Primacoustic London 8 - Beige

Acoustic Room Treatment Kit with Four Control Columns and Eight Scatter Blocks - Beige
Primacoustic London 8 - Beige image 1
Primacoustic London 8 - Beige image 1
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Primacoustic London 8 - Beige
In Stock!

Improve the sound of your room!

Do you need acoustic treatment? Stand in the middle of your room, clap your hands, and listen. Hear that? That's flutter echo, reflections, standing waves, and other acoustic anomalies that will impact the quality of your recordings and color what you hear when you're mixing. Luckily, it's a common problem, and an easy one to solve, no matter how big or small your room is. The Primacoustic London 8 room kit is designed for rooms up to 100 square feet, and it tames the most common acoustic issues you'll encounter.

Primacoustic London 8 Acoustic Treatment Room Kit at a Glance:
  • Reduces early reflections for a cleaner sounding room
  • The cure for flutter echo
  • Not your average foam
Conquers a multitude of acoustic concerns

Most rooms in either commercial facilities or residential dwellings have parallel walls. These parallel walls are great for aesthetics and floor plans, but they introduce a world of problems in a recording or mixing rooms. The first culprit is primary reflections. In simplest terms, this is sound bouncing off of walls near the sound source. These reflected sounds recombine and phase cancellation occurs, causing comb filtering. Obviously, with phase cancellation, you're not getting a true picture of the sound, so your mix won't translate well on other systems. Primacoustic's London 8 room kit uses a quartet of Control Columns to tame early reflections. Positioned near the sound source, the Control Columns helps to "define" the listening area, making it easier to discern what is really happening versus hearing the reflections, making both mixing and recording easier.

The cure for flutter echo

When you clap your hands in your room, much of what you hear is flutter echo - essentially sound bouncing off the walls, ceiling, and floor. In a room this lively, it will be nearly impossible to add the right amount of reverb to your mix. The eight Scatter Blocks in the London 8 room kit are usually installed behind the listening position to help disperse flutter echo by absorbing some of the sound energy while allowing some of the energy to reflect back. This allows for a more natural sound at the monitoring position. And at Sweetwater, we know how important it is to have a true picture of what's going on at the mix position.

Not your average foam

Primacoustic London room kits are made up of Broadway acoustic panels. These panels aren't really what is conventionally called foam, as they're made from a high-density 6lb-per-cubic-foot fiberglass. This denser material provides almost five times greater absorption than typical foam. That equates to less foam on the wall and more absorption for a clean look and better sound.

London 8 Package Contents:
  • (4) Control 36" Columns - 12"x 36" x 1.5", w/Beveled Edges
  • (8) Scatter 12" Blocks - 12" x 12" x 1", w/Beveled Edges
  • (20) Surface Impalers
  • Anchors, Screws, and 1/4" Drill Bit to Mount Impalers

Recommended for rooms under 100sq feet in size.

Primacoustic London 8 Acoustic Treatment Room Kit Features:
  • Acoustic room treatment kit for rooms up to 100 square feet
  • Sensible treatment for common acoustic problems in residential and commercial spaces
  • Four Control Columns to combat early reflections
  • Eight Scatter Blocks to ease flutter echo
  • More dense than regular foam to give more absorption with less material
  • All mounting hardware included
Turn any room into a great-sounding room with the Primacoustic London 8 Room Kit!

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Tech Specs

Treatment Type Absorption
Number of Panels 4 Columns, 8 Blocks
Coverage 3 sq. ft./column piece, 1 sq. ft./block piece
Construction Fiberglass
Included Mounting Material Anchors, Screws
Manufacturer Part Number Z900 0105 03

Customer Reviews

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They Work Great - But Here's a Better Way to Mount Them

I bought two sets of these to treat my new home studio, a converted bedroom. I promise I'll get to the panels in a second, but first a word about the walls and why I didn't want to use the supplied hardware. I just bought my condo and it took a coat of primer followed by THREE coats of paint to finally cover the depressing midnight blue grey on the walls with a fresh, light peach. Before that could be done, I had to have a full-wall mirror removed. So it was a pretty big, expensive, labor-intensive deal to get those walls to look good. Would I even THINK about putting 32 large screws with drywall sleeves into those walls? Nope! Someday, I'm going to sell this place and move onward (and upward, I hope) and there's no way I would be willing to yank out that hardware and then fill the gaping holes. The tiles and panels seemed lightweight enough for adhesive Velcro strips, but I wanted to be sure they would hold up for a long time. I ordered some Velcro Extreme Outdoor strips. They are STICKY and the Velcro holds like crazy. Now, we'll see if they stay. Hope so; I really don't want my pretty new wall riddled with holes! Oh...and as for the tiles themselves, there is very little reverb left in that room. A dramatic difference! The price is fair, too. Sure, you can save a few bucks making your own acoustic panels out of sheets of fiberglass insulation (YouTube has lots of videos) but that's messy and even hazardous work; you don't mess with fiberglass. After buying the fabric, insulation and adhesive, you don't save that much anyway. These are beveled nicely and are thick and tightly covered with linen-like fabric. They look clean and neat. I'm very happy.
Music background: Singer/songwriter/home recordist


Perfect for my room. I had to check several time to make sure that I didn't actually get new monitors. Seriously Night and day. worth noting: while it cleaned up pretty much everything in the room, it is not super effective on low end. seems like it tightened everything up but didn't really do any "trapping" so I think that will be my next investment. still; 10/10. great to install
Music background: Recording / Mixing engineer

Does the job

I used this kit in conjunction with sound treatment that I already had to complete the treatment in my new isolation room. It works well. I am very happy with it.

Primacoustic London 8 - Beige

The room treatment is just what was needed for our studio. Sweetwater, as usual, did everything in a professional manner. Always a pleasure to work with them!


Can' beat these for the price. Have a v-small bacement studio they are hanging in. Have definently improved the acoustics. Would like to see a few more color options
Music background: Hobbist
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