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Levy's M4 3.5" Top Grain Leather Guitar Strap - Black Reviews

4.0 stars based on 25 customer reviews
Questions about the Levy's M4 3.5" Top Grain Leather Guitar Strap - Black?

Questions about the Levy's M4 3.5" Top Grain Leather Guitar Strap - Black?

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  • Zach
    from Indiana April 3, 2017Music Background:
    Gigging Musician

    Great Strap

    Super comfortable!! Great Quality!! Great Price!!

  • Larry
    from California August 15, 2016Music Background:

    Levy's M4 3.5

    Used to use a standard Fender strap, but always wanted a 3.5" wide version. It does ease up on the fatigue
    much better, for me, than the smaller 2-2.5" versions. As always, uber-fast shipping from Sweetwater. Highly recommended!!!

  • Customer
    from June 16, 2016


    this one will last me a life time... I'm 69 ... lets just say it will outlast me then.

  • Mark
    from Clinton, SC March 10, 2015Music Background:
    Performer, hobbyist

    So comfortable

    Top quality leather strap. Wide enough so that it does need any padding that would add to the bulk. It conforms to my body just right and I know it will be even better over time. Highly recommend it, especially if you gig a black guitar!

  • Michael
    from Cape Cod September 22, 2013Music Background:
    Hoping to someday make it out of the cellar.

    Very nice strap

    This seemed like a good strap for the money looking at it online. Ideally I would have tried the strap out at a store. But with that not being an option, I ordered one of these. When it did arrive I found it to be a fine quality strap. Nice looking, not quite as thick as my other guitar strap (no label, brand unknown) but certainly thick enough. My strap for my p-bass is also a Levy. It's a nice padded strap. These guys make good straps.

  • Tony Brock
    from Lincoln, NE October 12, 2012Music Background:

    Levy's M4 3.5" Leather; finally a super strap

    Most leather straps are either heavy, or so narrow they can cut into you when you play for a long time. This one is very thin, and thus very comfortable because it is wide. Very supple. Love this strap!

  • Aaron
    from Sarikei, SWK MAS January 31, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Worship Leader, Experienced Musician

    5 STAR

    I gave it 5 star because it fits and holds my guitar properly.

  • Thomas Veillon
    from Lafayette LA December 2, 2011Music Background:

    Best strap I have ever owned

    When I sat down and looked at Sweetwater to buy my EVH Wolgang special I knew I needed a good strap. Seeing that this was a best seller at Sweetwater it was a no brainer. I was not surprised the quality the feel I play now 4-5 hours a day. Just another great product from a great company. Kudos to Levy's and Sweetwater.

  • Terry Hoffman
    from Kansas July 18, 2010Music Background:
    Active Musician

    Very Good Quality Strap

    I have two of these, one for my LP and for my new PRS and, for the money they are the best all leather straps out there. Very comfortable well made and, should last a long time.

  • Customer
    from May 9, 2010

    the best

    this is the best i got it and it was awsome!! this is just what i wanted
    and super cheap too

  • Istvan De Jesus
    from Yauco, PR March 1, 2017Music Background:
    Hoby at the momento (learning)

    Very Good Strap

    Very Good Strap. At least for now. Just got delivered yesterday. I would say that is very confortable to put on. The only con for me is that the leather used on this strap is somewhat hard. Is not as flexible as a would liked. Still in the process of experimenting with it. Read some reviews about some material of the leather on your clothes after a while of use. All in all is a great strap for the price. looking forward to it.

  • Jerry habig
    from Godfrey Illinois December 3, 2016

    Guitar strap

    Very nice good price

  • Doc Craft
    from Neosho, Mo. February 11, 2014Music Background:
    Professional, recording artist and solo player

    Wide Strap

    This strap is well made and uses quality leather. I am used to a thinner one so I had to adjust to putting it out further on my shoulder but when I did I noticed a rock soid hold that I like. If you need a good strap buy this one it is priced right

  • Todd Aeschliman
    from Elwood, IL June 7, 2011Music Background:
    Studio Engineer, Touring Musician

    One Healthy Strap!

    Pro's: Great for musicians that have had a broken collar bone in the past. Due to the width of this strap... it evenly distributes the weight of the guitar on your shoulder and not the collar bone. I have been thru many guitar straps due to this purpose alone. I own three M4's for each of my guitars I gig with.

    Con's: Due to the fact that this strap is wide.. it does trap alot of your body heat while you are onstage under show lights. I go thru a couple of shirts that end up ringing wet under the strap area... in a three to four set night.

  • Kelly Hutchinson
    from Muncie, Indiana February 6, 2017

    Guitar strap

    Since I am a large size man, I was still able to adjust the strap to my sonic L-22 travel guitar, and play it comfortable.

  • Trevor Brace
    from GRAND RAPIDS, MI September 14, 2016

    Good Quality

    I recieved this strap in the mail in about 3 days. Very good quality leather, durable, and comfortable. I didn't realize this is technaclly a bass strap (according to the label), but fits my Stratocaster and Telecaster perfectly. Another good product from Levy's and Sweetwater.

  • Jazzy
    from October 9, 2015

    Too wide

    I was not paying attention to how wide this is. My bad. I don't want to go with the hassle of returning so I'm just keeping it for now. Maybe give it to somebody who prefers a wide strap. The quality is good and I think it will last till the life span of your guitar

  • Ed Sharp
    from Heath, Ohio March 13, 2015Music Background:
    I play Guitar, Bass, Pedal Steel Guitar -

    Levy's M43.5 Leather Guitar Strap.

    I own 15 guitars and each one has a strap. I like the width of these straps, they are very comfortable.

  • B.Gee
    from Kenbridge, Virginia December 11, 2014Music Background:

    Good Strap

    This is a good wide strap. It is good for Bass players. Nice supple leather. However I had one problem. It is 2 inches shorter fully extended than advertised. Being 6 feet length does make a difference. I decided to keep it and make an extension strap. good strap just be sure of length you need.

  • John
    from Washington, DC (we hear you!!) November 15, 2013Music Background:
    Guitarist and drummer and Sweetwater fan!

    Leather Guitar Strap

    I got my leather strap from Sweetwater by recommendation from them. I had told my "Sweetwater Expert Advisor/Personal Shopper/Friend" (that's what I choose to call them that I wanted something not too expensive, yet something with an expensive look and expensive feel, a tall order by any standard. As I'm growing older, I'm more cognizant about paying attention to details that keep me from hurting after a performance. My Sweetwater friend took that to heart when he recommended the Levy M4 3.5" Top Grain Guitar Strap. The Levy's is simply speaking an excellent strap given what it's supposed to do,the comfort it provides, and the most important factor here, security on stage so that you don't suddenly find yourself with your axe around your ankles. The only reason I didn't award a fifth star was that my personal assistance took humbrage when I asked him to check my airline reservation. That's apparently the only thing they don't do at Sweetwater's. They do pretty much everything else for you, are professional yet friendly, and each one of them appears to know everything about every product they sell. Wow, this is something you all need to check out, my friends!! And soon too!

  • Nell DeCoursey
    from Florida September 13, 2013Music Background:
    Beginner guitar player

    Nice leather

    Bought this to go on the Little Martin I ordered. Works good for me.

  • Corbin
    from Sioux Falls, SD July 29, 2014Music Background:

    Not a Suede Back

    Decent leather strap, but the back isn't suede like some other straps. If you want more of a suede feeling back, get a different strap. Otherwise, no issues.

  • Customer
    from December 12, 2012

    Decent Strap but short and it sheds

    I was expecting more, but for a bass player like myself, the thick strap is great, but the quality seems a bit low. It sheds brown flakes onto any shirt I wear. (Be warned, don't wear dark shirts). Also, even when it is adjusted to the longest possible setting, it sits really high. I am only 5' 9", and it still seems to sit high on me. I would like to be able to have the bass closer to my waist.

  • Mitch Herrema
    from Grand Rapids, MI December 7, 2012Music Background:
    Church Musician

    Good strap, too short

    I unfortunately ordered this strap without doing much research. This strap is much too wide for my taste, and wasn't long enough for me (6'3"). Ordered a DiMarzio cliplock and that is plenty long. But to each their own, I can definitely see how many could like this strap.

  • Ron
    from Sequim WA US September 21, 2012Music Background:
    former pro musician

    flaky back surface

    This strap looks beautiful, but within minutes I noticed a gazillion little flakes or hairs of leather shedding off the back, rough side. I tried brushing it -- but they keep coming. I'd rather not have this stuff all over and inside my acoustic and its case.

Questions about the Levy's M4 3.5" Top Grain Leather Guitar Strap - Black?

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