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Ibanez M100C Reviews

4.5 stars based on 11 customer reviews
  • from Plano, TX February 8, 2016

    Very nice case

    Very nice case. Very plush, well padded, and seems like it's built to last.

  • from April 2, 2015

    Protect Your Investment

    This case is a must for anyone with an Ibanez RG, SA, or S series guitar. It's very sturdy and the guitar fits in it like a glove. Looks good too. A great investment for your guitars protection.

  • from Alabama September 24, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician for 35 yrs.

    Great case & great seller

    Really like this case, but I like Sweetwater mainly. I could have bought this anywhere, but these folks are constantly checking in with you to see if you're happy. Did I mention that the case is really cool? Also, no doors on the compartments that could break eventually, as the top of the case secures the inner compartments tight.

  • from Sioux Falls, SD USA March 12, 2013Music Background:
    Guitar Musician for Jesus Christ our Lord!

    Excellent Sales Engineer Aaron Cieslikowski

    Great customer service a 5++!! From the purchase of a awesome Ibanez S570DXQM Blue Burst Solidbody Electric Guitar (I have had my eye on for a long time but my local GC Store couldn't track one down), a Ibanez M100C Guitar Case that fits like a glove for the Ibanez S Series Guitar, a matching Guitar Strap & the cool Line 6 Floor Pod Plus Effects Pedal. I will order any future gear only from Sweetwater. I saved $$$ with Sweetwater for my gear and free extended warrenty compared to my local GC Store who also charges plenty for their Pro Plan extended warrenty. THX!, Sweetwater for your Professional Sales Engineers like Aaron C.. And Thank You!!, Aaron, I look forward to my next purchase which will be very soon!

  • from Virginia January 15, 2013

    Awesome case!

    Extremely nice case. Fits an RG350DX and a JS100 like a glove. Can't be beat for the price.

  • from Colorado Springs, CO. March 30, 2009Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Pro Musician, Hobbyist

    Other Models

    Just wanted to let other future buyers of this particular case know that...this case also fits Ibanez RG models like a glove.

  • from PA September 30, 2015

    Ibnaez Case

    Fits my S model like a glove. Durable, well built case.
    Sweetwater service always shines. Phil Potts made the process effortless for me.
    Placed in my cart, he contacted me via my preferred method of email. I answered while catching my train and it was done!

  • from Memphis, TN. February 3, 2015Music Background:
    Guitar/Keys ex- weekend warrior, been rockin' 45 years

    M100C Ibanez Case

    I initailly bought one of these and I must say my S Prestige fits the M100C perfectly. Then I tried my RG and it fit great too, so I ordered a second one. For the money, this is a 5 star case but the latches could be better so I deducted a half star. My older SKB F style case had better latches. The molded in Ibanez name gets a lot of compliments too. Nice plush interior. Enough about the case... Sweetwater has always been the best to deal with. My Sales Engineer, Ben Porter, is second to none in knowlege and support ! I will continue to buy from Sweetwater as long as I'm still above ground !

  • from VA September 13, 2012Music Background:

    Good for a 7

    I bought this case to hold my S7420. It fits the guitar fine for my needs.The longer head stock for the S7 does fit, as well as the wider neck. The body sits in almost snug for its shape. If its laying down, there is about a quarter inch of play to shift around in direction perpendicular to the strings. None in a parallel motion with them. There may have been if the head stock weren't so long, holding it in place. When the guitar is placed inside, you are able to push down on either side of the body ( think of how a plane would turn in the air ). This is saying that there is room under the guitar. When the case is closed though, the guitar isn't going anywhere. Ibanez recommends this case for their S series guitars from their website.

    Talking about the quality of the case, this is your standard, low-priced, hard shell case with an Ibanez branding. The locks on it will last if you are careful with them. They have a lot of play side to side with the bar on which they pivot on. Just make sure to line it up right and you will not bend them. The inside is soft and will cradle any guitar well. The outside is sturdy and seems like it would take your everyday and normal travel beatings. I've not previously owned and Ibanez case, but I do buy the cheap cases for all of my guitars and the oldest have been holding up for 12 plus years with travel and abuse. So, I trust enough that this will do the same. You can go for another brand of case with a strat style cavity, but it would fit this well. I've heard things about the Ibanez UV1000C fitting the S7s, but thats your call. Also, anything with a box cavity gives less support. As far as the compartments go, as mentioned by another reviewer, I put a bunch of differently sized junk in them ( picks, bars, springs and whatnot ) and shook the heck out of it. They didn't go anywhere except shift in their own compartment.

    4.5 because well, it is what is is, but it does what it should.

  • from kansas city, MO November 19, 2013Music Background:
    Pro musician 30 + years

    Ibanez M100C

    its a case... first and fore,most ..it does everything that case should do it holds my S970W perfectly, and it has adequate compartments... the reason for 4 stars is the latch design is a little cheap....it, works and is good enough but for 100 dollars plus some tsa latches would have been nice... still worth the money in every way ...if your going to carry around your s model guitar ( i hear this fits RGs as well) its better to have a hard case ...and it also meets my it looks cool OCD requirement hehehehe.. get it...

  • from Las Vegas, NV March 7, 2011Music Background:
    Performing Musician

    Good but...

    ...if you have anything small (i.e. tremolo bars, springs, picks etc. they will fall out of the main compartment and when you open your case, theyle be scattered throughout.

    That's my experience anyways.

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