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Ernie Ball Music Man Luke III HSS - Bhodi Blue Reviews

4.5 stars based on 2 customer reviews
Questions about the Ernie Ball Music Man Luke III HSS - Bhodi Blue?

Questions about the Ernie Ball Music Man Luke III HSS - Bhodi Blue?

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  • from Texas August 29, 2016Music Background:
    10+ years...psyche rock, alt rock, metal

    Top tier instrument

    This thing is just incredible. The build is absolutely flawless and you can feel that you are holding something special the moment your hands touch this instrument. It plays like absolute butter. The finish is much prettier in person, once the light hits and you really see that sparkle. Sounds wise, it just screams! Chords are fat and full, leads sing, and the clean are so nice on the single coils. Speaking of, the single coils are incredibly quiet compared to Fender Strats I've played on. The tone pots are top class...the volume and tone knobs turn smooth and have the most even spread I've ever heard on a guitar. The 12db is a nice feature for getting more cut through a mix, but truth be told, I don't really use it. I prefer to use the boost on my amp, simply because I can control the volume more. The ONLY reason this didn't get a five, is because due to the Alder body and the pickups, this guitar does not like overly bright amps. I originally plugged into the brighter Top Boost of an AC30 and I really had to roll back on the tone, as the humbucker would get harsh on the highs...but then I tried it out on the darker Normal Channel of an AC30 and man, did this thing sound like the second coming! Then I plugged into into a heavily modded 6505+ going into an Orange c2X12 cabinet, and absolute high gain bliss. Do not hesitate!

  • from Illinois July 28, 2014Music Background:

    Versatile Guitar

    I purchased this guitar from SW a few months ago. Everything great, no flaws, and always reassuring to know that if I had a problem with it, they would take care of it no problem. Basically I wouldn't spend this kind of money on a guitar without that peace of mind.

    On to the guitar, it sounds fantastic and gets a ton of different, great tones. The neck, middle, and in-between tones are all great and sound like a really good strat should. Whatever they did with the electronics, the single coil pickups are really quiet too. The middle/bridge pickup combo is a little murkier than a standard strat because it combines the bridge humbucker with the single coil middle. It's good for getting a lead tone similar to David Gilmour on comfortably numb. The bridge humbucker is good for straight up "I need a bridge humbucker distortion sound" like a les paul does. The "magic" in the guitar is that the single coils are balanced to the humbuckers via a trim pot in the control cavity and there is no volume drop (or gain) when switching from the single coils to the humbucker. There also isn't a big drop switching to the neck/middle combo compared to the straight single coils. Basically all the pickup positions have almost the same output and all sound full. The middle position strat single coil always sounds a little lame to me, but it is full and really useful on this guitar.

    The trem stays in tune extremely admirably. It comes with .009's which feel are a bit light for me, but the guitar seems "right" to me with that guage. With 10's it's a bit more solid and has more dynamics like you would expect, but there are nuances you can do with the trem with the 9's that just kind of work with this guitar. You just have to play to what the guitar gives you, and in this case, there are all kinds of things you can do with this guitar with 9's which don't happen with the 10's.

    Basically if you need one guitar to cover a gamut of tones, be it single coil or humbucker, and the bar has to work flawlessly to cover whatever you are trying to do, this guitar is a great choice. It's really well balanced, the case is great, it's really just a great guitar. It sounds like Luke, and you can hear it in everything he has done recently. Any of his tones are capable with this instrument.

    I have a lot of guitars and have owned a lot over the years. I'm getting up there in age and when I have time and some inspiration, this isn't the first guitar I want to pick up. The first is a custom shop tele guitar that is the most gratifying instrument I've ever owned. It's also twice the price and not as versatile. The other maybe slightly negative is the neck is really small. If you have large hands like I, there is an appreciation for the huge necks like the tele that I have. If you have normal hands, this will feel fine. I'm fine with this neck, but it feels like 1/2 the size of that tele. However, it really has the capability to do everything that luke does with his. The rest is up to you.

Questions about the Ernie Ball Music Man Luke III HSS - Bhodi Blue?

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