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Fishman Loudbox Performer 180-watt 1x5" + 1x8" Acoustic Combo Amp with Tweeter Reviews

4.5 stars based on 27 customer reviews
Questions about the Fishman Loudbox Performer 180-watt 1x5" + 1x8" Acoustic Combo Amp with Tweeter?

Questions about the Fishman Loudbox Performer 180-watt 1x5" + 1x8" Acoustic Combo Amp with Tweeter?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Florida March 31, 2017Music Background:
    Stage performer



  • from March 2, 2017Music Background:
    Church worship music

    Acoustic Church Worship Performer

    The Fishman Loudbox Performer is one of the best acoustic amps I have purchased. The sound is exceptional and the lighter weight makes it a breeze to transport. It is definitely a keeper for many years. The service and advice from Sweetwater is exceptional and I will be buying more gear from Sweetwater. Ryan Holoquist was great, in fact everyone I talked to was great.

  • from elberton, GA October 14, 2016

    Awesome Amp

    I'm just an old Georgia dirt road country boy flattop picker that used to go to sleep on an old hardwood floor listening to my daddy and uncle playing guitar and singing old country and gospel songs. This Fishman Loudbox Performer is the best portable acoustic amp / voice system I've ever owned. Its perfect for Church or social gatherings etc. its just plain awesome!!!

  • from Central VA October 5, 2016Music Background:
    40+ years playing & singing

    Perfect Fit

    The Performer completed the Fishman Loudbox Trifecta for me, as I now own the Mini, Artist, and Performer.
    I use them all separately or in combination depending on the venue. I am very pleased with all they can deliver. Vocals, tracks, guitar, all sound real life and super clean! Indoors or Outside it Delivers!
    I get compliments on the sound quality as well as the amazement that big clean sound can come from such a compact box.

  • from LAKELAND, FL September 9, 2016

    The Fishman LoudBox performer rocks in versatility

    A lot has been said about the Loud Box. This thing is fantastic and is the perfect all around go to amp for gigging acoustically, electrically and vocally. The Fishman LoudBox Performer can do it all while weighing in at around 31 lbs. If you only can have one amp, this would be the one.

  • from Minnesota April 16, 2016Music Background:
    Gigging rhythm guitarist

    Guitar Synth Players Best Friend

    I'm a gigging rhythm guitarist. I play a Godin LGXT with acoustic, electric, and synth voices. The problem is finding a good solution for practice when you don't have a PA to plug into. I had been using a small mixer and a preamp pedal with my pedalboard along with headphones for silent practice. Not bad, but I had no way to play out loud. Then I tried my Loudbox Mini. Acoustic voice to channel one was awesome of course. Synth to aux in was also excellent. But what really surprised me was how good the Loudbox was with the electric voice of my Godin. Even the distortion for I Love Rock and Roll sounded great with my Plimsoul pedal. So the Mini was good for playing out loud, but unfortunately, it had no headphone jack for silent practice. But the larger models do. So I ended up buying the Performer to get the headphone jack for silent practice. The bonus is the 180 Watts of power that gives me the option of doing coffee shop gigs with my guitar synth setup. Fishman calls the Loudbox Performer an Acoustic Amplifier, but really it's a 4 input mini PA that can handle acoustic and synth as well as electric guitar. The headphone jack for silent practice, puts this amp over the top. Highly recommended.

  • from Lake Tahoe, NV November 19, 2015Music Background:
    Professional (semi-retired)

    A great purchase!

    I have been an "unplugged" musician/singer/songwriter for over 50 years. My hands are getting arthritic and I needed a guitar that was easier to play than my vintage Ovation and an amp so my overall attack could be lighter. I bought a Taylor acoustic and a Fishman Loudbox. This amp is everything I had hoped for and more. I am enjoying being "plugged-in" and still having a great acoustic sound. This will give me a few more years of playing, and I am so grateful. I REALLY appreciate the guidance and patience I have received from Derek Senestraro at Sweetwater!

  • from Christopher, IL September 29, 2015

    Fishman Loudbox Performer Great amp!

    My 15 year old Fender Acoustosonic JR no longer did the job for me. I talked to Kenny at Sweetwater and ended up buying this amp as it's replacement. Not only is this amp so much lighter than my old amp, it was easy to set up and sounds beautiful. I play guitar mass at my Church. This amp has done a wonderful job for me, I've gotten compliments from the Parish for the sound it produces.

  • from Denver February 24, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    A fantastic acoustic amp

    I perform solo gigs regularly. My main guitar is a Taylor T-5. I've never heard my T-5 sound so good as it does with my new Fishman Performer amp from Sweetwater. I've been playing this same guitar for several year and I've never been able to enjoy the full capabilities of my guitar until now. There's so much clarity and headroom! A great little amp with a lot of punch. Thank you Sweetwater for getting it to me so quickly.

  • from Tucson, AZ USA January 26, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Fishman Loudbox Performer - Stunning!

    I have used this Fishman Loudbox Performer on several gigs ranging from small to large. I am AMAZED at how well it performs in all settings. Special shout out to Alan Finkbeiner at Sweetwater for his superb assistance and prompt response! The Fishman Loudbox Performer has plenty of power and projection for all my Pro gigging needs. I play mostly upscale resorts, bars and fine dining venues. I use a 2014 Taylor 814CE acoustic (Purchased from Sweetwater!) in one channel and sing through the other channel using a Sennheiser 935 Mic. I have had musician friends comment how incredible the overall quality of tone is from this amp. Set up is a breeze and it is so easy to carry. I got the Fishman Carry bag which protects it and gives me a convenient place to store a couple mic cables and power cord. I LOVE the built in kick-back stand, That comes in very handy.I compared the Performer to the Loudbox Artist, the next smaller Loudbox. In my opinion, there is no contest. The Performer sounds richer, bigger, more natural ...and that kickstand gives a lot of options that helps me hear the amp better while projecting out into the gig venue (inside or outside). The Reverb sounds great, the Chorus is awesome (And footswitchable!) and having an anti-feedback notch filter is without parallel!

    When I need to cover more space, I simply use the DI Mix Out and run that into a powered speaker such as my QSC K10 or K12.
    While it's not an electric guitar amp, I have also used my Fender Custom Shop '63 Tele through the amp, turn down the tweeter and it's great for jazzy, bluesy clean tones too. I do mostly fine dining and 5 star resort gigs. This amp is a gigging musicians best friend!

  • from Jackson, MI December 19, 2014Music Background:
    professional musican since 1970

    What a great amp and PA

    This amp sounds great. Get it with the cover because the finish material on the amp is easily scratched and will tare. I am using this amp to sing and play guitar through. I play for as many as 200 down to about 30 people. The amp is very easy to move around and you can't beat the price compared to some of the other products I looked at. I ordered this amp by phone on a Friday at 5:00 pm and got it the next morning at 10:30. Now that's what I call service!

  • from NJ December 11, 2014Music Background:
    Singer, songwriter, recording artist, RAB hall of famer

    Great quality axoustic amp

    This is about as good as it gets for a manageable size amp for acoustic guitar. Very high quality.

  • from Cypress,Ca. April 26, 2014Music Background:

    This Amp Sounds Awesome

    This amp is perfect for the acoustic guitar player/singer type musician. Great guitar amp as well as a great sounding PA. I have never had to turn the master volume on this amp up past half way. Lots of head room as far as volume.

    This amp has all the bells and whistles that you will ever need. The onboard effects sound great and the separate effects loop for each channel is very handy. I run a vocal processor through the effects loop on one channel for the vocals and use the onboard effects for the guitar and what amazing sound and tone. I just purchased a Martin GPCPA1 with the Fishman Aura system and let me tell you it doesn't get any better than this.

    I have listened to the Roland acoustic amps versus the Fishman amps and it is my opinion that Fishman wins hands down in sound and versatility.

    Sweetwaters customer service and professionalism is the best in the business. I will not shop anywhere else period.........

  • from Williamsport, In April 17, 2014Music Background:

    Fishman Loudbox 180

    Best investment I have made in all my years of playing!

  • from Arlington, VA April 2, 2014Music Background:
    Active musician and performer

    Impressive amp

    I'm blown away by this amp. The other night, I plugged my guitar into one channel and two mics (through a mic-level splitter) into the other. We played in a medium sized room, and sounded so loud we had to turn down the main. The sound was clean, I was told by an audience member. It's got solid effects and is very portable. For the amount of watts it is light in weight and easy to move around. It came with a cover which helped when we left an event recently, in a surprise snow storm. Best amp I've ever owned.

  • from TEXARKANA, AR March 16, 2014Music Background:



  • from USA July 29, 2013Music Background:
    Musician for more than 40 years

    Fishman Loudbox...great amp for acoustic guitar!

    This is my second Fishman amp. I purchased a loudbox mini earlier and use it for live as well as rehearsal and studio applications. I decided to get the Performer for larger venues and for the 2 channels. I can now keep my 6 and 12 string guitars set and ready without having to change guitars in the amp. The sound is amazing and the features are great. We use the XLR out to our Pre Sonus board and the effects in the amp can be set to enhance its sound, I highly recommend the Performer if you need 2 channels and a few more features than the MIni...if not...the Mini is a great amp as well.You make the choice....you wont be disappointed.

  • from albert, KS April 27, 2013Music Background:
    Active Musician

    Another Quality Fishman Product

    I have already written a review on the Fishman Loudbox Artist on this site that pretty much says it all. When Fishman came out with this amp which is just a little bit more hot roded than the Artist I went for it. Hey, what can I say but Fishman has the Best line of acoustic amplification out there. I've put my Artist through the paces and it just gives and gives and gives perfect performance every time! I am just as pleased with the Performer as I am with the Artist. I plan on using this amp in my 4 pc Classic Rock/Country band so that I can compete with drums and bass, although I'm sure the Artist would hold it's own but with 60 more watts of power this unit will definately shine for those numbers that require an acoustic sound.

  • from March 6, 2017

    Great amp

    Great amp, does everything advertised and more. Sweetwater was the best. Gave it 4.5 stars due to the material covering the enclosure. This amp was moved once and immediately got that 100 gig look. This amp is peeling from every conceivable location. Would buy it again, I would just take it straight to an upholstery shop and get it recovered in a durable material

  • from ROCKY MTNS. April 29, 2016Music Background:



  • from September 14, 2015


    best acoustic amp I have ever heard, it makes my Taylor414 sound like it should. if I could get rid of the slight hissing sound at high volume it would be perfect... its light weight , easy to carry & the tilt back is real handy, hope it lasts for a long long time

  • from Wichita, KS March 12, 2015Music Background:
    Retired Educator/Active performer

    Good amp for the money

    I like this amp.
    I play fiddle with an LR Baggs bridge, and I played through the previous Fishman LBX (130W) for quite a few years. I liked that amp, but it just wasn't powerful enough on certain occasions. This amp has plenty of power (possibly too much, if not for the -10DB switch), is lighter in weight than the amp it replaced, and has decent usable effects. I think it's designed more for acoustic guitar than fiddle, but for the price point, probably the best thing out there for my use. I think there are better amps for my application, but they'd be in the $1,000-1,500 range.
    I prefer to play a 5-string fiddle (with an added low C string), and this amp (with the addition of the 8" speaker) is just a little too bassy, even with the bass all the way down. I can get around that by just backing off my bow on the C string....or just play my 4 string fiddle.
    I really like the kickstand, but one of my favorite features of this amp is the mute switch.

  • from Los Angeles CA January 5, 2015Music Background:
    Professional guitarist

    Loudbox Performer 180

    The amp is perfect with the exception of the pedal that comes with it. You can't mute the effects like most amps, so when you talk in between songs you are not swimming in effects. The configuration and purpose of this pedal is rather useless to most people. Redesign that please! Aside from that, I love it. I plug my LR Baggs Anthem equipped nylon string in, set the EQ flat and it sounds amazing. I really love the length adjust to really dial in the reverb or echo. That was something I've never seen in a small combo. All in all, even with the useless pedal, I would highly recommend the Loudbox Performer.

  • from Boulder CO November 3, 2014Music Background:
    Professional player and music teacher

    Really cool amp!

    I really like this little thing. The effects are real sounding, and definitely make the sound full. I have tried it with both guitar and a violin, and it is outstanding for either. It is also astonishingly loud. For being such a light weight small box, this thing pumps. I have been running my iPad with an Irig plugged into it into the aux input, and that sounds pretty good for just a simple practice application (as good as an iPad with irig possibly can). This has become my most used amp anymore. Buy one, you will like it. Thanks for the great deal Randy!

  • from San Antonio Tx September 29, 2013Music Background:
    Cellist and Teacher

    Sounds Good on Cello

    I first tried the LoudBox Artist. Sounded boxy and overloaded too easily.
    Then I bought the Performer. Fuller sound, more power and more head-room.
    A definite upgrade!

  • from Colorado USA May 13, 2014Music Background:
    Full Time professional guitar player!

    Fishman Loudbox Performer

    I bought this amp to replace my Loudbox Mini. I do a lot of bigger outdoor gigs during the summer with The Long Run-Colorados Tribute to the Eagles, and while my Mini sounded great i needed more headroom. The Performer certainly fits the bill perfectly. volume, tone, clarity, and a plethora of features, i.e. direct outs (eliminating the need for a DI), very musical FX, EQ and feedback suppresion features that make my life on stage a pleasure indeed in a still very portable, lightweight platform.

  • from Houston June 9, 2017

    Save your money, won't hold up!

    While I initially liked the sound of this amp, I am totally disappointed in the durability. The tolex covering the amp is so thin it will literally disintegrate with every light scuff. Simply putting your hand under the handle will tear it with your fingernail! If you don't believe me, look at some photos of used ones for sale. I should mention, I purchased a cover for mine, and it still looks like it fell off a truck! Oh, that's not enough. After a year or so, mine developed a terrible thump on the low notes, and the bass driver was blown and had to be replaced! It's not like I was using it for heavy metal guitar or anything, just an acoustic in a country/rock band! While this may be tempting when you hear those nice tones in the store, it is simply not a professional level piece of equipment, I recommend you steer clear!

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