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Lexicon LXP Native Reverb Plug-in Bundle (boxed) Reviews

5.0 stars based on 5 customer reviews

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  • Kenny Bergle

    Here's the deal: If you're making hits (or trying to) and NOT using a Lexicon reverb sound, then you're hurting yourself. Let's face it, the collective mindset of the listening public is conditioned to hear a hit with Lexicon reverb (ala ALL the hits of the 70s, 80s, and most hits of the 90s). Soooo, if you want to sound like a hit, use Lexicon reverb. At least you will have stacked the deck a little bit. AND NOW, we can finally use that Lexicon sound inside the DAW via a software plugin!

  • from LA. Ca. May 22, 2014Music Background:


    Probably the best VST "copy" of a physical piece of gear I've ever heard.
    Beautiful spaces. Sweet tails. Pure Lexicon sound. What more can you ask for---and for that price?
    Well, beat me with a stick!
    You gotta get one.

  • from June 28, 2011

    THAT sound, Native Indeed - It's the Algorithm that counts

    My first choice was the UAD-224. I liked the feel of it, how quickly I could get that sound with it. So why did I choose the LXP Native instead? It's all in the title - Native. While loving the UAD plug, I saw my SOLO card processor program setting jump from 10% to 60% with only one instance. With the LXP Native, I can have multiple effects throughout my mixes and the hit on my processors is minimal. Most of all, it's the SOUND of that algorithm - classic, rich, deep and familiar.

  • from Tampa January 21, 2011Music Background:
    engineer, musician

    Excellent Plugin Package

    I had the good fortune to actually be involved as a beta tester for these plugins in the last couple of months before release, and so I've been using them for quite some time. Quite frankly, I love them!

    The LXP bundle may not be their "flagship" bundle but I can tell you that it is still a fantastic reverb package. There is no metallic ringy-ness or uncomfortable digital sounding reasonance as I have heard on some other "budget" reverbs. The sounds are classic lexicon - beautiful, lush, rich reverbs that really sit well in the mix. The user has control over a very large number of parameters in order to provide limitless possibilities to customize and shape the sound.

    The fact that Plate, Room Chamber, and Hall are seperate plug ins as opposed to just seperate preset types may be inconvenient for some beginning user. I say this because many novice engineers are used to scrolling through a variety of preset types looking for something that is close...meaning that to switch between reverb types you need to switch between plugins. As a more experienced user, I find their decision to do this actually quite refreshing, as I generally know what general type of sound I want and like being able to just grab the one i want to work with and not worry about the others.

    I haven't retired my waves reverb plugins, but I can tell you that the lexicon reverbs are the ones I'm using now more times than not. These are a great value.

  • from Phoenix, AZ September 6, 2010Music Background:
    Producer, Composer

    Hard To Add Tooooo Much! ... Seriously

    Yea, I'm blown away as well! Very natural sounding! Tons of knobs to turn, but after about a month I am quite keen on the presets. I like to be able to change things up for sure when it comes to reverb but for this I really wanted something that would give my recordings some familiar sounds. The package did not let me down. If you get this, you will hear also. Great value!!!

  • from Bainbridge, GA August 10, 2010Music Background:
    Producer, Educator


    I have never written a review here before, but I purchased the LXP about two months ago and the sounds are incredible! Half the time I only tweak the "mix" knob because the presents are really well done. I almost wish the '80's were back so I could bathe the whole mix in these babies! (I said almost...). They easily blow away my Sonar and Logic reverbs and any of the demos in its price range.

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