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Korg M50-88 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews
  • from West Springfield November 12, 2011Music Background:
    Music is a hugh part of my life

    Korg M5088

    What a deal!!! I bought my Korg M5088 for $1799 and believe me it's worth a lot more money than that. If I didn't have a second keyboard I would have bought another Korg M5088 for the price of $1599 and mixed the two keyboards together making all kinds of possibilities and creating infinite sounds with the two Keyboards. Thats an incredible and AWESOME PRICE. It blows the mind to think of what you can do with these keyboards. In some reviews people say that this more expensive keyboard is better than the Korg M5088. i recommend you buy good quality Amplifliers and speakers from Sweetwater and the sound that comes from the Korg M5088 I would match up with any Keyboard on the market. This is my second review on the Korg M5088.Thats because I put my heart and soul into my music and believe me when I play the Korg M5088 my spirit soars when I hear all the beautiful, Clear and amazing instuments that come out of this Korg M5088. You can't go wrong buying this keyboard at $1799 but buying it at $1599 and with all the options this Korg M5088 offers, well, it's a steal

  • from West Springfield, Massachusetts (USA) September 23, 2011Music Background:

    The Korg M50-88

    The korg M50-88 is a fantastic keyboard with so many different sounds and innovative ideas that went into the construction of it. The possibilities of creating your own music on it is endless. It's a great keyboard and well worth the money. I have had my keyboard for almost two years and I'm still coming up with new ways and ideas of making beautiful music from the keyboard. It's a must buy.

  • from Newark, NJ June 9, 2010Music Background:
    Pro Musician (Emcee), Music Producer, Audio Engineer

    Just got mine today...

    Don't listen to "The TR was better" post, because it's not. The sonic textures your able to acheive with the M50 is unbelievable. The sounds this thing packs can easily pass for the M3. Eventually I will get the M3 (only because it has way more than double the patches), but thanks to the M50 I'm in no rush. If you're looking for an affordable but drastic upgrade to your sounds and workflow, you're on the right page. Best keys you can buy at this price range, period.

  • from Wisconsin October 6, 2009Music Background:
    Musician-learning how to record professionally from a recording engineer

    Korg M50-88

    I owned a Triton Le 88 keyboard until I sold that last year. That keyboard was good but the keys were a little bit to heavy for me.
    So I went out last weekend in search of a new keyboard from yamaha to roland and then finally the Korg m50-61 I first tested. I was completely blown away by how easy the interface touch screen is compared to the earlier Korg Keyboards....so I knew after recording a quick song in a music store that I needed to try the m50-88 to see if this was the keyboard for me....After playing the keyboard for 10 minutes I knew without a doubt that this was the one! The new hammer key action is much lighter than my last Triton Le so I can still fly around the keyboard with ease but still have that real keyboard feel.
    Now you must know that this is probably my first review I've left for anything I've purchased in the last year. And I've purchased roughly 20000 dollars worth of items. So this review is completely from my heart because this keyboard has already inspired me to write some catchy pop rock songs in the first week I've owned it.
    Lastly before I sign off I just wanted to mention the keyboard sounds are amazing-I have always loved the yamaha keyboard sounds but these are a notch or 2 better which I never thought could be possible. And all the other synth sounds are very professional sounding.
    Your not going to find a keyboard with this much creativity and new sounds at this price range...
    So I hope this review encourage and helps many people who are reading reviews. I can save you alot of time that I spent researching and tell you that the Korg M50-88 Keyboard is the one for you!

  • from san jose, ca April 15, 2009Music Background:

    RE: the tr was better

    Had to stick in a 5 to offset the "tr was better" review. Several issues with that:

    1) Can't compare M50 to M3 and Oasys. Korg offers several lines of workstations, obviously the more expensive ones are better.

    2) TR was better, seriously? Go check your specs (that is, the TR specs). How about 256Mb (M50) vs 64Mb (TR) PCM ROM, 512 vs 384 combis, 80 vs 62 polyphony, 5 vs 1 insert effects, 170 vs 89 effect types, touchscreen vs not, the list never ends. M50 is largely superior to TR, except for the lack of aftertouch and sampling option.

    3) M50 is not more expensive than competition. Most agree it blows away competition. It is the only touchscreen available at this price range.

  • from Montreal November 17, 2008Music Background:

    M50 88 keys

    Great sounds. Best is the user interface and touch screen, makes using it really simple even for a relative novice.

  • from cleveland November 24, 2008Music Background:
    musician as a second job

    the tr was better

    i was so stoked to go play this instrument based on the specs i saw but sadly it let me down. in my opinion the tr series was better.

    lets start with construction. it is lighter than the model it replaced. it has more stuff on it and weighs less. i wonder where they cut corners on it. the 61 key i can toss around like a toy. also it is a funky shape. it is not like the m3 where you can adjust the module. it is at a funny angle that looks weird.

    the sound pack is nice. that is about the only real positive on this. it is the same as the slightly higher priced m3. also the touch screen is nice too. the placement of the chord pads are strange and hard to hit if you are in a hurry. the larger ones on the oasys and m3 are way better.

    options are weak. it has pieces of the cool karma engine that korg uses but not the karma engine on higher priced models. it lacks a sampler on it. they left off a lot of good stuff that would have taken it to a phenomenal machine instead of a sub par piece.

    the bottom line is that korg has let us down on this one. it looks like a triton extreme but not as good. its kind of like an m3 but not as good. it does some stuff the tr series did but not as good. it really looks like a tr with a touchscreen on it. it is cheaply made and more expensive than its competition. my opinion. buy an m3 or get a hold of a tr or a trition series piece. the m3 is more expensive but has way more stuff on it. there are tr series boards out there still and are really cheap now. and the trition series ones were outstanding pieces. also korg does some weak pianos. if you want good pianos look at the roland fantom or yamaha motif.

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