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Martin LXK2 Little Martin - Natural Reviews

4.5 stars based on 26 customer reviews
Questions about the Martin LXK2 Little Martin - Natural?

Questions about the Martin LXK2 Little Martin - Natural?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Nevada City, CA June 20, 2017Music Background:
    Recreational Player

    My Toy Guitar

    Because of its size, I call this "my toy." When I want to play acoustic, I grab this. It's tone is soft but rich and I get that "peaceful easy feelin'" when I play it. It's beautiful to look at, travels well, and is lovely to play. For the price, the action is good, very playable, though not what you'd expect from a more expensive Martin. All in all, I'm very happy with this little gem.

  • from April 6, 2017Music Background:
    Semi pro for 50 years

    Don't Be Fooled By The "Baby" in Baby Martin

    A few months ago, I finally got my dreadnaught Martin, the HD28E Retro. Have Taks, Taylors, & Ovations. None equaled the quality and tone of the 28.
    I was in Vegas recently & missed my new beauty the whole time. Decided to get a travel guitar. Played the little Taylor & Martin at a local shop. Martin won hands down.

    Called David Merkowski at SW &I ordered the fully laminated Koa, (no spruce-dehydration wanted). I've been playing this little beauty since opening the box.
    Quality work from our Martin friends in Mexico.

    Seams, frets, fingerboard were top notch, especially for the price. Playability is very good, & although the volume & lows don't ring like a full size, this would do for intimate play or quiet practice.

    Haven't tried yet, but understand airlines are good with it going in the overhead compartments. Will let you know.

  • from McKinney, TX July 21, 2016

    Martin LXK2 is a great guitar!

    I was looking for something to travel with that can take abuse and sounds good. This is the guitar for both of those! I was impressed how well this guitar is made and how good it looks. While the neck is smaller than a regular acoustic it is not that bad and easy to play. Jason Koons is my sales guy at Sweetwater and he is great to work with and

  • from June 12, 2016

    Love, love, love it!

    This guitar is absolutely perfect for running around with friends at bonfires and Bible studies! So excited to take it with me on my next trip! And the sound is even better than my other guitar!

  • from Lusby, MD March 5, 2016

    Great Starter Guitar

    My daughter, who is 11, has been wanting to learn guitar for a long time - she picked up my full size constantly but her hand was too small. I purchased this Little Martin for her and planned it to be a travel guitar for me if she stops playing it. The neck size is great for her small hand, the sound is great, it stays in tune, and is an overall wonderful value - especially seeing that it comes with a gig bag.

    Sweetwater is great to work with - I am most excited about watching my daughter learn to play this fine instrument.

  • from May 29, 2015

    little martin

    A wonderful guitar. Sound is great. My uncle has a D18. Said he really liked my little martin. I do too!!

  • from East Texas May 28, 2015

    Great Travel Buddy!

    Beautiful Koa pattern with a really nice sound. I find that it gets played a lot because it is always out and accessible. Very playable! Good job Mr. Martin!!

  • from Kentucky February 25, 2015Music Background:

    Great Little Box

    Great Sound, in a small package. I purchased for travel, but so easy to sit around and pick, I now play it more than any other box I have. 4 stars for the LXK2 add 5th Star for the AWESOME customer service I received.

  • from Clinton, ME February 3, 2015Music Background:

    MUCH more than I expected

    I looked at all of the small travel guitars before asking my trusty guy Ryan Holquist at Sweetwater for his take...he knew I had already purchased 3 USA Martins and loved them so he suggested this little pup. To be honest, for the money I didn't expect much. It arrived enclosed in a nice little travel bag, perfect for why I bought it, travelling. I opened the bag and it was love at first site. After getting over the initial thought of "is this the whole thing?" I picked it up and tuned it. WOW WOW WOW.....Martin quality and sound through and through. I know it's not made in the USA but you'd swear this little thing was born in the USA and made of the finest materials. The fit and finish is incredible. It stays in tune well and has a nice tone. Don't expect a full bodied tone...it's not a full body. BUT I was shocked, expecting it to sound like a uke. Instead it sounds like a nice guitar. The action is low and it just feels right to play, not awkward as expected from such a small guitar. It sounds and plays as well as it looks. This is the best bang for the buck out there. It's a perfect travel guitar or guitar for a beginner who can't handle a full sized guitar. I will play this one when I am not travelling, it's that nice!!! If you are in the market for a small guitar, don't bypass this one..BUY IT!!!! You'll be glad you did.

  • from Athens, TX. USA October 1, 2014Music Background:
    Former Pro Musician current Hobbyist

    My Little Martin

    I received my Little Martin promptly. It was packaged securely and came in perfect condition. A big surprise was the package of candies that fell out of the box when I opened it. That was a very nice personal touch. I play it almost daily and it is a perfect size guitar to learn flat picking. It maintains its tuning and has a good sound. I love it!!

  • from Loveville, MD July 7, 2014Music Background:


    Within an hour, this LXK2 has become my favorite guitar. I was expecting maybe a 3 star product, but this thing just outright jams. The action is perfect for me. The biggest surprise I found with this is the ease of hammers and pulls without mutting strings and sound loss like most acoustics do. Its got plenty of volume (getting texts from my wife at 2 a.m. telling me to shut it down from the basement on opposite end of house). I can tell you right now the Les Paul, Dove, and Spirit are going to be collecting dust for quite a while.

  • from Sacramento, CA August 29, 2013Music Background:


    Love my new guitar. So beautiful with such a nice tone. Sweetwater made the delivery fast & easy with it costing me less money!!

  • from Baker City Oregon December 16, 2012Music Background:
    Guitar junkie, some body stop me.

    Plesant suprise

    I highly recommend this LXK2 for anyone wanting a small guitar. I have purchased 4 travel size guitars, Backpacker, Baby Taylor, Guitarelele, and this LXK2. The Little Martin is my favorite by far. I also own a Taylor GS mini, and love it, this LXK2 is more comparable to that guitar than the others mentioned, for intonation, even volume.

  • from Madrid, Spain January 8, 2011Music Background:
    All time player

    My new favourite!!

    I just got this guitar a couple of days ago. I was never able to test it before bying as this guitar is really hard to find in Spain. So i have to read a million reviews over this guitar and a few others I had in mind. I ordered mine on Thomann...I have no words to describe how wonderful and magical this guitar is!! I own a gibson and a top range takamine...and somehow, this has become my favourite already!! Im a small size girl with thin hands, so this guitar seems to have been done for me!! Its sound is just like any other Martin guitars Ive played before, and I love the fact that the HPL material makes it sound so loud and acoustic!! Im scared to play it too much cause i want it to last forever!!!

  • from January 16, 2017

    Little Martin

    We purchased this guitar as a Christmas present for our daughter Madison who is a self taught. After many months of her research this is the guitar she was sure she wanted and and was saving her money to buy later this year. With surprise she got it at Christmas and has been in love with it ever since. She tells me the feel of it, the fingering and most importantly the sound of it over her previous guitar is so superior. Thank you Martin for making this guitar and if the size that a young lady prefers. Thank you also Sweetwater for handling our order so well and ensuring we did get it time, what excellent people you have working for you.

  • from Mill Creek, Washington July 1, 2016Music Background:
    decades of noodling

    All day comfortable and good looking

    Surprising volume and tonal depth for the size, I use medium phosphor bronze strings. No real adjustment to the smaller scale neck. Very comfortable to play, even seated with an armrest on a recliner or couch.

    This is the one that lives at the end of the couch and plays every commercial and theme song on TV. My wife could be happier about that convenience.
    Seems to be similar quality to the 10 year old LXME it replaced. I find the HPL "Koa" much better to look at than the light HPL "Spruce" top. I am a big guy, 6'4" with hands to match and this is not at all uncomfortable for me to play when semi reclined on the couch, kinda like a big ukulele. The gig bag is well padded and is great for travel or just to throw in the backseat and have around wherever you go. I have learned it's not okay to bring a guitar to bed.
    I only gave it 4.5 stars because I wore the frets out on the last one (played daily for years), they could be a bit thicker and really start to eat strings.

  • from Toms River NJ April 21, 2015Music Background:
    Beginner, just started playing in 11/14


    Love my Koa Lil Martin. Perfect just to pickup and head for the couch and play and practice. I probably use it as much as my D-28 and the sound is wonderful for such a small guitar. Also very easy to take on the road.

  • from Ashland, Or. May 8, 2014Music Background:
    piano, congo drums, fiddle and now guitar, all for fun

    Love my "Little Martin"

    Great right out of the box. Came well protected for shipping and arrived on time. Stays in tune so well, has a great full sound for it's size and I love how portable it is. I had the luxury of borrowing one from a friend and fell in love with his, and ordered mine within days of trying it. The "KOA" wood look is beautiful. Since this is my first guitar I wanted one that was easy to play, sounded nice and looked good, and this met all of my expectations for sure. It was made in Mexico which I did not see on the description.

  • from NYC June 19, 2012

    little martin

    Awesome sound for such a small guitar. So portable, durable, love it.

  • from Viroqua WI March 17, 2016Music Background:

    Little Martin

    Shipping was excellent! Nice little Martin. Very happy with purchase.

  • from Atlanta, GA August 16, 2015Music Background:
    Novice; just started playing Feb 2015

    Martin LXK2 Little Martin acoustic guitar; a winner!

    After a lot of research (thanks to everyone who posts reviews online!), I recently purchased a Martin LXK2 Little Martin acoustic guitar. I have several Fenders, which I LOVE, but I was curious to see what all the fuss is about Martin guitars, and I also liked the idea of a guitar that I could easily travel with.
    When I received my Little Martin, I was not blown away initially; although it is a beautiful guitar, it wasn’t in tune. I left it alone to acclimate for a few hours, and got it in tune (a little tricky; think tiny little adjustments). After tuning it up to where all six strings were showing dead on the money in tune, I found the top two strings to sound a tinny. The bottom four strings sounded mellow and warm, with a great booming voice. I left it alone overnight and next time I tried it out, the second string was sounding better, but the top string still sounded shrill and tinny.
    At that point, I called Sweetwater, and worked with both David Mikautadze and Conner Smith (Sweetwater Senior Sales Engineer and Sales Assistant), who assured me that their top priority was my happiness and satisfaction, even if that meant returning the guitar. Conner suggested I change out the strings, which I did, with Elixir Polyweb light strings, and that did the trick.
    What I discovered with my Little Martin is that you really have to be prepared to learn from the guitar how she likes to be touched and played. I found that to be true even with the different models of Fenders that I have. And the little Martin, being a smaller guitar, requires more precision with fretting, which is a good thing when all’s said and done. My little Martin is making me a better guitar player.
    So after all the various stages of getting to know my little Martin, and giving her the respect she deserves, I found her to be a sweet guitar with a beautiful voice, from low notes to high. She plays true and has a delicious tone. I’m very happy to have her.
    David and Conner provided excellent support, and I felt totally comfortable working with them. They did Sweetwater proud. I’ll definitely be doing business with them in the future.

  • from Eugene OR August 7, 2015Music Background:
    Strong hobbyist

    LIttle Martin

    I'm giving this a 4 mainly because it's made in Mexico. I double checked the product page and didn't see mention of this. However, it's still a Martin and it's darned cute. The Koa is a great look. I bought it to add to my overall guitar collection (36 and growing) and it iwll hang proudly. I also bought it to pass on to one of my grandsons. I hope they end up with longer fingers than mine, because the neck is wiiiide. I prefer my Gibson B-10 from the 60's. Would definitely recommend...sounds great, plays great, looks great.

  • from Washington State June 29, 2012Music Background:
    I play piano, guitar and blues harp for pleasure

    Thank you Martin!

    I'm in the market for my second full sized Martin acoustic. I lost my dreadnought of many years to the 1994 Northridge earthquake. There are no words to desrbe the angst I felt to see "him" lying there amidst the rubble of that quale in a pile of pieces. I felt as if I was attending the funeral of my closest friend and lover all rolled into one. Only now, eighteen years later, am I able to begin to search for another Martin and have my choices whittled down to aoen of a half dozen! LOL Anyway - while in a music store in POtlan, Oregon, I spotted the Lil Martin while I was on a sofa trying out the HD28V - my son's birthday is on the fourth of July, and he has a very beautiful Tay;or acoustic, but these days working long hours has litle time to play it. HE and his wife often go hiking and camping with friends though, especially this time of the year, and so as it turns out, whle I am still struggling over which full sized Martin to buy for myself, I am heading back to Portland in a few days to buy my thrity year old son the Lil Martin for his birthday! He seemed a little envious that I was going to get a Martin even though he loves his Taylor, so I thuight this Lil Martin would be a great idea as a gift. Now I an say - " Here! Now you have a Martin also!" I was blown away by the heart and soul and care that went into making this small, lightweight guitar for while one is on the road, or on the trail. Heck - I have a hrose and I ride a lot - Maybe I will get myself my full zsized Martin and a Lil Martin for myself! There are sixty other people who trail ride who keep their horses where mine stays and many of them play guitar - MaybeI will be a good ambassador for the Lil Martin for you guys - as I betcha once my friends see me riding with a wee guitar along for the ride - soonenough, just about everyone who plays at all will be buying one! Again - thank you Martin for your love of guitars which lives on in each and every one of them - I swear that I can feel it each time I pick up one of your fines instruments and hold it in my arma. To everyone online in hte making of Martins at Sweetwater -each one of you should know that a piece of you is in that instrument to live on and that is something to feel really good about!

    from Shari in the Pacific North West

  • from The hills of Maryland June 4, 2010Music Background:
    Drums and Guitars, Harmonica's and Kazoo's..Hobbyist that I yam..

    double take,,,,i.e. this is the second Little Martin I have owned.

    I donated my first Little Martin to my Bro-in-law,,,when he went home after major surgery,,,,He loves it,,,and so DID I,,,,got the fever for another one,,,and decided to grab the Koa-grained baby M. Can't wait till it comes...by the way,,,,Check out Sweetwater Music for some great equipment and deals.,,I have bought from them on several occassions and not been disappointed,,,free shipping,,,etc...,,,and NOO,,I don't get a commission or work there!!!!

  • from Chardon, Ohio October 7, 2006Music Background:
    Active Musician

    Little in name only!

    If you're looking for a nice, well made, great playing travel guitar the 'Little Martin' is for you! The Koa is really cool, looks great and has a warm tone. I was never a fan of the Martin backpacker, so when this travel guitar came out I had to give it a look! It has a pretty large sound also. Good tone, looks and Martin quality!

  • from Camarillo, Ca. April 26, 2006

    The little Martin that sounds big.

    I just bought this little jewel and love every min. of playing. If you close your eyes you would say the sound is from a full size Martin. It has that wonderful low E sound that only a Martin has and on top of all that it travels well. Who says you can't take it with you.

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