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Fishman Loudbox Artist 120-watt 1x8" Acoustic Combo Amp with Tweeter Reviews

4.5 stars based on 71 customer reviews
Questions about the Fishman Loudbox Artist 120-watt 1x8" Acoustic Combo Amp with Tweeter?

Questions about the Fishman Loudbox Artist 120-watt 1x8" Acoustic Combo Amp with Tweeter?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Maui Hawaii June 2, 2017Music Background:
    Church musician

    Best amp ever

    Best amp ever u could have. Superb sound crystal and warm your ear.

  • from April 26, 2017

    Fishman Loud box 120 watt combo amp

    It works great an excellent Amp

  • from Pennsylvania March 16, 2017

    You get what you pay for

    If you are a one man or woman show, with one acoustic guitar/ukulele etc. and one microphone. Look no further. Crisp, clean, capable of filling a large room with great sound. You will never need another amp/PA. I purchased the singer song writer package and could not be happier. Great job Fishman and what an awesome company sweetwater is to deal with. Two thumbs up.

  • from Colorado March 10, 2017

    Great Little Amp

    I LOVE this amp. I use it for a PA and acoustic amp with my Taylor T5z guitar for my One Man Band show. It is portable and sounds amazing with great high end clarity and low end THUMP. Better than the Bose pole and much more portable.

  • from California February 28, 2017

    Amazing Amplifier

    I haven't been this happy with a new amp purchase since I bought my first Roland JC120 back in 1988.
    The clarity of the Fishman Loudbox 120 -watt is amazing, the effects are perfectly set up to create beautiful color and ambience to your live sound. You can run your guitar and a microphone at the same time, use separate effects and the results will blow you away. The feedback knob is priceless. I am so happy with this amp, and it is darn loud too.

  • from IA February 27, 2017Music Background:
    Gigging Musician

    What a difference

    After playing and acoustic guitar through a regular guitar amp, I was blown away at how well my acoustics sound through an actual acoustic amp. Had I known, I would have gotten on years ago. The Fishman Loudbox is an incredible amp. By acoustics never sounded so good.. Definite recommendation to others.

  • from California November 12, 2016

    very pleased with this amp!

    After years of using a full sized PA mixer and 15" speakers in a small bedroom practice room, I ordered this from Sweetwater. Dan Wagoner set everything up and the amp was delivered within a few days. I am very pleased with this amp and its versatility. I primarily play a Martin dreadnought but also use a Gretsch resonator equipped with a pickup and a Taylor 114CE. All instruments shine when played through this amp and the mic channel is spot on. At 120 watts, volume is not an issue, plenty of power.
    Very easy to use and very portable. the anti feedback feature has worked very well (I always had to fight that when using my PA). I will be selling my Pa mixer and speakers and adding another one of these amps as it is well suited for our needs as an acoustic trio.

  • from PA November 9, 2016

    Clear Brilliant Acoustic Tone

    Bought this amp to play with my band because my loudbox mini wasn't pushing me to the volume I needed to be heard clearly over everyone. Now my acoustic sits in the mix with authority. This is an amazing amp that makes your acoustic sound beautiful. The feedback control is great when you're playing at higher volumes and the effects are pretty cool too. I use a little Reverb and a little chorus to top off my tone. If you are a serious player I highly recommend this amp. You will not be disappointed

  • from texas city, TX October 29, 2016Music Background:
    professional entertainer/recording

    Light weight, powerful, great effects, Fishman quality

    The Fishman Artist is one of my favorite P.A.’s when doing a small or outdoor venue. At 25lbs,
    this is easy to transport. Setup and take down is done in minutes. This is truly a plug and play unit with plenty of power for a crowd of 50 or so.
    I use this at the monthly nursing home gigs I do because I walk in, plug it in and play. The onboard effects are stellar. There is even an Aux plug in the back which I sometimes plug in drum machine for the residents. They love to hear the drums with my show. This handles everything that I’ve ever tried to use it for.

  • from Down South October 7, 2016Music Background:
    Passionate musician

    Great acoustic amp!

    Received this Artist as a bundle including the E835 mic, stand and cable. First of all, a big Thank You goes to Phil Potts at SW who once again took outstanding care of my order. I play my harmonicas and a Hohner 64 Chromonica through this amp and the result is absolutely great. The loudness of this optical small amp is awesome without producing any harsh or shrill tones. Dialing in the tweeter makes my Chromonica shine. It sounds full, rich and crisp and entertains on its own without any support from a band. I mostly play German traditionals through it, though. The anti-feedback of the Artist works also great. The send/return option is of tremendous help when connecting my DD-500 and El Capistan. After some tweaking of the Artist's EQ section, I can produce short delays and tape echo lines of the finest kind. Bought a windscreen for the mic to avoid getting feedback'd all the talk and laughter from by-standers. Works great too. I played some blues tunes which also sounds awesome. Having my hands free for the harmonicas alone makes a tremendous difference to when standing with my hands cupped around a Green Bullet. The E835 is doing a fantastic job , first time I ever tried this acoustic thing. I should have tried this before I started getting into this all-tube amp mic'd harmonica hype. Lessons learnt and zero regrets. This Artist bundle is my favorite setup now and I can't imagine anything in this price range as being competitive when it comes to quality and versatility. Hats Off to the Fishman Loudbox Artist!

  • from Florida May 24, 2016Music Background:
    Regular gigging musician

    Perfect Acoustic Amp!

    Been looking for that perfect acoustic sound for a long time, but I wanted it in a small package. This is it. Great for a small band, and it's powerful enough to do small solo gigs, with both guitar and vocal plugged in. I bought the package deal (which was the same price as the amp alone) and got a mic stand, mic and cable basically for free. I was tempted to get the Fishman Mini, but figured the bigger 120-watt would fill a small venue better, and it does. For larger gigs, I line out to the main PA and this amp becomes a great monitor. I recommend this amp.

  • from May 13, 2016

    Will become your most used piece of gear

    I've only had this for a little over a month, but it has already been used more than anything I own during that time. What a GREAT amp! It can easily fill medium sized rooms for a simple guitar/vocals setup. It sounds great. It's small and carry-able. Simply amazing.

  • from so.hadley,Ma March 30, 2016

    Fishman Loudbox artist

    Love it..Easy to carry,set up, love the sound..A perfect fit for the solo acoustic player..

  • from Pennsylvania March 21, 2016

    Words cannot describe the music quality from the Fishman Artist Amplifier with my new Taylor T5Z Classic guitar. If you love acoustic guitar music, this combination will definitely shorten your bucket list.
    Disregarding all the technical features of this amp, it is My Opinion that your search for acoustic guitars and amplifiers will be over. You will be thrilled. (Thanks to Sweetwater for all they do to make us happy. They are the Best.)

  • from N C March 17, 2016

    Fishman is Fine

    First off, fast quality service always from sweetwater. The sound, range, tonal capbilities, ease of use make the Fishman Loudbox Artist THE only acoustic amp to have!

  • from February 24, 2016Music Background:
    Guitar, with some cello.


    Tried out my guitar teachers before buying, and couldn't be happier. Everything was on time. Wasn't expecting a phone call from Sweetwater to make sure that I had gotten my stuff that I ordered. I'll never go to someone else to buy gear unless Sweetwater doesn't carry it, or they have something, but at a higher price.

  • from CT January 17, 2016Music Background:
    Church and coffee house musician

    Awesome Sound

    The sound with my Taylor is rich. The sound is "acoustic". Tone controls provide a lot of control. Effects are very good quality. Easy to carry around. Have had positive comments on the great sound from other people. I have no complaints. Cost was more than I wanted to spend but the amp was definitely worth the price.

  • from October 7, 2015

    Fishman Loudbox

    Terrific acoustic amp! Great power and a bunch of settings to individualize your sound.

  • from September 3, 2015

    Great Amp at a great price!

    This amp might be on the small side but it is powerful and super clear! The effects that you can put on the amp along with the 2 plug-in ports allows you to use one amp for an entire gig and put a unique sound on the voice or guitar with ease.

  • from Minneapolis, Minnesota August 23, 2015Music Background:
    Guitarist since 1967

    It's Finally Here!

    When I first tested the Artist, I was completely amazed at what full, rich, glorious sound was coming out of this incredibly small package. It's easily half the size and weight of the other acoustic amplifiers I've owned and does everything the others do and then some. Though this isn't necessarily a feature unique to the Fishman line, I really do appreciate the low/high impedance dual purpose inputs for both instrument and voice. The clarity on the mic channel really brings out what my voice is all about, which helps to keep me on key much better than the inferior mic channels on the bigger amps I've owned. I'm so pleased with this amp that I own two of them, one of which I keep at my brother's house in another state so he and I can jam (he's a drummer) whenever he and I can get together. This is a wonderful, mind-blowing piece of sound equipment. I HIGHLY recommend it!

  • from July 26, 2015


    Arrived in short order, well packed and in pristine shape. THEN , plug in, turn on, and was just amazed and happy with the performance. This is excellent in smaller venue environment and can still fill a large room with warm deep sound. I use an eq to beef up the vocal but that is matter of taste. Added a behinger 802 for control and have a very fine mixer and amp. Special kudo's to Nich for all the help, Thanks Nick and Sweetwater.

  • from Venice, Fl June 15, 2015Music Background:
    26 years playing live and recording


    I bought for large wedding in Atlanta to do a song for Bride and Groom as a surprise at the
    rehearsal dinner. 1st let me say the size of this amp is like a fender champ, not heavy at
    all and I did not even have the volume up to 1!

    It has one channel for the vocals with great reverb effects, and the other guitarist plugged in to
    instrument channel with chorus, reverb effects as well. Our goal was to get the wedding party
    of 145ppl to sing after we did. with lyric sheets provided to the Bride and Groom and they did!

    High quality recommendation from my rep Greg Savino, and it came with Senheiser mic, Heavy
    Duty Mic Stand and 2- ft XLR mic cable.

    Best prices and service in the business, I only buy from Sweetwater.!

  • from NC June 3, 2015Music Background:

    Best sounding amp

    I have used multiple acoustic amp and by far this is the best sounding amp I've ever used. I have a Taylor 410CE and my guitar sounded exactly the same. Plus all the effects are already in there. It's light wieight, small and compact design. Couldnt be happier. I like that it has 2 input for guitars or mic and has an output for PA speaker for each input.

  • from San Francisco May 30, 2015

    Great for wind players!

    I play woodwinds in situations where I need to be able to hold my own with drums, guitars and keys etc. the Fishman Loudbox provides a great solution: volume that I need, great crisp, warm sound that really captures the nuances of the instruments I play, portability and the onboard effects are pretty useful. I'm still experimenting, but just a bit of reverb really brings out my sound on various flutes, reeds etc.
    I love being able to control my sound without having to rely on the sound guy. My sound really stands out without being overbearing. This is great for restaurants / small to med clubs- I've yet to really crank it and I have more than enough volume.

    The guys I play with have been blown away, and I've been getting more and more complements from audience. I like to think it's my playing, but it's really a matter of being able to finally be heard with the richness of the sound coming through.

    Great product!

  • from NC April 22, 2015

    Fishman Acoustic Amp

    Don't let the small size fool you! The Fishman smoothly and accurately delivers your acoustic tone so very smoothly, with plenty of ample power! Onboard reverbs and delays allow you to taylor your sound, I mean smooth! Also doubles easily as a small PA. it's dual channel, with loops available, and XLR outs if you need to patch to a mixer. I can easily say "Fishman got it right"!

  • from Napa, CA March 12, 2015Music Background:
    Just a kat with some guitars

    Love this amp more and more every day.

    If you're thinking about getting this, get one (though I'd spend the extra $ can get the Performer model, just for the extra-extra sound quality), but the Artist holds its own sound and volume and everything-wise. I even play some chill solo bass through it. Awesome!

  • from Near the Hood January 28, 2015Music Background:

    Real Nice Amp.

    This amp makes me sound a lot better than I ever have, both vocally and on the guitar. I'd rather have a more bomb-proof cabinet, but it is what it is, a sexy little magic sound machine. Suggestion: Buy the foot pedal, right out of the shoot. It's real handy.

  • from Jackson,Ohio December 24, 2014Music Background:
    player / performer / hobbyist

    classical guitar

    I have been trying to amplify my classical guitar and this amp is by far the best one I have tried.I do own one and my practice sessions are much more enjoyable..You can even add a touch of chorus and reverb to your sound to create that studio effect. The volume is superb also. I only keep mine at 1 or 2 at the most during practice. This amp is so loud & pure. I have not tried it at any live settings yet but I am sure that it will sound great. My advice is to go ahead and buy the Fishman mini or artist if you are in need of amplifying your nylon string guitar..

  • from Belmont, MS December 23, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician


    If you are looking for an acoustic amp, stop looking and buy this one! u wont be sorry.

  • from October 5, 2014Music Background:
    Live musician and professional gigging player

    Fantastic Amplifier, best I've owned

    I own the previous loud box 100, with the metal grill, so these comments are about that. Sound wise I believe they are identical, but perhaps the build-quality has lessened a little looking at some of the other reviews.

    Anyway, I am blown away by this amp. I have travelled and dragged this thing around on a trolley for many many kilometres. I have played literally hundreds of gigs using it solely and often using the output and patching into a house system. i have used it often as an on stage monitor. I nearly always use the 2 channels for my mic and guitar and take the common singular output out to the desk. AMAZING!!!! It just seems to go on and on, and the reports here are right about the volume. It is the loudest amp in this range by far, enabled I believe by the anti-feeedback controls, which allow you extra headroom/volume. Truly I have travelled and played and played and played (usually 2 or more hours at a time), and still it works. It has helped me earn it weight in gold. Thank you Fishman. This amp has it all for a singer guitar player like me.!! (you can see it being used on many live Peyoti for President videos).

  • from The Beach in Florida October 2, 2014Music Background:
    Since I was 12. Lessons, High School Rock Band, Back-up to other singer song writers, personal songwriting, and now... recording.

    I Use it as a headphone amp.

    Cool amp. I live in an apartment and can not let 'er rip and am a home user. So headphones work very well. The controls all work well with lots of tonal variety. Love the sound of my Larrivee OM3 MT. Very balanced sound. I highly recommend this amp. (BTW it sounds fantastic when you DO let-'er rip!)

  • from St. Cloud, MN October 1, 2014Music Background:
    Our group plays music for the shut-ins in our area.

    What a great amp!!

    I love this amp. It sounds fantastic, and it looks good. Another great product from Sweetwater.

  • from August 24, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist / semi pro musician

    In Short - The Dogs Bollocks (British vernacular)

    This is the best little acoustic amp I have ever encountered. The clean reproduction and tone is amazing. I am playing an ancient (1965) Hagstrom J45 dreadnought equipped with a Fishman Rare Earth pick-up through this. Sounds just as good with my Washburn Cumberland with internal pick-ip. Wow, couldn't ask for better. Incredible volume too.

  • from Greer, SC August 17, 2014Music Background:
    Gigging folk guy, aspiring recording & mix engineer, live sound


    Fishman, Sweetwater and Brandon Eden have done it again! Fishman has improved an already great product (I own an earlier version of the larger performer), Brandon gave me great advice again, and Sweetwater got here in great shape and quickly.

    The amp is more than I could have expected for something this size. It equals my older performer in both tone and volume. The effects are really improved and functionality is also improved. Sound is pure and clean. It's my guitar and voice and guitar, just amplified. This will handle most small venues as a house device and a great monitor in larger venues.

    In comparison, I looked at several competitors including Line 6 L2T and Fender. Both good products, the Loudbox outshines them in tone and at 1/2 the weight. Couldn't be happier!

  • from Newington, CT May 17, 2014Music Background:
    Serious hobbyist and occasional performer

    Great Little Giant

    I've been playing more acoustic lately and needed an amp that would give me a clear sound and still be portable. This little doll weighs about 29 pounds is roughly the same size as an old computer monitor. And the sound is amazing! It has terrific presence and clarity, even at high volumes and doesn't sound "electric." My acoustics sound a little louder with good response across the whole range of tones with no distortion.
    I have a twelve-string that I had a Fishman pre-amp put into a few months ago, and the combination of that guitar and this amp is fantastic. This amp has a few effects (reverb, delay, chorus) that I can use on the rare occasions when I play electric, and it's easy to hook into an existing PA system if I need more volume. A GREAT bargan.

  • from Ukiah, CA March 3, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-pro musician, singer, songwriter

    Everything I hoped for.

    Just three gigs with this amp so far. It has proven to be just perfect for the cafe and wine tasting room dates in small to medium venues. The clarity and definition of the acoustic guitar is night and day compared to the small p.a. I've been using. You can hear every note & nuance, raising the level of your performance. It is very solidly constructed. I was concerned because some reviewers thought the tolex and grill cloth were a little thin. Seems fine. I would recommend getting the cover and don't drop it from a truck (duh).

  • from Fallon, Nv February 8, 2014Music Background:

    Fishman artist amp

    This little amp does it all. Very clean, many effects that really work. great Thanks to Paul Allen's help on the selection of this amp for my application in my music room/studio. I enjoy the head phone cut out on the main speakers so does my wife. . Thanks Paul for your help.

  • from Morristown, TN December 27, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Fingerstyle Guitar, Keyobards, Trumpet, Sound Reinforcement, KJ.

    Great Acoustic Amp

    I was searching for an amp for my nylon string Godin guitar. I ordered and tried another brand acoustic amp and was disappointed. I talked to Mark and he recommended the Fishman Loudbox, and I'm glad that he did. My Godin sounds gorgeous through it. I have an older Godin that has a XLR input in addition to standard 1/4 inch guitar input. It operates on 48 volt phantom power and I was concerned that the 24 volt phantom power on the Loudbox Artist would not run it. Mark assured me that people have had success using mics designed for 48 volt with no problem. The Godin works just fine on 24 volts. The quality of this amp is amazing. I might add, this amp certainly lives up to it's name - Loudman - because it is loud. I have never had the master volume past 1/4 of the way. It just blows my mind every time I use it that such a big sound is coming out of this relatively small amp.

  • from Felicity, Ohio, USA December 10, 2013Music Background:
    Do performances at my church and some others.

    Fishman Loudbox Artist 120 - Watt Acoustic Amp

    This is a great amp for acoustic guitar and the sound that comes from this amp is fantastic. The effects sound great and what you can do with this amp is amazing for it's size. What ever you do don't let the size foul you, it sounds much larger that it is. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to play small to medium venues.

  • from Shell lake, WI November 24, 2013Music Background:
    musician,song writer, hobbyist

    SUPER AMP!!!

    Tried the fender acoustisonic 120 was not impressed . id give it a half star just because it worked but sounded so fake. i was able to send it back to Sweet water got full refund and put it toward the Fishman Loudbox 120 .what a sound!!! sounds like the Martin DCPA4R, that i plugged into it.was even more impressed when I miced the guitar plus plugged it in and ran clean on 1 channel , little delay on the other and wow what great sound options are there. ran vocal and guitar and guess what still sounded awesome. I look forward to using this amp for a long time.and have recommended it to all my guitar playing friends...

  • from Texarkana, Arkansas USA October 2, 2013Music Background:
    See in the review above


    There is only one thing to be said here. The Quest Ends Here. I have been using a Roland ac-60 for years. I record music in Nashville Tennessee. You can look up my albums "I'd Rather Have Jesus" And my Christmas album "The Only Gift" by Doc Pearson. I use the sound tracks of my album to sing live. I sing at churches, funerals, gospel festivals, nursing homes etc. I usually use my roland ac-60 with a sure 58 mike and an ipod. I also have the very top of the line Bose L1 Model II Single Bass System with ToneMatch Engine system which i have also extensively used but i ran across this little jewel and that was it. Wow and I mean wow. But one word of advice if you want a good mike sound out of it use Sennheiser e835s because it just sounds cleaner than the sure 58. Just plug your ipod into the back. Your acoustic guitar into the front with the Sennheiser mike and just get ready to hear beauty. It is easy to carry. (by the way i am having a case made for my new little jewel that will have a side pocket to carry my mike and connecters.) It is easy to carry and with the 120-watt's you can crank it up loud and i mean loud and not distort the music or the mike. I is absolutely fabulous. The bottom line here is it is easy to carry and set up. The bose system can be set up quickly but not like this jewel that already sounds good just like it is without having to have the tone match and base etc of the bose system. Just set it down plug it in and jam away. OooooooHhhhhhhh sound so nice and looks so cool but is so small and easy to carry.

  • from San Jose, CA September 25, 2013Music Background:

    Fantastic Product

    This is fantastic little Amp. I use it for voice and acoustic as well as electric. The electric is OK run straight in if you want a very, very clean sound, but I usually run it through some a Boss ME-70 effects unit. When running effects it is great because it has such a neutral sound the effects can take over.

    I've tried putting my bass into it but that is a "bridge too far" -- does not sound good.

    One of my favorite features is the direct out for both channels. I can run them into my Apogee Quattro to record. Great sound.

    The onboard effects (reverb, chorus and such) are very nice. Only niggle complaint is I wish the controls for these were more logical. It would be great if they were fully independent for each channel. But, again, this is a minor point. Overall I highly recommend this unit for both live and studio use.

  • from August 25, 2013Music Background:

    Finally a real acoustic sound!

    I own a Peavey Ecoustic 112 & a Washburn WA30. This amp blows both of them away! Finally found a acoustic amp my ears like. My MartinOM28e Retro sounds awesome played though this amp. A real acoustic guitar sound. Definitely worth the money in my opinion.

  • from Georgetown, CT August 15, 2013Music Background:
    I like to think I am a pro. Been around the block a few times at least.


    This little goober blows my mind. If you are a serious acoustic player, look no farther. Unbelievable!.

  • from Roseville, CA March 13, 2013Music Background:
    Working Guitarist

    Fishman Loudbox Artist

    Worked with my sales rep to find a solution for upcoming acoustic gigs I had booked. Was tired of hauling around 2x12 plus an amp for shows, but needed something that had great sound and could also keep up with a full band. Not only will this Fishman keep up with another guitarist, bassist and a full drum kit without breaking a sweat, it sounds AMAZING! I am blown away by the sound quality and projection from such a small package! I would recommend the Fishman Loudbox Artist to anyone looking for amazing sound quality in a small , portable, reliable solution.

  • from Princeton NJ January 31, 2013Music Background:
    Recording/Pro Musician

    Excellent Acoustic Amp "Just What I Was Looking For"

    I play mostly on nylon strings, I was looking for a small easy to carry amp for smaller gigs that don't need a PA or larger system. This is it. Best 500.00 Ive spent on gear. The way I am using it is with a DPA 4099G mic or Shure KSM 141 into one channel and then RMC pickups on the other channel. Its light and easy to cary in and out. It really is a great clear sound and what you put in to the amp the amp gives out Louder in a small box. My DeVoe guitars sound great. You can really carve out your tone and control it well with the eq and notch filter. The effects are very usable and don't sound grainy. I think this amp is small enough to travel with on a airline as well (SouthWest) Just what an acoustic player needs. Thanks Mark Magdich at ext 1265. Ive played many acoustic amps and I think this is my favorite by far. Great job Fishman.

  • from Kansas December 16, 2012Music Background:
    Active Musician

    Great Acoustic Amp

    This amp is really a versatile, Great sounding, feature laden amp. Very light, easy to carry and, very well put together. I did some serious shopping and research of acoustic amps and, this baby has it all! This little jewel handles everything that I throw at it with perfect results and top notch performance every gig. My son and I put together a duo act and, this is the heart of the sound. I sub mix 2 vocal mics 1 six string and 1 12 string plus a fiddle and mandolin into the front inputs with superb results (Peavey 8 channel mixer). I also run a drum machine into one of the Aux. inputs on the back plus if I wanted to there is an 1/8 inch input on the back that could be used with an mp3,CD, or laptop or anything else that you could up with, Amazing! There are so many features and useful things that are built into this amp that it's a perfect amp for just about anything. With 120 watts of power it can get LOUD if needed but, I haven't came close to running this amp to even half volume yet. What blows my mind is that I have this unit on a tilted amp stand behind me and NO feedback. When I use this in smaller venues all I need is a guitar, mic and, this amp and, that's it. I could not be more satisfied with this little wonder.

  • from Longview, WA, USA October 29, 2012Music Background:
    Life-long guitar hobbyist with some professional experience

    Incredible sound

    I am amazed at the quality and depth of the sound that this amp produces. I have a vintage Ovation Custom Balladeer and a Taylor NS 72ce that I play though it and it does an outstanding job with both. I highly recommend this amp and Sweetwater for the excellent service they provide.

  • from newtown, ct September 18, 2012Music Background:
    recording, performing

    Excellent acoustic amp

    Excellent sound and effects. Very powerfui for the size and weight. This is my new gig amp.

  • from United States August 7, 2012Music Background:
    Worship Leader / Song writer / Been playing for 20 years

    Amazed !

    I have been searching for years for the best all around acoustic sound. I have owed Roland, Behringer and a few other acoustic amps and all of them have been ok to good. I ran across this amp and after reading many reviews I decided to try it, mainly because it weighs only 25 pounds and me getting older I wanted something I could move real easy.
    Well once the amp arived I unpacked it and was some what shocked that it was so small. I was thinking a 120 watt amp would be much bigger. So a little unsure I got my Parker Fly and plugged it in and was blown away at the sound. I can not believe this little amp sounds so big and so loud!! The layout of the amp is really nice from front to back it is very gig friendly. You can run 3 channels through it which is nice. The effects are very good. The only thing I wish the amp builders would do is to make the delay able to work with the reverb. The way its layed out its on the same effects bank so you can only select one at a time. This is not a show stopper though. The sound is what I was after most. I have a gazillion effects processors which I can loop. Another nice thing you can loop effects on both channels. Last this thing is loud!! I am still amazed the power coming from this little box, it will do well in most venues I travel. So give it a try you will be very glad you did. Last thing this is kinda of a side note. I you really want to make this shine add a LR Baggs Para Acoustic DI to the front input and WOW!! this is the best acoustic sound I have ever heard in all my 20 years of playing!!

  • from Paden City WV June 15, 2012Music Background:

    Awesome acoustic sound

    The sound this amp puts out is unbelievable. Effects are clear as they come. This thing is worth every penny and you wont run out of volume. All the effects are simple to use and set up. I have used multiple acoustics through it and it blows me away every time. Give it a try!

  • from Illinois March 5, 2017Music Background:
    Gigging Musician

    Buy it

    Great little amp, with a great sound, The only thing I didn't like, was the tolex cover is very thin, tears easily. Otherwise I would have gave it 5 stars.

  • from Northern MN November 25, 2016Music Background:
    Intense Hobby

    Compact acoustic power

    This amp was smaller and lighter than I expected, but performs well, and has plenty of power for small/medium venues. Filled a fairly big church with high ceilings and 200+ people at a level around 3. The XLR out options are nice. Effects are pretty good, doesn't take much reverb to give my D18 a nice ring. Get the footswitch, and if you are a pro, you'll want more effects. The speaker size means the sound is not as transparent as the 50 lb. keyboard amp I was using before, but it's still good, and at half the weight it is amazing. The extra package it came with was nice, with a great mic. Makes a handy aux amp for playing my iPhone, either to practice with or as a great-sounding portable speaker. Won't need that bluetooth setup I had been looking at. I may try it as a keyboard/vocal amp for a swing band.

  • from Hickory NC October 22, 2016

    Minor complaint

    Great amp for acoustic and very nice with my Strat after adding pedal effects. Can't say enough about the fine customer service from Sweetwater. I first bought the Mini and they worked with me to trade up to the Artist, and then when I had a problem, they promptly shipped a new unit to me, allowing me to return the defective unit within 30 days. Don't think I will buy anywhere else!

  • from April 8, 2016

    Multiple uses

    I use this in several contexts: solo acoustic/vocals, vocal PA with electric band, and entire electric/modeler+vocals rig for downtown difficult load-in gigs. The size, weight, and sound quality have far exceeded what I expected. Don't overlook this as a possible all in one solution for acoustic gigging or jazz/lower volume band gigs. Quality and build seem very solid. I had a mini for a while and a bass player used it in an emergency situation. I'd say that it's just a great piece of gear to have around for a variety of uses.

  • from September 29, 2015

    Fishman LoudBox Artist

    Hard to dial in

  • from NJ July 8, 2015Music Background:
    40+ years guitar

    Excellent Amp

    Great tone and effects. Plenty of clean volume. I was surprised with the small, light package and the performance of a much larger unit. Some nice features such as line in, tweeter adjustment, switchable and adjustable effects, headphone jack, and the well made optional foot switch. I wish I had tried this amp out prior to buying an Acoustic 60w amp. Though not bad, the Fishman is in a different league than the Acoustic.

  • from Huntsville, AL November 30, 2014Music Background:

    Amp upgrade

    Nice upgrade from Loudbox Mini - so far, very impressed!

  • from Dayton, OH USA June 20, 2014

    A great sounding amp!

    I couldn't be happier with the sound and build quality of this little amp. And by 'little', I mean size, not sound. I plug my Chapman Stick (thru my pedalboard) into the FIshman and it has a great sound. Would recommend this to other Chapman Stick players.

  • from Santa Rosa, CA August 20, 2013Music Background:
    Pro musician, live sound pro

    Great little amp

    This amp is being used continuously, mostly for performances in a church. Our acoustic guitarist, who is a very skillful pro, has been using it so he can hear himself on stage without having to constantly be concerned about having enough guitar in the monitor. Sometimes he finger-picks other times he strums, so monitoring is an issue.
    A variety of accompaniments are used, from voice and guitar alone to a full rock band, so the monitoring needs are very different. This amp does the job nicely.
    He uses a Taylor with the Expression System, so it is critical to have the balanced input on the amp, for a full sound. The reverb and chorus are a nice plus and at 120 W, the amp has ample power to cut through the loud parts.
    It would have been nice to have the individual channel direct outs switchable to pre or post FX, but for the price, I certainly can't complain.
    the direct outs are quiet, so that is also a real plus.

  • from Carbondale, IL November 14, 2012Music Background:
    Old School Musician

    Loudbox Artist Lives Up to it's Name

    I am using this amp with an acoustic guitar with a MiniFlex 2 internal mic, and an LR Baggs Para Acoustic DI. this setup produces the best sounding amplified acoustic guitar I have ever heard.
    The amp is very loud, sporting 120 Watts of bi-amped power to an 8 inch woofer and a tweeter. This is key, if you want full range sound, you must have a real tweeter. Vocals and keyboard also sound fantastic through this amp. I tried out the Roland answer to this and it sounds like two 6 inch speakers, muddy with no sparkle.
    Two real full channels, each with xlr and fantom power and access to the two built in effect busses. These effects sound great, the reverb and slap back echo are probably the most useful and can be independently applied to each channel. There is a stereo aux input and pro outputs and effect loops on the back.
    I mentioned before my use of the para di, this is necessary because unfortunately there is no parametric or sweepable notch filter on this amp. This shortcoming and the fact that there is no speaker stand hole in the bottom are the only two things that prevent a five star rating.
    This amp is best described as a two channel high quality Public Address system in a box. Too bad about the stand hole, I was surprised.

  • from Charlotte, NC August 10, 2012Music Background:
    Performing musician.

    The Loudbox Artist

    Nice amp, Nice features, Great sound, My only drawback is cosmetic. I feel the quality of amp cabinet has been cheapened, from the more rugged Loudbox 100 and Loudbox Performer. Would take this amp over the much more expensive Trace Elliott Acoustic. But I prefer the black cabinet and the steel front of the previous models over the, thinner wood and covering, and mesh-fabric front, of the newer Artist model. If you are planning to take this amp on the road I would recommend at least a padded cover, if not a hard case for it.

  • from April 6, 2015

    Fishman Loudbox Artist 120 watt Acoustic Amp

    Just what I need for most everything I do. Great sound/Light weight/easy to use.

  • from Orlando FL June 16, 2014

    Pretty Awesome

    I went a couple of hundred dollars over my budget for the artist. The loudbox mini is great but it seemed as much a value to get the artist. I tried them both and both the mini and the artist are worth the price. My biggest problem with gear purchases these days is that I often come to the unavoidable conclusion that something is just not worth the money I paid for it. From a value perspective I am extremely happy with this amp. It has great tone, it's light, it's feature rich, versatile, and most importantly, I believe it is worth the money I paid for it. I am still running it through its paces but so far this amp lives up to its engineering claims and performs exactly as promised.

  • from Discovery Bay, CA USA January 3, 2014Music Background:

    Very nice sounding amp

    This is a very nice sounding amp, great overall range- perfect for playing at home, or in a coffee house setting. Plenty of power, 2nd channel works well for a microphone input. The built-in effects work really good and the amp truly gives the acoustic guitar clarity and warmth. Buy this amp, you won't be disappointed.

  • from Northern Minnesota July 28, 2013Music Background:
    Working Guitarist

    Your Search Ends Here...

    Upon taking delivery of this amp, it took all of 5 minutes of experimenting to dial in an ~amazing~ acoustic guitar sound that was a VERY close reproduction of the way my instrument sounds unplugged. Compared to the initial experience with my last electric guitar tube amp (switching channels, experimenting with gain levels, rifling through e.q. settings, trying different pedals with different pick-ups, etc.) it was frankly a bit anti-climatic, but "boring" or not, this IS the "correct answer" in the search for accurately amplified acoustic tone. Also, when compared with other amps in the same class, the price is very much "right."

    I play a Martin D-16 GT equipped with a Fishman Ellipse Matrix Blend (with a sound hole cover) into a Fishman Aura pedal for roots music, Americana, and bluegrass in one band and finger style rock music in another. My Fishman-equipped Wechter resonator and Takamine classical acoustic electric also sound very good through this unit. I use this amp both to shape my tone and as a personal guitar monitor on larger stages, and the amp sounds just as good using the mixed d.i. out as it does with a mic in front of it. Pro sound guys regularly ask me about and / or compliment me on my current rig. For smaller gigs or rehearsals in the garage, it's loud enough to cut through just about any mix, and feedback is rarely an issue. It sounds great at any volume, and fine-tuning it for different rooms and situations is fast and simple. The beauty of Fishman gear is that it insures the ~exact~ same sound and response from your instrument with minimal adjustments no matter where you happen to be playing.

    My only "concern" with the Artist is that it seems lightly-built, and though (to its credit) it HAS held up perfectly for well over 25 shows and no small amount of traveling since last December, I'm still not convinced that it's built to last. The pots for the controls seem a bit flimsy, and both the 120v cord receptacle and XLR outs on the back appear to be of less than "military" grade. Also, though I could care less about the appearance of a guitar amp, the fact that the Tolex is already "dinged" in a couple spots and the grill cloth has a permanent crease due to something rubbing against it in the back of the car cause me to further doubt the amp's ruggedness and potential life span. With those so far unfounded concerns about durability set aside, this is my last acoustic guitar amp, and if / when it fails, I'll immediately get another. I highly recommend this amp.

  • from NJ June 14, 2014Music Background:
    35 years exp.

    Good little amp...

    The good: surprisingly small and very, very light weight. Solid effects...I
    was liking the chorus forsure. Gets loud if needed and maintains its clarity.

    Not so good: I found it difficult to dial in the tone. I have a Taylor 316, which has alot of boom/bass, which seemed to over power the amp at higher volumes and created alot of feedback. Does it sound good, sure...was I blown away? Not really...

    I'll be using this for practice/learning new songs and for that purpose it will do just fine. For playing out I'll stick with my Boss AD-3.

  • from chapel hill, nc September 4, 2014Music Background:
    played in bands for over 30 years.

    part time musician

    still working with it. it's going to take some time to learn to use it.

  • from Kansas, USA December 9, 2012Music Background:
    Serious Hobbyist

    Great Sound - Weak Tolex!

    There is a lot to like about this amp. I have three Electric-Acoustics that I have tested it with and all have had good results. Tested with a Taylor and Epiphone Masterbilt, each equipped with a K&K Mini; and a Martin D-15M equipped with a L.R. Baggs M1 Active. Good sounds across the board. The effects are nice and have some adjustability although not all parameters are controlled. Got some nice delays using the delay combined with the Slap Echo. Reverb 1 was my favorite with nice adjustability and transparency. I also found the phaser to be very cool for alternative rock covers.

    Now the bad. Tolex. The Tolex covering the sides of the amp is thin, really thin. Imagine your guitar covered in butterfly wings, that thin. I have had the amp for two days in my music room and there is an abrasion and a tear on the side and all I have done is take it out of the box. Really? Thats a bummer. I guess when it gets bad enough I can recover it with material that I know isn't garbage.

    So there you have it.

  • from Erie, Pa June 28, 2015Music Background:
    acoustic guitar / singer songwriter

    Sounds good - covering falls apart

    i have both the Loudbox Artist and the Performer. Both are terrific sounding amps and I have no complaints about the performance of the amp. i did have to send back the Artist once because it just stopped working one day (no indication before that of anything wrong) . I called their customer service to see if there was a fuse or something I could check. Nada ..... I was told to send it back. They repaired it but didnt let me know what had been repaired. Never trusted it after that.

    Both amps have same covering (Tolex?) and both are simply just horrible! I have taken very good care of these amps and both have amp covers, but both of them look like hell now. cover started to tear at one of the corners and now a big chunk of material has come off. cover is starting to sag on both.

  • from San Antonio Tx September 10, 2013Music Background:
    Classical Cellist

    Not So Good on Cello

    I'm a little bummed after getting a new LoudBox Artist Amp The D.I. Mix Output is non-functioning. Also the Channel 2 D.I is not working. However, the Channel 1 D.I. is working, so I know the cables and connections are good. I'm trying to use a second "slave" amp running from the LoudBox.
    I was hoping to use this amp with my Cello, but honestly, I'm not happy with it. The overall sound is boxy and stale to my ears. I'm using a Realist Pick-Up and a Bartlett Cello Mic. It's a shame because I really like the features on the Fishman. Two independent channels, light weight, phantom power. But the sound is not what I was hoping for.

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