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Beyerdynamic M 201 TG Reviews

5.0 stars based on 11 customer reviews
Questions about the Beyerdynamic M 201 TG?

Questions about the Beyerdynamic M 201 TG?

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  • from Ohio March 27, 2017Music Background:
    Recording/mixing engineer, musician

    The Best

    As a recording engineer, this mic has made my job and life far easier. Pairing this on a snare top with an SM57 underneath has proven to capture a natural, fat sound, and I refuse to use anything thing else on a guitar amp. By itself it sounds amazing, but it plays well with other mics. Honestly, I don't think you could ask for much more from a mic, other than to have another one!

  • from Detroit, MI March 15, 2017

    Glued to my snare drum

    Just seconding the other reviewers here only thing I have to add is you'll spend more money on this microphone than say, a 57 but you'll also spend less time "fixing it in the mix".

  • from Texas January 8, 2015Music Background:
    Audio Engineer, Producer, Studio Owner

    Every engineer needs at least one M201

    Among the GS and similar forums there are some constantly recurring themes. Fact is, there's some amazingly knowledgable people there, some of whom have crafted the hits you've heard your entire life.

    There, the Beyerdynamic M201 is all but synonymous with the words "Snare Mic". For good reason too. It's hypercardoid design goes great lengths in helping to minimize bleed from hi-hat, toms and Clangy crashes. I find it decidedly less finicky that the ubiquitous SM57 over the snare top, meaning I find that for my purposes, it's easier to obtain greater tonal variety by different placements on snare top, bottom and sides. Near, far, on axis and off: if you can name it, many of these positions can be successfully used with the 201 whereas the SM57 doesn't seem to be so versatile and often times just sounds plain...bad, when trying these alternate placements. Any departure from the stalwart "SM57 close to the top head, at an angle" approach seem to yield hit or miss results, at best.

    In my studio's mic locker, when it comes to dynamic mics for snare (I use condensers, LDC & SDC, just as often) I have 3 "Go-To's". They are, (in no particular order):
    The Beyer M201 (works every time)

    Shure SM77 (a transformerless SM57 style mic w/ aluminum voice coil, as opposed to the 57's copper coil. If you like the 57 sound, be sure to check the 77 out, but I digress...)

    Telefunken M80SH (a shortened version of the handheld Telefunken M80, which has a bright but seldom harsh hi-mid rise continuing through to the smooth but bright highs. It's almost as bright and lively as my favorite SDC for snare, the KM84/KM184, but displays the transient softening typical of a good dynamic/moving coil mic)

    What you might NOT hear so much is that this mic has myriad other uses, and I think that's where it really shines: It's very versatile.

    It sounds smooth, full and present on guitar cabs, and complements a ribbon mic very nicely in that capacity.

    It's a good choice if you're looking to find a dynamic for use on acoustic instruments, and/or hand percussion (love it on Congas and Djembe).

    I've used it three or four times to capture batter head attack on a kick drum with no ported front head, with a 47FET or similar in front at a short distance.

    On vocals, when paired with a good preamp, it's one of my very favorite dynamic microphones. When I track a band live In the studio, if I think I might use the live vocal track by any chance, it's always the m201. Sometimes I like the guide/live vocal track so much, I end up using it for overdubs later on.

    I tend to have pairs of everything, but for some reason, I've only ever had one M201, and it's one of my most used mics.

    Get one, you won't regret it,

    Best of luck,

  • from October 29, 2014Music Background:

    Excellent Mic

    I recently bought a pair of the M201TG and used them with percussion in a contemporary music concert with live electronics. They worked great. I've done shootouts in my studio between these and the SM57, E935, SM137, and NT5 and it beats all of them on clarity and balance. It sounds extremely natural and has lots of detail. Hence, it's good for more than miking snares and guitar cabs, which is very necessary for me since I do a lot of close miking of orchestral instruments in concert. The difference between this and most dynamic mics is not subtle. During a rehearsal using SM57s, I swapped these mikes in, and the sound was immediately enhanced. Most dynamics are designed for the specific task of miking drums and cabinets. If you need that sound, then maybe an SM57 or something similar is in order. But if you are looking for a dynamic that sounds like a high quality condenser, then this mic is worth investigating.

  • from Baltimore Maryland October 6, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Enthusiast


    So I wanted to start by saying this blows away the 57 on snare drums but its slightly different. You get a fuller sound and its side rejection is way better than the i5 and the 57 which is why its now my goto snare drum top mic! This doesn't have the high mid bump the 57 has. Extremely detailed and one of those set it and forget it on snares! A MUST HAVE for anyone recording drum tracks in my opinion!

  • from on tour June 27, 2014Music Background:
    professional live/recording audio engineer

    you mean you don't own this yet? SHAME!

    As a famous engineer once stated on this mic, "it's what a SM57 would sound like if it were a mic". That sums it up in a nutshell.

    This mic is the FLATTEST dynamic mic I've ever used, and it's the best snare mic out there IMHO. It gives exactly what gets put in it.

    Nothing much to say other than buy this mic now!

  • from Princeton NJ May 17, 2013Music Background:
    recording/Pro Musician

    Amazing Dynamic Mic

    I use this mic to play live with a nylon string flamenco guitar. This mic sounds great when I use it with a Fishman SA 220 or Loudbox Artist. Lots of gain before feedback and really feedback has not been a problem with this mic. I have used a few other mics brands that are well known but really like this one the best to my ears and others that have heard the mic. The response and sound is just wonderful it really pickups up the guitar well with very low proximity effect (no big boom) and the tone is great. It sound like my guitar nothing hyped or cut. Thanks SW for getting this mic to me and your service. If you are looking for a great mic for nylon string guitar to use live this is the mic for you.

  • from FL February 21, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Beyerdynamic M 201 TG

    Like a boutique SM-57 with a bit less bite in the mid-range.
    Use it as my main mic for sampling percussion.

  • from San Francisco , CA USA November 15, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Drummer

    M 201 TG & Sweetwater......A winning pair

    Read a lot about this mic vs the SM57. This Mic is the best snare mic I've used. Very little EQ needed and the isolation ( no bleed) makes it a cinch to mix. I particularly like the construction and desIgn. Thanks to Randy for his help in the decision, I think I will get more of these in the future.

  • from Buenos Aires, Argentina April 1, 2012Music Background:
    Amateur recording engineer, Pro Musician

    Full-range tone with SPL handling !

    First of all, there's no bad sounding Beyerdynamic microphone... For my needs, the M201TG performs admirably, love the snare drum tone captured by it. As opposed to an SM57, the M201TG sounds richer and fuller, not as boxed. So i can see how it'd be perfect for acoustic guitar. You can get very different hihat sounds with these baby, and stands its ground as an overhead. Sometimes it feels like a condenser but with the SPL handling and off-axis rejection of a dynamic microphone... It will put a smile in your face =)

  • from Florida July 10, 2015Music Background:
    Engineer, musician

    My new snare mic

    Just started using this microphone...but love it... in a recording test found it to have great rejection of off access really helping with Hat bleed.. much much better then a 57. Sounds very true

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