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Novation Launchkey 61 Reviews

4.0 stars based on 6 customer reviews
  • Charles M. Henry II
    from Clarksburg, WV 26301 December 8, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, retired

    Novation Launchkey 61

    The key 61 is wonderful, has good response to the touch. I use it through the Ipad then into the 2 Bose l1's in stereo. Stand Back! There is no sound I can't make.

  • Scott
    from Orange County, CA January 24, 2015Music Background:
    Worship Musician

    Good controller

    As others have said, this controller is a good value. I purchased about a year and a half ago when I first started to play keys live. I used the faders and knobs for control in MainStage, while I used the pads for triggering tracks in Ableton. All worked flawlessly!

    I do have to say, the construction of the controller is a bit cheap. Knobs and faders are somewhat wobbly, and the key bed is only decent (not great if you're used to piano). Anyway, it has worked great for me, but I'm planning on upgrading to something of a higher build quality as I'm starting to play more.

  • Ryan Riveros
    from Los Angeles, CA August 16, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Artist, Performer, Engineer, Producer

    A Smart Buy, Easily The Best Entry-Level Controller

    Having recently finished a trial run with the entire Novation line of controllers, it bears mentioning that the Launchkey, which is the cheapest of the Novation controllers, may actually surpass its more premium sibling (the lackluster Impulse) on a number of levels.

    First, the bad things. No MIDI output is included, which can be a bit frustrating if you are hoping to route through your audio interface and save some USB space. In addition, the controls are non-assignable, although the nifty InControl software included more or less negates this need.

    Despite a few nitpicky complaints that I may have, this controller is by far the best entry-level (below $300) 61-key controller on the market. The all-plastic construction is surprisingly sturdy, and the keys, which are synth-action(if that is your thing), are excellent, as well. The 16 included drum pads are a great feature, as well, and are well-equipped to both control Ableton and create beats on the fly. As a bonus, the bright orange bottom of this controller is flashy and creates a neat color contrast against the metallic gray top. Overall, this controller is a smart buy and the clear winner for anyone looking for an entry-level controller that can hold its own against the pros.

  • Adam Spade
    from Fort Wayne, IN December 24, 2013Music Background:
    Composer, Producer, Writer

    Good hardware. Great buy.

    I compose music and have this paired with a simple Yamaha keyboard for the best of both worlds. (Yamaha's just play so nice)

    I searched for just the right piece of equipment. The Launchkey has everything I need to control my instruments plus a transport. Well made too. I am very happy with it. I might purchase a smaller version for my desk as well. Don't hesitate.

  • Richard Mueller
    from Richmond, KY June 13, 2014Music Background:
    musician. media "engineer".

    good value

    Basically .. you get a lot of bang for your buck with this device.

    True, it is definitely not built like a tank .. a lot of plastic and some wobble here and there .. but it does a LOT for the relatively cheap price. I have an fully weighted 88 key Yamaha controller that I will use if I want to get lost in a great feeling keyboard experience and for piano playing. But for throwing together quick ideas and travelling, the Launchkey is fine. My main reason for getting it was for the deep integration with ableton (composition AND live use).. and the ipad apps could be useful too. Also picked it up for playing out .. was tired of hauling around a 50+lb 88 key controller.

    All my faders, knobs, pads, etc work fine right out of the box. The keyboard is adequate .. barely. I can handle the "feel", but the sensitivity seems to be a little inconsistent.

    But, everything considered .. it is a nice addition to my setup. Again, for $250 (max price)it is definitely worth it. If it was more $$ I would opt for something else .. but at this price point you get quite a bit.

    Btw .. was considering giving it a 3 star rating .. but the price/value pushed it to 3.5

    Also .. Sweetwater was awesome. My first online purchase with them and very impressed.

  • Richard Mueller
    from Richmond, KY June 16, 2014

    Windows 8 connectivity issues

    fyi: word of caution to windows 8 users .. many windows 8 users are having connectivity issues with the launchkey. the novation forum has a lot of win8 users trying all sorts of things to get a solid, stable connection with the launchkey. I was "playing" with my new launchkey 61 for the first couple days on a windows 7 pc, and then when I went to install/use it on my main system (a powerful windows 8.1 system), i ran into connectivity issues. just want to pass this along to potential buyers. It seems completely fine on windows 7 systems .. but windows 8 systems could present issues. for more info, google "launchkey windows 8" and visit the novation forums.

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