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MXR M135 Smart Gate Pedal Reviews

5.0 stars based on 14 customer reviews
Questions about the MXR M135 Smart Gate Pedal?

Questions about the MXR M135 Smart Gate Pedal?

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  • from Minnesota June 17, 2017Music Background:
    20+ years plus recording school

    Perfection easy to use

    I had this pedal before and sold it. It's so good I wanted it again (now that I'm playing again). It's super easy to use.

  • from October 26, 2016

    MXR Smartgate

    Yes, I was blown away. This is the best gate I used. I've tried a couple different ones, but they were either too complicated or just didn't do the job without cutting sustain. I did a lot of looking before I check out this one. I mainly play single coil guitars. This thing is so easy to use. Buy it.

  • from MI October 20, 2016

    So glad I got this

    This really is a set-it-and-forget-it gate. I may adjust the threshold a little depending on the guitar, but for the most part I don't notice that it's there besides the fact the my guitars are whisper quiet.

    It's completely transparent when open, and the way it adjusts its clamping based on the varying dynamics of your playing is pretty-much spot-on. As long as the threshold is dialed-in (not difficult) it just always seems to guess right and and close at the perfect time. Never seems to truncate sustained, decaying notes or lag behind quick, muted ones. And unless your s/n is *really* bad, you can play as quiet as you want without any "pressure" to play above some minimum level.

    Thus, once it's setup I don't even think about it...

    I use it straight off the instrument, then pass it through a cheap noise gate at the end of the chain/fx loop -- set to lowest threshold/attack/release --, then back into the effects/amp. So it not only clamps noise going into the compressor/boost/amp/etc., but very accurately triggers the noise-gate towards the end (but before delay/reverb) of the chain to stop added noise from effects/amp. It did work OK just having the smart gate at that spot, but it (naturally) responds better with the raw, uncompressed, quieter signal directly from the instrument (imho).

    I don't do reviews often, nor am I the world's greatest tone expert. YMMV, obviously. There may be tons of better solutions out there I don't know about. All I know is -- after *many* attempts -- I have a quiet, worry-free signal in an electrically noisy, non-studio environment. It worked better than I had come to expect... and cheap (relatively).

  • from Seattle August 12, 2016Music Background:
    Recording. Performing 19 yrs. Rock, blues

    The Smartest

    I have used the other brands of pedals and nothing comes close to what this can do. Really handles the noise even better than Mxr noise clamp. The noise clamp is a great pedal but smart gate is a more powerful version that goes to the next level. Smart gate can be backed of as well though. Any setting it really doesn't cut off your guitar and no loss of tone. Really is amazing

  • from Yorkville July 8, 2016Music Background:

    No More Noise

    It works very well. It will remain on my pedal board and if it went out at any time, I would definitely buy another one. It is built well and not some cheap piece of crap that you'll regret buying. If you have noise and want to get rid of it, I would definitely get this pedal.

  • from May 25, 2016

    Nescessary equipment

    Gets rid of all unwanted noise.

  • from Fort Carson, CO May 19, 2015

    Great gate

    Great noise gate. I love the versatility in this gate and best part is that it doesn't color your tone. At all. I put this in the fx loop of my 6505+ with five other pedals and it does the job perfectly. Made me happy. Will buy again for sure if I had to.

  • from San Antonio, TX April 1, 2014Music Background:

    MXR Smart Gate is just that

    I had to have a way to control a Tube Screamer, 2 distortion pedals, a sustain and a compressor before I got to the effects pedals. The Smart Gate allows me to do just that as little or as much as I need. I've used other noise suppressors and gates, and the MXR is the most useful and easiest to use of the bunch.

  • from Frederick, MD February 13, 2014Music Background:

    Awesome pedal

    I've always been anti-pedal and have stayed away from all! Very stupid! I'll always love the tones/distortions I get directly from my Mesa head and will never use pedals to achieve a sound I want because I have it but this is obviously not for that. I use to get the most awful feedback from my amp because I like to push the gain. This pedal got rid of it completely and cannot hear a sacrifice in sustain. I'm blown away! Love it

  • from Fort Thomas, KY USA October 3, 2012Music Background:

    MXR Smart Gate

    I am giving the Smart Gate 5 stars because it works better than I had hoped! I initially purchased the MXR noise clamp, later realizing it was not the pedal that I needed.as I didn't have pedal noise; I had amp hiss and noise I wanted to silence through the effects loop. This is a very high quality, set-n-forget pedal that does what it is desinged to do with extra features for customization to noise needs. If you have noise from your amp and not from your pedals, this is highly recommended.

  • from Orlando FL August 13, 2012Music Background:
    Songwriter/Home Recording

    A very smart gate indeed.

    Many settings to handle just hiss, or mids, or the whole frequency spectrum. You can "set and forget" or dial it in with each track you're working on. Small profile, and looks great too (love the blue light!)

  • from Dallas, TX January 8, 2016Music Background:
    CLEGHORN - America's Celtic Rock band

    When I plugged in, the amp used to BUZZ loudly...

    BACKGROUND: My amp, a Line 6 Hi Gain Bogner Tube Amp, was as quiet as a church mouse... until I plugged in... then a loud annoying buzz appeared. I play custom Wayne guitars that are fully shielded and the pickups are really HOT... I volume down between songs to avoid unwanted noise and feedback. I use a wireless Sennheiser system straight to the amp. I added the Smartgate pedal between the Sennheiser and the amp input.

    POSITIVES: At the lowest possible knob setting and toggle set on FULL - the RF 60 cycle hum/buzz was eliminated. There was also a nice side benefit... The Smartgate controlled unwanted feedback and string noise between songs and during clean breaks in a song. AND...the pedal did NOT cut off any tails when ringing a chord, note or coaxing feedback out of the amp. I will use this pedal from now on!

    NEGATIVES: Does not include a 9V adapter and I suggest buying one... for some reason the response was a bit sluggish to me with a battery.. but with the 9V adapter plugged-in, the response stayed remarkably true. If you "guitar volume knob" up and down a lot, you will need to re-learn where to turn the guitar volume knob to avoid dropouts due to lack of guitar signal.

    OVERALL: This is a great little pedal.

  • from St. Louis August 2, 2015Music Background:
    Former Audio Design Engineer for Ampeg, Semi-Pro Musician, Owner of an Audio Electronics Repair Company

    MXR Smart Gate vs ISP Decimator 2

    I have several pedal boards for different projects, all using the same amplifier type most of the time, a V-Series V3112 or V30H. This is an all tube 30W, 2 channel, shared eq., high gain, class A amplifier. Aside from some pedals being noisier than others, my biggest problem is the amplification of external noise that a Class A amp can have depending on the surroundings in addition to the internal noise it produces on the high gain channel.

    I play in a Styx tribute band and several cover bands doing many genres but mostly hard rock and modern rock tunes where high gain is needed. So, my gain is not as high as a Triple Rectifier Ch3 and very few songs have a need for percussive accents or multiple quick pauses.

    I bought both of these pedals as they both seemed to be what I needed, but I was unsure how the decay would be as I many times roll my volume down to reduce gain and need notes to naturally decay. I also use the clean channel often and need to make sure that it will not choke these off either.

    Both pedals certainly do the job they state either in the front or in the effects loop, however there are noticeable differences that made the smart gate the winner for me. This all after having to remove a pedal that was causing some high frequency noise artifacts that made things difficult. Once I found this culprit it gave me a better perspective.

    The following comments are based on the pedal being used in the effects loop as this is the only way to quiet down the distortion channel hiss and noise. I used it them with the amp above as well as other very high gain amps that I own.

    The Decimator 2
    This pedal worked great for killing the high gain noise, but in order for me to find a balance that worked with the clean channel and rolling down my volume on the dirty channel, it did not do what I needed it to on the distortion channel with my guitar volume at max and the amp gain at 8. What the decimator pedal does do well is start and stop quickly. If you are playing heavy stuff with the need to start and stop on a very high gain setting, without worry of a long note decay, then this pedal is the bomb. The other point about this pedal is that it clamps all noise in all frequencies so it is dead quiet as compared to the smart gate...again making it more ideal for a very high gain amp setting.

    The Smartgate
    I own a couple MXR Noise Gate/Line Drivers from the early 80's. I used these pedals for years but they react more like the Decimator hence I found my self in a worst spot when trying to use them with the Styx project where I am constantly on my volume knob versus all out gain 90% of the time. So, here is where the smartgate has features that take the original MXR pedal to the next level. The two different trigger ranges really make a difference. I use the lower setting mostly but found the higher setting worked great for the very high gain amps I own. Bottom line is it makes the trigger point easier to dial in on. The other feature that I found was good...and bad depending on the situation, was the frequency range switch. If you have a noise in a certain range, this switch will omit it or dampen it to an acceptable level. Being able to narrow in on a smaller range really helps the decay sound more natural. I will say however that if it knocked down the noise another 3-6dB it would really help when in the full range mode, but overall it is very acceptable and a good trade if the decay is helped by this. The thing that shines the most is the way it samples and monitors the signal and applies the gate. It makes the decay extremely natural and slowly omits the noise at the same time that the signal dies. Great job on the design engineers part on this.
    So, when using this pedal in the front end, the frequency range selector can really help keeping things natural versus the decimator. I found that it did a much better job. Also, I have limited space on my pedal board so I did not want to have one pedal in the front end and one in the effects loop. So, I suppose from what I have read that using two decimator pedals in tandem via the 1/8" cable may make it better suited for my application but that means more real estate and more money. The smartgate seems to accomplish this task in a single pedal with adequate results.

    Bottom line...the Smartgate does many things very well, takes up a little less real estate on your pedal board, and can save you money in certain applications. For me it was the clear choice.

  • from usa August 30, 2012Music Background:



Questions about the MXR M135 Smart Gate Pedal?

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