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MXR M68 Uni-Vibe Chorus / Vibrato Pedal Reviews

4.0 stars based on 13 customer reviews
Questions about the MXR M68 Uni-Vibe Chorus / Vibrato Pedal?

Questions about the MXR M68 Uni-Vibe Chorus / Vibrato Pedal?

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  • Dean Bothwell
    from Still here December 18, 2016Music Background:
    Bedroom rockstar

    Oh HELL yeah

    You heard it, Trower and Hendrix, it's true, hit a note or chord and just stare at your guitar, yes that's you playing not Robin or Hendrix but if you close your eyes and just listen to those notes ring out, especially with delay...wow, your there.

  • Tony Conklin
    from NYC/NJ September 29, 2016Music Background:
    35 Years of Hard Rock Performance

    Hendrix/Trower Psychedelia to the Max!

    Love this pedal. Ordered from Sweetwater (of course). This thing brings back sooooo many memories. If you own Bridge of Sighs, the epic desert island disc from Robin Trower, you know what this pedal sounds like. It also conjures up some other great sounds used by the masters Hendrix, Page, Lifeson, and others from the heavy psychedelic era. Wonder what Jimi was using when he ripped the "Star Spangled Banner?" Plug into this bad boy and voila... you got it pegged. If you're looking to add that sumthin sumthin that your flanger or phase 90 just doesn't do for you... this is your solution. Watery, trippy, stoner rock jam machine!

  • Customer
    from March 25, 2016

    My review, as requested

    Absolutely great, either with Strat single coils, or a pair of humbuckers. The neck position will put you in ethereal space out near Jupiter. I've been after this sound in my head for decades.

  • Jesse
    from Northern WI USA March 9, 2014Music Background:

    Awesome Uni-Vibe!!

    I've been waiting for Dunlop/MXR to reissue the Uni-Vibe since it was discontinued a few years back. I was excited to see it while looking at new gear online from the NAMM 2014 show. I pre-ordered it from Sweetwater as soon as it was made available. Just received it a few days ago and I gotta say it is a great pedal. Sounds very close to the older Dunlop Uni-Vibe, only in a Phase 90 sized stompbox. It absolutely nails the Hendrix, Gilmour, Trower tones. Has a lot of depth/throb. I've tried a few cheaper Uni-Vibe style pedals such as the Danelectro Cool Cat Vibe and the Moen Shaky Jimi. This one blows them away. Although this reissue uses FET technology rather than a photo lamp, it doesn't sound like a glorified phaser. It actually sounds like a vintage Uni-Vibe. Very well done MXR.

  • a.Tuneman
    from mT April 11, 2017Music Background:
    I have been playing since 1963.


    I own an original Uni-vox Univibe from the 70's. This little box sounds fine to me.
    It fits on a board in a much smaller space. Many have tried to get THAT SOUND before.
    The original has a footpedal for speed. This does not. This may be considered to be a 1.5 trick pony.
    But it sounds good to me!

  • Frank Lombardi
    from East Stroudsburg P.A. April 6, 2017

    MXR MX68 Uni-Vibe Chorus/Vibrato Pedal

    I was looking for a good vibe pedal.very nice sound cool man.cool

  • Darren
    from March 11, 2015Music Background:
    Rock, blues, acoustic

    Great Pedal

    If you just have to have that vintage Univibe sound.... Spend a $1000.00 and satisfy your peace of mind. If you are not worried about having something on your board, for a fraction of the price of the original, that saounds awesome... Dig in here!

    I'll never have an original Univibe as much as I love Hendrix and the tones etc... Because it's not that important to me. What is important is to have the capability of dialling in the tone. This pedal totally does that. I see some who say they can't get the tone.... Look at your rig and yourself... I've been playing for over 30 years and this pedal gets you what you need.

    I had the UV-1 and regret selling it... But this pedal is everything the UV-1 was (minus the stereo out) and with a small foot print.

    My board loves it and more importantly I love it. I sold the UV-1 (I'm an idiot) but I won't sell this.

    If you want an authentic sounding Univibe... Here you go... You want to whine... Fill your boots!

  • Robert P Malaniak
    from Pennsylvania April 21, 2014Music Background:
    Guitarist and Vocalist in the 60s tribute, PIPE DREAMS


    This replaces my Micro Vibe that sometimes get lost in the mix, as
    do many of these effects. The best feature here, is the addition of a
    level control which allows you to add volume to the effect, and therefore
    bring it up, in the mix!
    The overall tone of this new offering from MXR is excellent and is a
    welcome addition to any pedalboard.

  • Oscar Cardona
    from January 26, 2016


    I would describe this pedal as smooth and creamy. Sensitive controls from a soft pulse for your clean strumming and crunch rhythm to an out of this world effect. My favorite setting is speed and level between 10 & 11 o'clock and depth at 5. The chorus button doesn't impress me and I don't use it at all. However it does have an extra LED light to let you know the chorus is off when the pedal is disengage. Thru the effects loop or just in front of the amp it will do great.

  • Joe
    from The Burgh February 10, 2015Music Background:
    45 years, still learning :)

    Nice addition to the board

    Small package/footprint. Good control adjustments to help dial-in your effect. Pitch change in the "Chorus" mode can make you queasy (use in moderation)

  • JFairweather
    from Austin October 23, 2016Music Background:
    Semi-retired pro, clubs to arenas, studio production, etc.

    Good, but not a Unieibe

    I used an original Univibe for years until it finally could no longer be repaired - bought it new way back in 1972. It finally died back around 1995 and I've been looking for a replacement ever since. Don't get me wrong – this pedal has a nice sound, but regardless of the identical logo, the sound is different. Specifically, the virtual panning is based on a sine wave (overlapping sine waves that are slightly offset). The original did not use a sine wave, as the turn=around at both ends of the cycle was not instant, but dragged a little. Listen to Hendrix' long sustained notes in Machine Gun on the original Band of Gypys album. You can hear how it slams at the high end (this simulates the horn of a Leslie while the low end represents the spinning styrofoam cylinder placed over the woofer). My advice is that if you like the sound of the MXR Univibe, buy it and enjoy it, but if you want the genuine Hendrix tone, you'd have to find an original (and hope it still works).

  • Customer
    from Pennsylvania July 31, 2014

    MXR UniVibe

    Sounds are awesome.
    Only issue was the quality of workmanship.
    Took it out of the box and a screw just fell out of the housing. Hole was stripped. Knobs feel cheap and low quality.

  • Customer
    from May 15, 2017

    MXR Uni-Vibe

    Okay effect if you are looking for it. For me it's not pliable to my playing. I wish I would have returned it for something more useful.

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