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Fully Comprehensive Tutorial Library for Apple's Logic 9 DAW Software
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Groove3 Logic 9 Explained image 1

Sorry, the Groove3 Logic 9 Explained is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Groove3 Logic 9 Explained
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Are You Ready to Master Logic?

With Groove3's Logic 9 Explained, you get to follow Apple Logic Certified Pro Eli Krantzberg through the vast universe of Apple's Logic 9 DAW environment. These instructional videos feature exclusively new material focused entirely on Logic version 9, so all of the material is current and relevant. From building a session to hardware configurations, editing basics and window overviews to recording audio and MIDI, Logic Explained covers it all. And at nearly five hours of video available in a variety of forms, it's hard to imagine a more comprehensive tutorial library than Groove3's Logic 9 Explained.

Groove3 Logic 9 Explained Tutorial Series at a Glance:

  • Fully comprehensive tutorial library
  • Multiple formats mean you can watch it how you like — even on the go!
  • Apple Logic Certified Pro guidance

Fully comprehensive tutorial library
Groove3's Logic 9 Explained contains individual tutorial sessions coving everything from the first project setup steps to the final bounce. Each tutorial is a separate video file, so you can quickly find the material you're looking for or go back to specific sections for quick review. Sections of Logic 9 Explained even deal with specific methods of operation, such as recording live vocalists, or how to make the most of your MIDI setup.

Multiple formats mean you can watch it how you like — even on the go!
When you buy Groove3's Logic 9 Explained, you don't just get the physical disc, you also get access to Groove3's website. That means wherever you are, you can always access Logic 9 Explained on line. Even better, you can stream Groove3's Logic 9 Explained straight to your iPhone, so you don't have to switch between the video and Logic 9 as you work through the exercises.

Apple Logic Certified Pro guidance
Because Eli Krantzberg is fully Apple Logic Pro Certified, you know that Groove3's Logic 9 Explained comes straight from an authoritative source. Apple takes its certification process seriously, and their demand for professional expertise is reflected throughout the Logic 9 Explained series.

Groove3 Logic 9 Explained Tutorial Series Features:
  • For all beginner to intermediate Logic 9 users
  • Multiple viewing options include online, download, boxed disc, and iPhone streaming
  • Video tutorial overviews allow instant downloading
  • Tutorials written by Apple Logic Certified Pro Eli Krantzberg
  • Simple to use video control interface for Mac & PC
  • 40 Tutorials — Almost five hours of total runtime!
Groove3 Logic 9 Explained Tutorial Index:
  • Creating a Project
  • Basic Hardware Setup
  • Understanding Files & Regions
  • Arrange Window Overview
  • Exploring the Loop Browser
  • Basic Transport Commands
  • Basic Navigation Functions
  • Tracks & Channel Strips
  • Exploring the Library
  • Exploring the Audio Bin
  • Working with Tools
  • Arrange Window Tool Functions
  • Setting the Project Tempo
  • Tempo Based on Audio Files
  • Creating Tracks
  • Configuring the Track Header
  • MIDI Record Setup
  • Overdubbing MIDI
  • MIDI Cycle & Take Folder Record
  • Record Modes & Punching-In
  • Layering & Intro to MIDI Editor
  • Piano Roll Editor Pt. 1
  • Piano Roll Editor Pt. 2
  • The Hyper Editor
  • Audio Recording Setup
  • I/O Labels & Send Effects
  • Setting Up a Headphone Mix
  • Recording a Vocalist Live
  • Auto-Punch & Take Folder Recording
  • Loop Recording Audio
  • Quick Swipe Comping
  • Take Folder Editing
  • Basic Audio Editing
  • The Flex Tool
  • Flex View Slicing Mode
  • Easy Stutter Effects
  • Working with Plug-Ins
  • Working with Key Commands
  • Working with Track Automation
  • Bounce to Disc
Get the killer edge you're looking for with Grove3's Logic 9 Explained!

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