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Ovation Custom Legend - Black Reviews

4.0 stars based on 6 customer reviews
  • James Howard
    from January 30, 2017

    Great value

    My first guitar years ago was an Ovation 12 string Balladeer and have many Ovation guitars including an Adamas II. Like many, I was sad to see the production of these guitars moved to Korea, but what I have to admit is that this guitar is the best built Ovation I have ever owned. While I love my Martin dreadnoughts, the complexity of amplifying their sound can be painful. I will not tell you that this guitar sounds just as good as my Martins do unplugged, but it sounds surprisingly good even when it is not amplified. Once you plug it in, you have a class leading instrument. No other guitar in its price range can compare with the value you will find in this guitar.

  • Uncle Al
    from Connecticut January 25, 2017Music Background:
    The long and winding road- Acoustic blues and folk

    Antiwife Strikes Again!!

    My wife Julie (known as the antiwife cuz she's so good to me about guitars) bought me this git. Got it today and love it. Contrary to what others experienced, the action was nice and low and the sound is very sweet. Fingerstyle is a breeeeeze. Nice set up job.
    As usual she got a great deal- Money well spent. She has previously bought me a Gibson Hummingbird
    (that's where she first got the nickname)and more recently a Takamine EF508 Koa. Both beautiful guitars but this one has a special tone that sets it apart.
    Sweetwater is the best when it comes to customer support!!! Love this guitar!!!

  • Jim
    from Plattsburgh NY June 4, 2014Music Background:
    amature musician.. Hobbist

    Great sound..

    Very nice guitar, sound is of great quality. a bit hard to play, strings seem a bit far from fret board. but I'm not conditioned to play as I was 25 years ago.. Have not used the electric side of this instrument as of yet. I am happy with my purchase. Great looking guitar, I do like the back contour of the Ovation, very comfortable to play. This is my travel guitar. I will be taking it to the beach picnics and back yard for some jamming with friends. again great sound.

  • Lester
    from Oregon December 18, 2016

    Ovation Custom Legend AX - Cherry Burst

    This is a great sounding guitar, I only gave it 4 stars because as other others have mentioned the strings were far from the fret board. For a 55 point inspection I am nit sure how they missed that, however it could be why it was priced at $.

    That being said I took it to a professional luthier spent $ and had the trust rod adjusted and now she plays and sounds fantastic. This guitar is rich and crisp and the on board electronics grants you the ability to gat a précises acoustic tone and is a welcome addition to me guitar collection.

  • Ed Brinkley
    from Roanoke, VA June 4, 2013Music Background:
    Ex-gigging guitarist, songwriter, 35+ years experience

    Exceptional Value for Expert Craftsmanship

    The guitar is beautifully put together and solid. The build quality/standards of this imported stuff is just really insanely high these days. They (the foriegn factories/plants) are competing against the domestic-made instruments as if they really mean it, and as if they have something to prove. Obviously, this is a U.S brand, so whomever is overseeing the manufacturing "over there" is doing a terrific job.
    As far as this particular model of instrument is concerned, well, first of all, it is visually STUNNING. The action was too high out of the case for me, but that was an easy fix, b/c there is a spacing shim beneath the bridge that can me removed to get that almost electric guitar action that I prefer. I own/have owned Taylor, Gibson, Guild, and old Epiphone acoustics, but a Legend* is built for high speed playing IF you want to use IT for that. Sonically, the pick-up system/pre-amp is not elaborate, but suffices and works well enough: No complaints there. I urge anyone considering one of these to "go-for-it". You won't find anything like this in its price range.
    * owned one in the early 90's; YEAH, I'm OLD!

  • Hatem Gomaa
    from Boston USA December 18, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist with 35+ years of musical experience and some musical college background.

    Ovation Custom Legend AX - Black

    Very nice guitar, and for the money, it's worth it as far as all the stuff you get with it. By that I mean the gorgeous abalone inlays, the binding around the fret-board that actually makes a Gibson style mustache at the sound hole end is a very nice cosmetic feature. The finish is exquisite, overall quality is 95% (100% reserved for perfection which probably doesn't exist but just in case so it's about as good as it gets), aesthetically and build quality.

    Now, the few things that I personally don't like, some are industry standards so it's not exclusive to Ovation acoustic guitars and some are. It was shipped with the action just way too high (but that's normal with all guitar manufacturers but it stinks and is a pain in the ***). The sound is actually not that great and it is the classic Ovation "synthetic" sound that's associated with those fiberglass round bodies. My $260 Chinese built Ovation sunburst is actually a better sounding guitar and even has better playability with the oiled neck and not a super high gloss finish neck like this guitar. I could never figure out why any guitar would come with a high gloss finish on the back of the neck? Don't they know that it offers too much grip? It's like a basketball floor. You want your hands to slide easily and fast up and down the neck and not be hampered by a glossy and grippy finish. I also didn't notice that semi flat back to the bowl and if it actually prevents the classic Ovation slip and slide off your lap problem yet, so that might be a positive, in time will find out. But that's the sacrifice for that beautiful sound we get from most ovations except for this one which has also the classic (other end of the spectrum synthetic sound some Ovations are known for). My (4 times cheaper) Chinese made sunburst Ovation is a much better guitar for me personally in that is has the classic steel string sound with a tiny bite of that Ovatio synth and the oil rubbed neck for fast action ala Al Di Meola. Other than that, it's a beautiful guitar to play occasionally but mostly to look at.

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