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Coleman Audio M3PH mkII Monitor Controller Reviews

5.0 stars based on 7 customer reviews
  • from December 15, 2015

    Studio monitor controller. No place to cut corners.

    The difference in my monitor "sound" now with the Coleman M3PH II s astounding.
    And more good news...I now have another fish weight (previous control room monitor) for my tackle box.

  • from Los Angeles September 17, 2015Music Background:
    Musician, Film Composer, Engineer/Producer


    Recently I was doing some rewiring in my studio and for a brief period I had my interface directly connected to my main monitors. The sound was incredible and I then realized how much the Central Station was pinching my sound. It was a necessary evil since I use 3 sets of monitors and also often used the mono feature.

    After some research I decided to try the M3PH MkII. It was a zero-latency, pure analog, had mono, headphones and supported 3 pairs of monitors.

    It sounded absolutely amazing as soon as I hooked it up. As clear as Night and Day.

    The stepped volume control is brilliant and immensely useful. My favorite feature (aside from the sound) may be the ability to mute the left or right channels independently. This is a simple function and is something I have really missed having as a button press since I went to a non-console configuration.

    The most important factor for me is the sound quality and the M3PH MKII sounds wide open and pure. All the way to the bottom of the volume dial the stereo imaging stays stable and there is no deterioration, filtering, phasing or darkness to the tone like with the central station.

    The only thing about the M3PH mKII that I found to gripe about is the loudness of the switches when going between the sets of monitors. There is a fairly loud (but satisfying) mechanical click ("clack" actually) that is almost distracting enough to make you forget what you were listening for when going between pairs. A minor issue though. I am hoping that as the unit wears in the "clacking" will diminish over time.

    If you actually want to hear what is really going on in your studio ditch the central stations and get one of these. A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link. In retrospect it was quite insane to insert something as poorly made as the central station in between my interface and my beloved amp and speakers. If you are no longer willing to compromise (and considering the IMMENSE investment many of us have made in interfaces, amps and speakers, room treatments, preamps, wiring, microphones why should we?) then this is THE unit for you.

  • from Austin, Tx November 8, 2012Music Background:
    Drummer/recording engineer/producer

    Nice Clear sound

    improved sound. clear, accurate tones. I really like it. Buttons are sturdy, connectors are XLRs, volume knob feels good. Highly recommend.
    Monitors sound better than they did when I had an AMEK console

  • from September 6, 2012Music Background:
    TV composer

    Coleman sounds great

    This was the only monitor controller I was able to find that had the feature set I was looking for. It is simple and solid and sounds perfect.

  • from Leftcoast February 9, 2012

    The real "Passive" monitor controller.

    I had tech problems with my Central Station and sent in for service. With the CS out of the chain, I routed my Convertor to my Driverack PA. The difference was incredible. I realized my sound had been colored and veiled. I ordered the M3PH. I am not hearing coloration and the D to A output is torally transparent. The stepped attenuators are mostly responsible along with American made, no frills construction.

  • from Los Angeles July 11, 2011Music Background:

    Great gear, *great* support

    Just a fantastic piece of gear, perfectly transparent, excellent stereo separation down to very low volumes.. Perfect for my application.

    As an aside, I had a question about routing unbalanced signals through the M3PH, and sent it by email to Coleman. Within 5 minutes, Glen Coleman himself called me to discuss the options :) ... a super nice guy who was happy and willing to take time to talk electrical/audio engineering with a hobbyist. Now *that* is customer support!!

  • from Buffalo, NY July 18, 2009Music Background:
    Producer/Engineer 10+yrs. working project studio owner

    Excellent piece of equipment indeed!

    Far exceeded my expectations. I owned a Presonus Central Station before this and there is really no comparison. The stepped attenuator is the best feature as it provides perfect stereo imaging though out all settings. There was a good degree of stereo shift at low volumes with my central station. The attenuator is also great because you can keep precise track of your monitoring volume. Sound quality is fantastic. I don't hear it at all, as the central station degraded my sound slightly.
    The Headphone amp in this thing is amazing. Its the best headphone amp I ever heard.
    My only complaint (if it even is one) - I would have liked to have seen a different layout for the mute/mono controls. That aside, this piece is well worth its hefty price. (ps, If i was rating the central station compared to this, the CS would only get 2.5 stars).

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