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Future Sonics m5 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 5 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Jeff Radke

    I was blown away by these earphones on a couple of levels. First, they are the most comfortable earphones I've found to date (and I own multiple brands of "high-end" earphones...it's been kind of a quest for me to find something that sounds great that I don't mind wearing for more than a few minutes). The different sized foam and silicon sleeves make "custom" fitting them a relatively easy and fast task (they fit me fine right out of the box, but I put in a smaller sleeve when my daughter borrowed them to use with her iPod). They are lightweight and the design fits snugly, providing great isolation from outside noise. Second, they sound unbelievably good full-range, with the bass response especially surprising.

  • from IN, United States March 22, 2013Music Background:
    gigging musician

    Very good sound for single driver

    I originally had the entry level shure earbuds. I wasn't really impressed with the sound coming out of them, and the extra layer of plastic over the cable for protection actually hindered the ease of taking them on and off.

    Then I switched to these. The presentation was much nicer from the get go. It came with a really nice case made of recycled tire rubber. The default tips are great and make it easy to take them in and out - and for them to stay there.

    Last of all, the sound. Whether listening to music for enjoyment or using these as stage monitors, the sound is amazing for a single driver. I play a lot of high-gain guitar riffs and it comes through clearly on here. I'm sure there's better, but for this price point, it's awesome.

    My only complaint is that these feel like they're not as sturdy as other sets I've seen - even though I've had no issues.

  • from Downingtown, Pa June 10, 2008Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Performer, Gear Reviewer

    Very Impressive

    I contacted Future Sonics for the specific purpose of obtaining a review pair of these Ear Monitors. In a shootout between this universal pair, and 3 other custom pairs, they not only highly exceeded my expectations, I also decided to buy the pair.

    The sound of these ear monitors is something special. They have clear, distortion free, and very present low end sound, crisp clean highs with a smooth response and a very well defined mid range. Listening to these ear monitors is similar to listening to a set of very good studio monitors. Even mixing on these allows me to make similar decisions to very expensive monitors. They're a joy to listen to music on, and very comfortable.

    For performing, I was slightly disappointed. I would disagree on the amount of isolation, but I will say it's pretty good. The problem with these units comes with moving on stage, because of the movement, and sweat they tend to move around, opening up for the loud sounds and stage noise to leak in, and fell out a few times. Other than that, they remained comfortable throughout the performances, and provided good isolation and allowed me to hear my mixes in perfect sound.

    If you're looking to move around a lot, I'd suggest going with their custom sleeve, and you wont get any slippage or leakage no matter how much you move on stage. These are a GREAT price with AWESOME sound quality and I'd recommend these to anyone looking got well priced universal ear monitors.

  • from Atlanta, GA September 4, 2007Music Background:
    Semi Pro Musician, Monitor Engineer

    Impressive Product, Impressive Price.

    Im a full time monitor engineer and i purchased the M5's for mixing musicans with IEM's. Before i had to use my cue wedge and guess how it would translate into the artist's ears. My intention was to get a middle level set of earbuds for work with musicians that bring their IEM's to my venue. When i received my pair, i plugged them into my laptop and started playing songs. I was immeditaly impressed with the clarity and full range of the drivers. They sounded better than my set of Sony full ear cans! My only complaint is that even using the smallest silicone adaptors, they still felt a tad bit uncomfortable and large in my ears. I swtiched to the smaller foam plugs provided in the box and they have worked out great since.

    A few days later i had my first chance to mix a show with them, and they performed extremely well. They do an excellent job isolating outside sounds, and have a ton of headroom. I was mixing at medium volume, and all the instruments were clear and huge and there was no distortion from the drivers overloading. At times it felt like the low end was clipping a little bit, but i pulled a little bit out of the kick drum and it cleaned everything up just fine. I would highly reccommend these headphones to any musician, or engineer thats looking for a step up in their IEM's and want to stay within a reasonable budget.

  • from Little Rock, Arkansas March 12, 2012Music Background:
    Drummer, vocalist

    Attention Drummers !

    I purchased the Future Soniics M5 with a bit of hesitation on the recommendation of a Bass player friend. Fearing I would not get enough bottom end like I do in live performance with a set of over the ear headphones. Once you get these to fit right in your ear canal (the key), WoW is what I have to say ! plenty of bottom from my kik drum and the bass guitar, I could actually feel it !!!!!!! For the price, the FS m5 is the bomb !

  • from Owensboro KY May 11, 2009Music Background:
    FOH/studio engineer, worship musician.

    Fantastic sound quality

    These are some of the best sounding IEMs I have used!
    They can be difficult to fit, but once they are in they are AMAZING!

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