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Visual Sound V2 Liquid Chorus Reviews

5.0 stars based on 3 customer reviews
  • from Newport News, VA USA June 5, 2012Music Background:

    Best Chorus Pedal I've Heard, Super Versatile

    This pedal can get a wide array of different sounds from a subtle chorus to thicken up your sound a bit to an underwater Leslie-type sound. I have the H2O (which is no longer in production) but it had this chorus pedal and an Echo pedal in the same unit. If I could do it again, I think I would buy this pedal instead of the H2O. The Echo side sounds really good (for a digital delay) but I wanted an analog one so I got the MXR Carbon Copy. Long story short; you can't get a better chorus pedal for this price.

  • from FL, USA June 4, 2012Music Background:

    VERY solid- sounds great, a lot of control.

    Pedal is very solid, probably could be used as a weapon in hand-to-hand combat before the gig (or after, depending on how you do).

    Also, there is no volume boost when you turn it on. In fact, if anything, there is a SLIGHT volume DROP. I found this convenient, but if a volume boost form your chorus is part of your set-up, be aware you will have to change your set-up slightly with this.

    When you first get it, you will need to play with it for a while. I have used A LOT of pedals, and this one takes an ESPECIALLY long time to figure out how to control it completely. It does not take long to find a good sound, as the pedal is chock full of great sounds, it is just figuring out what all of the knobs do and how to control the sound with them. The key is the fact that the "width" "delay time" and "depth" knobs are all reactive- a change to any one of them makes a change to the others. Although initially confusing, I believe this is a good thing, as it shows the pedal is truly analog, as only analog is reactive like that.

    For those who are like I was, you are probably wondering what the "width" and "delay time" knobs are for. The "width" is basically a texture shaping tool, and the "delay time" basically controls how 'thick' the effect is, if that makes sense. Think of the width knob as like a knob between a sqaure, triangular, and sine wave, if you have ever used a Moog or a Seymour Duncan pedal- it is similar to that. Think of the depth and speed as like the controls for a tremolo, which they mostly are, in this pedal. And think of the delay time knob as the 'true' "depth" knob, as it does most of the depth and 'thickness' shaping. At any rate, this setup gives you a TON of control, and a plethora of GREAT, and even famous, sounds.

    Lastly, LOVE the footswitch. Everybody that buys a VS pedal says this, and with good reason. It is just so solid, has just the right firmness, and you are sure when you have turned it off (not totally undue to the SUPER bright blue LED. Yes, the LED is blue, even though it looks green in the pictures). And beware that this pedal is TALL. you can't see it in the pictures, but when you put the battery in, it stands up straight inside the back of the pedal. So, obviously, the back of the pedal is even taller than that. If you are worried about it hitting the inside of a pedalboard case because of the height, you might want to try setting a 9v battery upright on top of a mousepad where you want the pedal to live- this will give you an approximate idea of how tall it will be.

  • from Palmdale, CA September 15, 2008Music Background:
    many bands, many genres, and many instruments over the years; home studio meandering, etc...

    Good chorus, good price

    The V2 Liquid Chorus is very easy to use, of course, this is assuming you understand what each of the knobs are doing. One thing I really, really like is that the adapter plugs in on the back of the pedal, which really helps to keep cords untangled and out of the way. I'm only giving a 4.5 because I think 5 is absolute perfection. The knobs could have been just a little bit farther apart. I never use manuals as I use my ears to dial in my preferred sounds.

    It is important to mention that this pedal is not designed for extreme effects: it is designed for rich, lush chorus, tremolo-like pulsing chorus, and everything in between. No whacky settings here. Before going any further, I'd like to say that I play mostly speed punk, ska, and reggae, so I'm probably in the minority here. This pedal will not give you metal and hardcore sounds. I use chorus to subtly give sparkle and vibrancy to my clean, and I use a very noticable chorus for solos to give a searing, fat sound that is still bright but requires no overdubbing. This pedal does both of these very well.

    Sound quality is a very subjective thing, but there are some things, like the amount of noise a pedal makes, that apply regardless of what you're looking for in a pedal, and I must say that this pedal is just OK when it comes to how noisy it is. It adds hiss, and the boutique pedals are a bit quieter than the V2 Liquid Chorus, but it isn't bad, and there isn't that "oooeeeeeiiiiooooeeeeeeeuuuueeeee," sound that cheap and digital chorus pedals make, but that may be because this pedal doesn't do extreme settings, idk. I'm not thrilled with the slight hiss, but it isn't bad, especially for a non-botique pedal.

    I really think this is a good buy for the money. I had narrowed my choices down to this and the Analogman (which I think is about $225), and I chose the V2 simply because of the price, but I don't regret choosing it, especially since it has 2 more knobs (I think 4 knobs is just the right amount, too: not too much, too not few).

    One other thing that is very important to note is that this pedal rolls off the treble. I use P90's for distortion, and there is an obvious drop in treble, well, I'll say in the presence, actually. If you were playing with humbuckers (especially hot humbuckers) through an all tube amp that clips at like 4KHz, then you might not even notice, but it is there, especially with single coils. It isn't that bad, but I am docking a point for it.

    This pedal seems pretty reliable. The plastic knobs seem pretty sturdy (for plastic, anyway), and the metal housing seems sturdy. the footswitch button isn't as stiff as I'd like it to be, but it seems fine. The input and output jacks have metal screws, so at least Visual Sound isn't cutting corners there. It isn't a tank, but it's solidly built.

    I like this pedal enough to not send it back, so if that means anything... I'd say buy it.

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