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Rode M5 Matched Pair Reviews

4.5 stars based on 11 customer reviews
Questions about the Rode M5 Matched Pair?

Questions about the Rode M5 Matched Pair?

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  • Tyler Berggren

    I picked up my pair of Rode M5s with the usual stereo miking jobs in mind, but I've been surprised at how often they end up being used for spot miking duties as well. They are extremely high-quality mics, regardless of their price. With their high SPL handling, I've found M5's do a great job on overheads, snare, toms, acoustic guitar, and pretty much anything else I've put them on.

  • from San Jose, CA February 21, 2017

    Awesome Pair of Mics for the Price

    These mics are good for Choir, All I need is one of these for 14 kids Choir and they sounded really great.

  • from Spring, TX January 7, 2017Music Background:

    Love them!

    I bought the matched pair around Christmas 2016 time . I had been looking for a more natural sound for my Gibson J185ec jumbo. I have always had great sound live but have been searching for a great sound for recording and the M5's have been the best I have tried so far. Especially for my budget! I am a Rode fan and have a 1 NT1-A. It sounded good for guitar, but I was looking for a little more warmth and got it with M5's. Their light weight also is a plus for mic placement. I am sure there are some great mics out there but these provide the sound I like and you can't beat that price.

  • from April 23, 2016

    Using them while writing this

    Doing a second orchestra Recording with these as i type this. Seriouslyblown away im using the along side ldc mics worth $2500 + and for the second time these wind up the primary stereo pair in my stereo image about 6 to 7 feet back on both sides of the instrument section 7-10 feet in from of the choir i mean the strings sound forward almost close miced but sweet and not shrill like some sdc mics do to violins when too close very very worth the money and beyond

  • from January 2, 2015

    Amazing Mics

    The only drums mics I was left to buy were overheads, and when I got these I was blown away at how great these sounded. And for the price, wow. Perfect mics for anyone, for any budget.

  • from Laguna Niguel, CA USA August 15, 2014Music Background:
    Professional Opera Singer and Teacher of Singing

    Fabulous recommendation!

    Thank you so much for recommending the Rode M5 Matched Pair Microphones. I am totally delighted with them. Wonderful clear pickup!

  • from May 2, 2017

    Natural Sounding with a Sweet Top End

    I have only used these for drum overheads. So, take this review for what it's worth to you. However, I can say that I have been recording drums in the same space for several years. So, I kind of have a baseline idea of how to differentiate the sound of OH mics in my studio. Before I got these, I was using a pair of SM81s. I got the M5s because they were small enough to use on a stereo bar without a lot of fuss and I liked that they were matched. But, I was really more interested in experimenting with stereo bar overhead micing configurations than I was with experimenting with a new pair of overhead mics. And these mics were inexpensive enough to buy just for that purpose. I figured I'd go back to the SM81s when I wasn't using the stereo bar. But, after about 8 months of using these almost exclusively as drum overheads (in a spaced pair and on the stereo bar), I can say I am really fond of them. It is so hard to evaluate a microphone. The source, the room, the player . . . these are all variables that affect a mic's "sound." But since I mostly record myself in the same place, I can say with confidence that these are probably the best drum overheads I've used (and I've used much more expensive mics over the years). They add a certain shimmer and sparkle on my cymbals. Other mics I've used now seem dull by comparison. Some people may call this a "hyped" top end. But these mics don't sound harsh or brittle to me. "Sweet" is the term I would use. I don't eq the top end at all because I think they are perfect on my cymbals and in my space. Meanwhile, the lows and mids are very natural sounding with a sweet top end. That's how I would described these mics: natural sounding with a sweet top end.

  • from Solivita, Poinciana, Florida February 4, 2017

    High Quality Mikes

    We just used a matched pair of Rode M5 microphones at a recent string quartet concert. Sound was excellent distinctly picking up each instrument's output. The 2 microphones were placed in front of the quartet in cross position using a slide bar mounted on a microphone stand.

  • from Grayslake, IL March 20, 2015Music Background:
    Live sound/Recording engineer.

    Very Pleasant Surprise.

    Doing live sound at a music venue in suburban Chicago, I needed a pair of overheads. I love my 451's, but I don't like dragging them around with me to bars and night clubs, so I needed to buy something that performed, but wouldn't find me throwing my power tie over a rafter in the garage if they got lost, damaged, or stolen. Did a lot of reading, and found these. Have been hearing good things about Røde. Not expecting a huge surprise, I was very pleased when I got one.

    They have a higher noise floor than I like in a microphone, but for the application, it was manageable, given the levels. And the high 140db headroom made short work of setup, with an S/N that is quite respectable at this price point. Could benefit from a roll off switch, but that's a small matter. The response is smooth, with just enough presence rise to lift the position in the mix, and the top end is detailed without being overbearing. A touch of shelving, a bit of gate, and we're off to the races.

    Stereo recording is very easy. With nice detail, smooth mids and bottoms, and a fairly unencumbered sound. For field recording these are a good choice.

    They handle well, don't take up much room in the kit, are small enough that they don't distract, visually, on stage, and the matte finish lets them blend well into the back ground despite spotlighting.

    And the high headroom makes them a good, general purpose microphone. Another pair will be added to the kit this spring.

    Good performance. Excellent value. Right price. Why woudn't you?

  • from November 3, 2014Music Background:
    Musician, Recording Engineer, Live sound

    Very nice

    I've been working with a rock group for awhile and we needed something for overheads and a couple of acoustic guitar tracks. These bad boys are sweet, they pick up the snare better than the 57 we've got on the underside of it. A lot of band for the buck. Thanks Justin!

  • from Wisconsin January 27, 2017Music Background:
    Audio Engineer


    Was looking to get a nice pair of microphones to record some acoustic guitar and just be able to record more sources in general. I looked at the Rode M3 and some other matched pairs, but at their price point these seemed to shine and having 2 (good mics) for stereo applications at this price seemed almost too good to be true. Honestly thought I would have to spend more money to get the good quality; however these do the trick. Sounds great on acoustic, stereo pair or single mic; sounds decent on vocals.

  • from New York, NY June 24, 2014Music Background:

    Exactly what I was looking for

    Using these mics for a group of 10 singer so needed a sensitive condenser. These sound great.

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