as it should. It took me 2 weeks of owning the Furman M-8Lx to find out what the two circles on the front are. I found out in a youtube video that they are lights that can be pulled out then when you push them back in they shut off automatically. It also has a dimmer switch for the lights. The two lights do not seem too bright but I havent tried it in a really dark spot either like a lot of venues. This is my very first piece of rack mountable gear. It seems solidly built.

  • from San Diego August 10, 2012Music Background:
    Performing Artist

    Reliable gear you expect from Furman

    Does what it's supposed to do. Makes no noise unlike some lesser brands. Industry standard so can't go wrong with this one.

  • from Pevely, Mo. May 2, 2012Music Background:

    It Works!!!

    While doing a sesion we had an unexpected thunderstorm come thru( i live in tornado alley)..lightning strike and power went off...everything in my studio still works as well as the Furman...need i say more?

  • from February 3, 2012Music Background:

    Furman M-8Lx

    The unit works great in my rack. It's powering all the stuff without any problems and the lights are nice to have in those dark environments

  • from May 5, 2017Music Background:
    Guitarist, keyboardist, bassist

    Furman Still The Best

    As usual, the Furman Power Conditioners are the best value out there. I use them in the studio (have 4 of them) and they have made a huge difference in the lack of electrical interference noise and keeps the power draw even with no "drops" in voltage. And I LOVE the front panel lights for illuminating the racks. Well worth the money.

  • from Houston August 28, 2015


    The power conditioning is great, but there aren't currently many rack lamp solutions on Sweetwater, so this was worth the price just for the lamps. It comes with some ok-quality incandescents, but it might be worth trying to replace them with better, brighter bulbs, maybe even LEDs. The extra quick plug on the front is also pretty handy.

  • from Fort Wayne, IN March 10, 2015Music Background:
    Songwriter, Recording Hobbyist

    As Advertisded

    Works great. Distributes and conditions power. I feel like my rack equipment has an "insurance policy" now. The pull-out rack lights on the front are very handy. Also, the front end of my recordings has definitely gone quieter since using this equipment. Thanks, Furman. Nice unit, good price, and quick delivery from Sweetwater.

  • from NC, USA October 14, 2014Music Background:
    I know things about things

    I've got the power

    This is a great power conditioner. Sturdy construction, painfully easy setup, and rotating exterior lights help keep your rig well lit in low light situations. Another nice feature is the front facing outlet just in case you have something that you quickly need to plugin or throw on top of your rack.

    Nothing crazy. Does what you'd expect. Not too heavy.

  • from Indy area January 2, 2014Music Background:
    live event recording

    great add'n to portable 6U audio rack

    for a nice price, adds much-needed panel lights and power conditioning (with wall-wart spacing) to a "short" 6U audio case with a 3U Eurorack mixer and two 1U compressors.

  • from Aiken, SC June 10, 2012Music Background:
    Trumpet artist, Amateur Radio Operator

    A non-music rack review of the M-8LX

    Amateur Radio operators have been making "GO BOXES" out of GATOR cases for some time. These are portable radio stations that can be moved in and out of disaster areas quickly, and are rapidly deployed. Each GO BOX is different. I saw a review of the M-8LX's AC EMI/RFI filtering capabilities. This and multiple switched outlets made this a perfect selection for my use. My only complaint are the very dim lights of the unit. I would think that since there is a light dimmer, that the intensity could have been designed much brighter and decreased as necessary.

  • from United States April 17, 2012Music Background:
    bass slinger

    Great Value

    This unit solves all of your rack power cabling organizational problems while providing great protection for your equipment. It comfortably manages 3 AC adapters and + 5 power cables in the back. The added outlet on the front is perfect for laptops and desktop synth modules. Mount the unit on the top of your rack and use the retractable lights when working in dark conditions. If you're looking for a decently priced unit that organizes your rack power cabling and provides excellent protection, look no further.

  • from Professional Hobbyist May 31, 2016

    Forman M-8LX

    Works well for suppling multiple outlets. It does not have LED lights such as in the PL-Plus series. My only other gripe is that the cord is only six feet long.

  • from November 19, 2013Music Background:
    Studio Owner - Producer/Engineer


    I live in a building with unstable power. I feel more secure now that this is part of my rack setup. I also get far less hum when I am tracking guitar and bass.

  • from Knoxville June 28, 2014Music Background:

    Completes my need for noise reduction and protection

    The AC power in our area seems to be noisy and unpredictable. Several of my amps seemed to have too much background noise.
    I began tackling the problem with a Radial JD7 Injector which helped considerably. The Furman M-8LX seemed to complete the fix.
    I also wanted a unit that would be a master ON/OFF switch for some of my effects units that do not have their own switches.
    I am very satisfied with this purchase.

  • from December 5, 2015

    Not bad

    Does the job as far as noise reduction- had a loose light (tightened it and it worked) and smelled bad when the light got hot the first time (like wood stain / paint)

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