Eminence Lil' Buddy 10" 50-watt Replacement Guitar Speaker 8-ohm

Patriot Series 10", 50W, 8-ohm Guitar Amplifier Speaker with Hemp Cone and Ferris Magnet
Eminence Lil\' Buddy 10
Eminence Lil\' Buddy 10
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Eminence Lil' Buddy 10" 50-watt Replacement Guitar Speaker 8-ohm
In Stock!

Smooth American Tone for Your 10" Amp

Note: Speakers are non-returnable.

Push the limits of your guitar amplifier with an Eminence Lil' buddy guitar speaker. This 10" aftermarket guitar speaker is a drop-in replacement for any similar 50-watt, 8-ohm speaker. Unlike typical 10" speakers Sweetwater guitarists have tried out, which tend to run on the brittle side, the Lil' Buddy pumps out smooth tone with plenty of punch. Push your amp into the crunch zone, and you'll be rewarded with a solid drive tone that's a lot like what you'll get with a Cannabis Rex or other hemp-cone model.

Eminence Lil' Buddy 10" Hemp-cone Guitar Speaker Features:
  • A solid-sounding 10" speaker that's clean, full, and slow to break-up
  • Based around a ferrite magnet and hemp speaker cone
  • Far smoother and less brittle-sounding than typical 10" guitar speakers
  • Provides a delightfully crunchy sound when driven hard
  • A direct replacement for most 50-watt, 8-ohm speakers
Upgrade your 10" guitar amp with an Eminence Lil' Buddy hemp-cone guitar speaker!

Additional Media

Guitar Amp Buying Guide
Lil\' Buddy 10 Spec Sheet

Tech Specs

Application Guitar
Size 10"
Impedance 8 ohms
Power Handling 50W
Magnet Type Ferrite
Magnet Weight 30 oz.
Frequency Range 80Hz-5kHz
Unit Weight 6.3 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number LIL' BUDDY

Customer Reviews

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Eminence Lil Buddy

I installed this in an Avatar G110 guitar speaker cabinet and drive it with the Electro-Harmonix, 44 Magnum. This baby gets loud, but also has a great classic vibe. When I'm ready to set myself up with a stereo configuration, I'll be purchasing this same cabinet/speaker/amp combination.

Eminence Lil' Buddy

Put this in a friend's Gibson GA-9 as the old speaker was tired. It's for harp, and the Lil Buddy is an excellent choice. Great speaker. I have a few of them.

I like it.

This speaker is still breaking in (less than 10 hours on it) but I'm very impressed with what I'm hearing so far. It is smooth but not overly dark--the clarity is there without being shrill. The lows are rather loose, but this is kind of a good thing, since it seems to allow the highs to speak more clearly. I run the EQ on my amplifier nearly flat, so I'm not sure how this unit would like the "smiley face," but my overall impression is that this driver is pretty loud and nicely balanced. I use this speaker in an open-backed 40 watt 1-10 combo with a humbucker loaded hardtail Strat.
Music background: Semi-pro; have played since 1988; rock, R&B, jazz, hiphop, electronica, worldbeat, folk, pop

Very Impressed

I got this to replace the stock speaker in a Peavey Transtube Envoy 110. I actually picked this speaker because most of the reviews described it as rather dark-sounding, and I wanted it to carry the lows in my stereo rig. Here's what I have observed so far: 1) This thing is loud. 98.8 dB is pretty hot, granted, but I was still shocked by how much sound this speaker puts out from an open-back 40 watt combo. I sat in at a small bar-gig with drums, bass, and acoustic guitar recently and I spent the first five songs turning my amp down and reining things in. 2) I expected this speaker to be darker than it is. All of the scuttlebutt about hemp cones is that they sound "warm" and "dark," but to me this speaker just sounds nicely balanced. Sure, it doesn't have the highs of a Celestion, but I consider that a good thing. I play a hardtail Strat with a bridge humbucker, so I'm not exactly starving for treble. If you play a Les Paul on the neck pickup with the tone rolled way down this might be too dark for you, but I found it to have nice highs--clear, but not spiky. For the record, I have played guitar since 1988 and do a variety of music--rock, folk, pop, R&B, funk, hiphop, electronica, worldbeat, and even the occasional blues gig. This is to say that I am pretty confident that this speaker is not a one-trick pony. You might need to set your EQ differently than you are used to doing, but this speaker strikes me as pretty versatile. I'll have to see how it sounds when it breaks in more, but my initial impressions are very positive.
Music background: Semi-Professional, have played for 26 years in a variety of settings.

Poor Choice

My new Fender Pro Jr sounded pretty good out of the box, but after talking to the guys at Eminence they had me convinced that the Lil Buddy speaker would make it sound even better, so I ordered one. Well, it Pales when compared to the stock speaker in the Pro Jr. The data shows it to be moderate on the mids, robust on the lows, and subdued on the highs. I found it to be robust on the mids, subdued on the lows and the highs. This speaker simply sounds "Hollow" in my Pro Jr. I will stick with the original speaker. Sad, but I'm stuck with it since there are no returns on speakers.
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