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Ableton Live 8.2 Reviews

5.0 stars based on 4 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Dylan Driscoll

    If you work inside-the-box and have ever wanted to take your music to the stage, Ableton Live 8 is an absolute must. I'm still completely blown away by the idea behind the session view. Seeing my songs arranged vertically opens up a whole new level of creativity. It allows me to record as many ideas as I can, and launch them back in different combinations during the recording process. The session view is also a great way for me to remix my songs in a live environment, on-the-fly. Live 8's MIDI-mapping is also incredible. I can map an endless combination of parameters to my Novation Launchpad, which makes my live performances even more exciting. Once I started using the warp function to integrate other songs into my set, seamlessly matching the tempos, I turned into a full-on DJ! I highly recommend Ableton Live 8 to any musician who is looking to step-up their current DAW, and possibly take it to the stage.

  • from Atlanta, GA August 14, 2012Music Background:
    Hip Hop, Sound Design

    Ableton, Greatest DAW of All Time

    This is THE top of the food chain for music production. Don't get it twisted thinking that Fruity Loops or FL Studio is just as good or that Pro Tools is the best DAW or that Logic, Studio One, Reason, Cubase, or whatever can compare to Ableton. By all means, get what you can afford and there is some affordable and even free stuff out there, with Reaper ($60) probably being the most affordable and then there are the other free and $99 choices that all of these companies offer. But if you are ready to unleash your creativity and produce what only you can hear in your head...get Ableton Live.
    What do I like the most about Ableton?
    The ability to Rack, Drag, and Drop. You can rack anything in this program, you could rack your dog if you could fit it him inside the computer. But what that means is that you could take an instrument or an effect and attach it to anything while mapping the instrument/effect's parameters to nobs and stuff, allowing you maximum tweak ability. And then rename it, save it, and just copy paste or drag and drop anywhere at anytime.
    What else do I like?
    The ability to play/perform your production. You can play instruments and effects even parts of the song with a nob a key, slider, fader, button, pad, or whatever. All while recording. You don't have to count how many bars before you drop it in the song, just listen and hit a button when you're ready to drop it in...simple.
    What else do I like?
    I produce hip hop, and if you like chopping up records...Ableton is hands down the best. All you have to do is double click on the parts of the song you like and then hit create drum rack...simple. It creates a Sampler for every sound that you chop...a full featured sampler for every chop in the record...then you can put effects and rack or whatever. Ableton Live, G.O.A.T. DAW hands down.

  • from January 26, 2012Music Background:

    Easy to use, but very powerful

    Without any previous experience with any professional DAW's, I was able to sit down with Ableton Live and start making multi-track arrangements within an hour of installation.

  • from Fremont, Ohio July 7, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    The Future of Music

    I am in awe of the Ableton Live 8.2 software!, this is simply the best purchase I may have ever made. I believe if everyone understood exactly what this tool does then it would be an staple in every musicians arsenal!. This instrument does everything I'd been looking for. I don't think I can say enough praise for Live, I don't understand why I didn't make this choice much sooner?, don't be fooled it is an intense instrument that requires an learning curve and in that process I am simply blown away as I discover more and more about the possibilities this instrument delivers!. Don't think about it just buy it NOW!.

  • from Asheville, NC September 27, 2009Music Background:
    musician, electronic artist

    Just when I thought Live 6 was incredible

    Ableton 8 defies almost everything about what I assumed about this program. Unlike 6, 8 is about 30% more effective on the CPU than 6, while being able to handle so much more. This in of itself is hugely impressive because on a good day the batteries on my mac would only last 30mn using 6, with 8 while using more effects, my mac would last 45 to 1 hour operation time. Hard to believe but it's true. Ableton 8 has much more to offer than ever before, and it works more smoothly than 6, occasional glitches here and there, but in all manner of ways it is a huge upgrade from 6. It sounds better, has a very good limiter, a better compressor (that combines compressor 1 and 2 from the earlier versions), an easier tool like Slice To Midi that allows many users to finally do IDM/EDM music in the way it's meant to be done without having to do all the cut and paste that had to be done in 6 just to come close to doing decent to good IDM music. I definitely am eager to see how it works from video aspect. There are some improvements but I haven't yet gotten my hands wet in that dept.

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