Yamaha M7CL-32 v3 Digital Mixer

32-channel M7CL Series Digital Mixer with Centralogic Control Surface, Virtual Circuitry Modeling Technology, Yamaha REV-X Reverb, Storage and Recall for Up to 300 Scenes, and Remote Control Via Tablet or Computer
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Yamaha M7CL-32 v3 Digital Mixer image 1
Yamaha M7CL-32 v3 Digital Mixer image 1
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Yamaha M7CL-32 v3 Digital Mixer
In Stock!

Digital Mixing with Analog Comfort

You'll rethink the notion that digital is difficult

Carrying on the legacy of their acclaimed PM1DV2 and PM5D consoles, the Yamaha M7CL-32 will make you rethink the notion that digital mixers are difficult to use. Thanks to its revolutionary Centralogic control surface, the M7CL-32 is as easy and intuitive to use as an analog mixing console. Make no mistake, this innovative console will feel familiar and comfortable the first time you sit in front of it! On top of that, the M7CL-32's impressive array of functions, including Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) and REV-X reverbs, eliminates the need for racks of external gear, making it the perfect all-in-one mixing solution for medium-sized live sound applications.

  • Straightforward and intuitive operation
  • A plethora of built-in effects
  • The perfect all-in-one mixing solution
As easy and intuitive to use as an analog mixing console

Hover over features below for a detailed description

The Display section is a touchscreen that you can operate by touching the surface of the screen
The Selected Channel section lets you set the mix parameters for the currently selected input channel or output channel
The sold-separately Meter Bridge lets you monitor the Mix/Matrix channel levels at all times
The Scene Memory/Monitor section lets you perform operations for scene memory and monitoring
The Input section lets you control the main parameters of monaural input channels 1–32
The Stereo Input section lets you control the principal parameters for the stereo input channels 1–4
The Centralogic section lets you control a group of (up to) eight channels or DCA groups selected in the Navigation Keys section
The User Defined Keys section executes the functions that have been assigned by the user
The Stereo/Mono Master section lets you control the principal parameters of the Stereo/Mono channels
The Navigation Keys section lets you select the channels that will be controlled by the Centralogic section and in the touchscreen
The Input jacks are balanced XLR female input jacks for inputting analog audio signals from line-level devices or microphones
The Stereo In jacks are balanced XLR female input jacks for inputting analog audio signals from line-level devices or microphones
The Lamp connector is a 4-pin female XLR output jack that supplies power to a sold-separately gooseneck lamp
The Omni Out jacks are XLR male output jacks that output analog audio signals
The 2-track Output Digital jack is an AES/EBU jack that outputs the digital audio signal of a desired channel (usually the Stereo/Mono channel) in AES/EBU format
The Remote connector is a D-Sub 9-pin male connector for remotely controlling an external head amp device that supports a special protocol
The Word Clock In/Out connectors are BNC connectors used to transmit and receive word clock signals to and from an external device
The MIDI In/Out connectors are used to transmit and receive MIDI messages to and from external MIDI devices
The Network connector is an RJ-45 connector that allows the M7CL-32 to be connected to a computer via an Ethernet cable
Slots 1–3 allow sold-separately mini-YGDAI I/O cards to be installed to expand the input/output ports
The AC In connector is where you connect the included power cord
The Power switch turns the M7CL-32 on and off
The DC Power Input connector lets you connect the separately sold PW800W as a backup external power supply
The Grounding screw may effectively eliminate noise such as hum and interference
All of the M7CL-32's mix controls are accessed via its Centralogic interface

Centralogic Interface for Straightforward Control

As intuitive as an analog console (if not more so)

The secret to the Yamaha M7CL-32's ease of use lies with its innovative Centralogic interface, which simplifies its operation to the point where it's as intuitive as an analog console (if not more so). Instead of forcing you to sift through endless, complicated menus, all of the M7CL-32's mix controls are accessed via just two displays: Overview and Selected Channel. The Overview display, which is the M7CL-32's default display, gives you a standard view of an 8-channel group that you select via the Centralogic navigation keys. These keys, laid out just like an 8-channel group on a console, let you easily bring any group of eight channels to the central controls with a single press of a button. The Selected Channel display gives you in-depth control by letting you zoom in on the channel of your choice to adjust its individual parameters such as preamp gain, dynamics, and EQ. All of the M7CL-32's mix controls (other than each channel's individual motor fader) can be accessed with the Centralogic interface.

  • Intuitive Centralogic control surface
  • Overview display gives you a standard 8-channel group view
  • Selected Channel display gives you in-depth individual control

Sophisticated Sonic Control

Loads of great-sounding headroom with recallable settings

Of course, all of the simplicity and ease of use wouldn't amount to much if the Yamaha M7CL-32 didn't sound good. Luckily, this remarkable console's class-leading input-channel head amplifiers give you plenty of great-sounding headroom with over 72dB of gain. Best of all, the M7CL-32's head amplifier gain is recallable like almost all of the console's other settings. And if you want access to +48-volt phantom power and phase settings, a simple touch of the M7CL-32's display puts all of the control you want — right at your fingertips. You also get intuitive control of dynamics, EQ, and channel linkage, as well as buses and matrices.

  • Class-leading input-channel head amplifiers
  • Recallable gain settings
  • Intuitive control of gain, dynamics, EQ, and more
Great-sounding headroom with over 72dB of gain
The M7CL-32 puts a plethora of sound-shaping tools at your disposal

Outstanding Effects and Effect Control

A plethora of sound-shaping tools at your fingertips

Packed with eight internal effects processors, the Yamaha M7CL-32 puts a plethora of sound-shaping tools at your disposal. With a few effortless touches on the M7CL-32's screen, you have quick access to great-sounding effects and EQs. The crown jewel of the M7CL-32's effects, however, is its inclusion of Yamaha's remarkable Virtual Circuitry Modeling technology, which effectively models various pieces of analog gear, right down to their individual components. Whether you want to add some musical analog compression or saturation to your mix, or simply add a touch of vintage-tinged EQ, the M7CL-32 will inject your mix with an abundance of authentic-sounding analog vibe. On top of that, you get a complete suite of Yamaha REV-X reverb effects!

  • Quick access to great-sounding effects and EQs
  • Virtual Circuitry Modeling analog emulations
  • Yamaha REV-X reverb, graphic EQ, and more

Efficient Interface and Control Functions

Streamlined, efficient workflow is the name of the game

With the Yamaha M7CL-32, a streamlined, efficient workflow is the name of the game. In addition to remarkably easy-to-use Centralogic faders, you also get 12 user-defined keys that can be assigned to perform a range of useful functions. Want to assign tap tempo to your delays, jump to a specific display screen, or activate talkback? Just assign the function and press a button — it's really that simple! On top of that, channel names and icons appear at the top and bottom of every channel for easy visual identification — no more fumbling around in the dark with a flashlight! If that wasn't enough, you also get straightforward control of DCA and mute groups and simplified, no-nonsense routing and patching via the M7CL-32's intuitive digital patching interface.

  • Streamlined, efficient workflow
  • Handy user-defined keys
  • Highly visible channel names and icons
  • Simplified control of DCA and mute groups
  • No-nonsense routing and patching
The M7CL-32 provides you with a streamlined, efficient workflow
Create ultra-precise monitor mixes with the M7CL-32's faders

Features for Optimum Monitoring

Ultra-precise monitor mixes and quick access to functions

Thanks to the Yamaha M7CL-32's Sends on Fader function, it's child's play to create ultra-precise monitor mixes. You also get speedy access to matrix and mix send levels. You also have the choice of controlling monitor/cue levels using either a fader or a monitor level encoder. Many engineers prefer to use a fader, as it's a better visual level indicator, allowing for more precise, comfortable adjustment. On top of that, each of the M7CL-32's mix buses can be quickly assigned to mono or stereo operation. You also get a Pre-EQ send, which is ideal for feeding in-ear monitor systems.

  • Create ultra-precise monitor mixes
  • Fast access to matrix and mix send levels
  • Fader- or encoder-controlled monitor/cue levels
  • Mono or stereo mix buses and Pre-EQ send

Advantages of Digital Technology

Maximum digital value with features that make a difference

When you really dive into the Yamaha M7CL-32's advanced features, you'll quickly get a feel for the advantages of digital technology. First of all, you can store up to 300 scenes. Scenes are a complete snapshot of all of your settings that can be recalled for use at a later time, making setup a snap. You can take advantage of the M7CL-32's Global Paste function, which allows you to edit the parameters of multiple scenes simultaneously, eliminating the need to recall and edit individual scenes. On top of that, Recall Focus and Recall Safe functions let you specify the parameters to be recalled with each scene or specify parameters that are not to be recalled with any scene. These functions allow you to store basic setups for different types of shows, make last-minute changes to your settings in all scenes to accommodate a fill-in musician, or prevent any scene recall operation from changing a critical overall setting. If that wasn't enough, the Channel Library lets you store channel parameter settings such as dynamics and EQ for fast, efficient setup.

  • Store and recall up to 300 scenes
  • Edit multiple scenes simultaneously
  • Specify which parameters to be recalled or not recalled
  • Store individual channel parameter settings
The M7CL-32's advanced features demonstrate the advantages of digital technology
The M7CL StageMix and M7CL Editor apps are great timesavers

Tight iPad and Computer Integration

Mix remotely from the audience or the performer's perspective

Thanks to Yamaha's state-of-the-art M7CL StageMix iOS app, it's possible to mix on the M7CL-32 remotely using your iPad. Imagine being able to mix from the audience's or performer's positions — you can ensure that your show sounds great in every corner of the venue! You can also use the M7CL Editor app, which is compatible with both Macs and PCs, to set up the M7CL-32's parameters via your computer, both on- or offline. You can use the M7CL Editor to conveniently manage scene and patch list data, for example, and keyboard entry capability can be a huge advantage for typing channel names, etc. You also get the Yamaha Console File Converter, which allows data to be shared between a number of Yamaha digital mixing consoles. One thing's for sure: these innovative apps are great timesavers!

  • M7CL StageMix allows you to mix remotely with your iPad
  • M7CL Editor lets you set your parameters via your computer
  • Console File Converter shares data between consoles

The Yamaha M7CL-32's ease of use is unprecedented for a digital console. In addition to its intuitive Centralogic control surface, class-leading input-channel head amplifiers, plethora of built-in effects, and recallability, you also get password-protected USB key access and secure backup to a flash drive, among a host of other innovative and useful features. It's a fact: the M7CL-32's straightforward design, stellar sound quality, and onboard digital technology make it a viable replacement for your analog console and racks full of outboard gear. If you're an analog guy and considering going digital, the Yamaha M7CL-32 should be high up on your list!

A viable replacement for your analog console and racks full of outboard gear

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Tech Specs

Type Digital
Channels 32
Inputs - Mic Preamps 40 x XLR
Phantom Power 41 x Channels
Inputs - Other 1 x XLR (Talkback)
Inputs - Digital 1 x MIDI, 1 x BNC (Clock)
Outputs - Digital 1 x MIDI, 1 x BNC (Clock), 1 x XLR (AES/EBU)
Outputs - Main 16 x XLR
Busses/Groups 16 x Bus
Data I/O Ethernet
I/O Expansion Slots 3 x Slots
Headphones 1 x 1/4"
Faders 46 x 100mm Throw
EQ Bands 4-band
Effects Yes
Talkback Yes
Height 11.25"
Depth 27.625"
Width 41.75"
Weight 92.6 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number M7CL-32

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